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Posted on Jan 14, 2022
Nicole's impromptu invocation was the  prayer she recites to her kids each day as they head out:
May the peace of the Lord Christ go with you,
wherever He may send you.
May He guide you through the wilderness,
protect you through the storm.
May He bring you home rejoicing
at the wonders He has shown you.
May He bring you home rejoicing once again into our doors. 
We are again meeting on zoom through January due to the rapid Omicron spread. Best wishes for a speedy recovery to Trish who got caught. We enjoyed seeing Vicky who gave happy $$ to be back;  Jan in her Girl Scout sash in honor of our speaker; Kevin in his scarf as he can't afford heat with inflation; Ken with his sheared finger tip growing back; Paul with his grandkids frog art on the wall; & Lou and Patricia who both will be undergoing surgery soon (Lou for heart issues/Patricia for rotator cuff)
Patricia is doing a great job on socials (see Upcoming Events and register). She needs a volunteer for our demotion party in June, and help with our April 23 western-themed Anniversary party. Herb will be riding in on a horse and Ken will be showcasing his lasso skills.
Ken showed  the Community Service Plan for the rest of the year and Di reminded members to register for upcoming food sorting nights on the website. Stay tuned for more info on RAW Day involving the CRC. She also encouraged Rotarians to join her & the CRC on 2/24 at 3:45am for a homeless survey.   
Nicole shared that Model UN training will begin next weekend. 
Liz Sheahan, Chief Advancement Officer for the Girl Scouts of America, joined us again on zoom to update us on current activities and remind of us all the skills they help young women achieve. 
The famous cookie sale will run from January 30 - March 8 and will again include Operation Thin Mint (which began in San Diego) and has sent over 3MM cookies to service members overseas. Liz encouraged Rotarians to promote scouting and interact with the girls when purchasing cookies 

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Rotary & Club News

Posted on Jan 07, 2022
Paul started the New Year with the following Invocation
As the Calendar turns and another new year begins,
Let us be thankful for our Rotary friends and the changes our service can bring.
Let us rise to the challenges given
Let us aim to give more to the cause
Let us continue to make the world better
Even if no one gives us applause. 
Bill led the meeting as Vicky had jury duty; Venky joined us from India; everyone congratulated Lou on starting his 90th year; Paul celebrated his & Mary's 43rd Anniversary; Patricia was happy to be house sitting with Herbie cat; Art was happy to walk along the lagoon with a beer in hand from Viewpoint; and Happy Birthday wishes to Bill on his January 11 birthday
It was good to see Sandy Levine again who is meeting with Molly & Susan to learn steps to becoming a red-badge member
Herb updated us on the Praise Gate Grant in Kenya, which is awaiting signatures
The 6-Way meeting has been postponed until April, and we will be meeting on zoom only for two weeks. Sign up under Upcoming Events for our February 8 SD Food Bank Distribution, our March 12 Wolf Center trip, and our April 23 30th Anniversary Party
 Let George or Bill know if you'd like to contribute to Honor Flight
Paul reminded Rotarians to make their Annual Fund contributions to The Rotary Foundation
Kevin informed us that climate change will be one of the resolutions debated at  Model UN which will take place April 2 & 3
We learned how Project Peanut Butter seeks to advance the treatment of severe malnutrition in children in the poorest countries of Africa  (Malawi, Sierra Leone, and Ghana) in the talk given by former DG Marilyn Sanderson, who joined us on zoom from Palm Springs. Visit for more information or to make a donation.
Bill presented Marilyn with a virtual Joshua Orphan Care Center Certificate and ended the meeting with his blue gavel (which he will paint pink to hand over to Vicky)

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Tecate Houses Furnishings

Posted on Dec 22, 2021
Our $1200 for furnishings & household items for the 6 homes we helped build in Tecate were well spent

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Casa de Amistad

Posted on Dec 21, 2021
Rotarians helping Casa de Amistad families - Thank you everyone who contributed

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Wreaths Across America

Posted on Dec 18, 2021
Thank you to everyone who helped lay a wreath on a veteran's headstone in Miramar National Cemetery for Wreaths Across America Day - it was a touching experience

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Rotary & Club News

Posted on Dec 18, 2021
Happy Dollars came from Jan who was Queen for the Day as it was her birthday, and was thrilled to be serenaded by Opera stars Bernardo Bermudez and Victoria Robertson with Opera4Kids as they sang Happy Birthday; 
Susheela was happy to be able to visit family over the holidays; Molly was happy for her best real estate year ever & for Riley's upcoming 3rd birthday; and Trish was happy for a large  donation to the SD River Valley Conservancy
We also heard that Lou is having a big birthday on the 28th - Happy Birthday Lou!!
As Youth Chair, Nicole reported that Casa de Amistad kids will make up two teams for Model UN in April. Please sign up to join Bill as an advisor. She also reminded members to drop off gifts for Casa families by Monday
It was a hard choice, but Patricia beat Herb & Phil for ugly holiday sweater champion!!! 
As District Annual Fund Liaison, Susan reminded everyone to make their contribution to The Rotary Foundation for 2021-2022
Walter Lam spoke to us on how the non-profit he started,  Alliance for African Assistance, is not only helping refugees from Uganda and  Kenya, but refugees from around the world, including  most recently a large influx from Afghanistan. He is especially proud of the hospital Rotary helped build in Atiak, Uganda and was very pleased to receive our speaker certificate which shows our support of the Joshua Orphan Care Center in Malawi, Africa 

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Rotary & Club News

Posted on Dec 12, 2021
Welcome again to Sandy Levine, on his 3rd visit to our club in anticipation of joining
Happy Dollars from Molly on her dad's heart doing so well; Charles for a great Holiday Party; Venky for his family off to India; Nicole for a great holiday gathering at Viewpoint; Malcolm for double projected sales at his store closing & upcoming purchase of 1-1/2 acre compound in Encinitas for his family; and Happy Birthday dollars for Vicky's upcoming Birthday on the 15th and getting her cast off;
Herb was happy to visit Mami and her new husband in San Francisco with Bev and her son;
 Susan was happy for her, Mark, Ken, and Bebe's participation in building 7 homes in Tecate with the District. We gave $1000 to help furnish the homes 
Steve presented the club with another Foundation Banner for our contributions to Polio Plus
And we presented a check to Dawn Wensel of Reality Changers for $9,724 from LobsterFest 
Thank you to Bev who has done a great job of getting speakers as we transition to Trish heading this endeavor. 
We are funding $2500 for Honor Flight for Vets to Washington DC next year, and invite others to contribute to reach our goal of $3750
See Upcoming Events for our February 8 date at San Diego Food Bank and sign up
Rotarian and author, Stephen Tako, creator of award-winning anti-bullying books and films for children, gave us helpful information on how to write a book and leave a legacy. We also learned the fun trivia fact that at 15 and 6'7" tall, he won best dancer on roller skates
Vicky ended the meeting with The Four Way Test, and thanked this Rotary Family for the great work done to date. Bill will Acting President next week and encouraged everyone to wear ugly holiday sweaters

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Rotary & Club News

Posted on Dec 07, 2021
Happy members included Patricia for the beautiful Hilton decorations; Paul for a wonderful Thanksgiving/Mary's birthday celebration/and moving his mother into a retirement home; Lew for his son's new job; Vicky for Malcolm's magic on her grandmother's wedding ring; and Steve for Paul's great work as our Foundation Chair as he presented us with two banners for 2020-2021: one for EREY (Every Rotarian Every Year) and average $100 with 100% participation. Paul reminded everyone to go online to make this year's contribution.
Ron Kohl talked about a Rotary Foundation cruise next year and encouraged members to sign up
Members who neglected to bring Toys for Tots included Ken who Patricia made hop around the room; Molly who confessed to a guilty pleasure of watching dateline; and Susheela who had to walk  like a zombie
Visit Charles Koll Jewellers in Fashion Valley for spectacular savings as Malcolm & Richard prepare to close the store and move to a new location in Sorrento Valley (stay tuned for more info)
Jason Kuiper from the Wolf Education Project joined us on zoom from Julian along with Miigwan, the wolf. Their mission is to increase public awareness and understanding as to the true nature of wolves and the critial role they play in maintaining ecological balance in our environment. 
We're all excited for our January 29 field trip to the Center which Patricia has arranged (where Jason said we can hug the wolves & puppies), followed by lunch & a tour of the new nature center nearby. Let Vicky know of other fun places to visit in the future

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Holiday Party

Posted on Dec 07, 2021
Thank you Patricia & Suzanne for organizing a wonderful Holiday Party and to Vicky for hosting in her beautiful home
We had delicious food and broke into teams after dinner for a fun game of holiday trivia pursuit  

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Rotary & Club News

Posted on Nov 19, 2021
It was a full house for Visitors Day - thank you Di, Linda, Malcolm, and Suchandra for bringing guests, and thank you Phil for the new room layout
Molly's invocation invoked Rotary's Four Way Test and reminded us of our commitment to help others
Patricia surprised George with cupcakes and a bag of cards from members for his 91st Birthday, and his heartfelt thanks to his Rotary friends brought a tear to many an eye
We were happy to present Don Wells with Just in Time for Foster Youth a check of $9522 as one of our major beneficiaries from LobsterFest
Suchandra & Herb shared information about the Global Grant we did in India for mentally ill homeless women, and Nicole gave members & guests  an opportunity to pick a Casa de Amistad family to help grant their wishes for a Happy Holiday - all 10 families were grabbed
Mark your calenders for our 30th Anniversary party in 2022 on the day of our founding - April 23. Patricia has secured Powerhouse Park Community Center where we'll dress casual and enjoy good food, music, and each others company 
Andrea Compton, Superintendent of the Cabrillo National Monument, told us the history of the monument that was formed in 1913 under the Department of the Army. She began her national park service career here in 2002 and returned in 2016 after taking a position as head of Resources Management at Joshua Tree National Park. Activities at Cabrillo include exploring the tide pools and we learned that they have one of the largest bee colonies in the country.

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Community Service

Posted on Nov 18, 2021
Thank you Lou for coordinating Rotarians at a modified Stand Down and for the members who helped give out water at Veterans Village of San Diego 
Beverly, Herb, Suchandra, Jon, Jan, Lou, Charles, and Bill (not shown)
And to our head elf, Di, who organized a great crew of Rotarians for the CRC Holiday Baskets Sorting
Nicole, Patricia, Kevin, Jon, Mark, Susan, Jan, Bill, Charlotte, Paul, Trish, Charles, & Alicia, with Di in front

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Rotary & Club News

Posted on Nov 12, 2021
Jon's invocation went something like this: 
"All things in life, including you, are in an imperfect state of flux, so strive not for perfection, but for excellence instead."
Susan stepped in for Malcolm and fined Trish for trying to auction off her Viewpoint mug at River Fest and then remembered she already gave it to someone
Rotarians supporting San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy River Fest last Sunday
Proclamation naming November 7, 2021 Trish Boaz Day by the County of San Diego
We had a furry friend visit our meeting this morning via zoom
Patricia shared this Shelter Box video with an update on how they are helping after the earthquake in Haiti
Remember our Visitors Day next week and let Molly know if you are inviting someone to join us
San Diego Parks Foundation Founder and Chair, Marcella Bothwell talked with us about the Foundation and the state of our parks in San Diego. Since Covid, their programs focused on  providing free WiFi in recreations centers, free meals for kids in communities of concern, Come Play Outside programs, and city wide tree planting. Vicky presented her with our Joshua Orphan Care School Certificate for speaking.

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Rotary & Club News

Posted on Nov 05, 2021
Happy Rotarians included: Susan for mountain biking in Sedona; Bill for a fabulous Tahiti trip with Suzanne; Phil for the $80 Breeder Cup valet parking visitors; Paul for his 6yr old granddaughter( one of the first her age) who got the covid vaccine; Ken for all the upcoming Community Service events; for Suchandra being with us today; Trish who announced her retirement & move to San Luis Obispo at the end of the year  
Lew updated us on another successful Blood Drive where 25 units of blood were donated
Molly reminded us of Visitors Day - 2 weeks from today on 11/19 - invite all your friends & neighbors
Di has room with her non-profit, Everyday Mindfulness, for the CRC Distribution Day on 12/4. Contact her if you're interested.
Malcolm recognized Ken for his 15th and Jan for her 25th Anniversary with the Club this month, and fined everyone else 
Patricia shared the wonderful video below about Wreaths Across America which we will be doing on 12/18
Sherriff Bill Gore, Rotarian, San Diego native, former Asst. Director of the FBI, and Meritorious Executive Award recipient from the President of the United States, talked with us on his 51 years of public service. One of the biggest issues facing the community & the nation is dealing with mental health issues. Major accomplishments include spearheading the creation of the Regional Terrorism Threat Assessment Center, the Homeless Assisted Resource Team, and the Mobile Crisis Response Team, all who work together with unusual cooperation and collaboration.  

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Blood Drive

Posted on Oct 30, 2021
 Thank you Lew & Rotarians for another successful Blood Drive

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Rotary & Club News

Posted on Oct 29, 2021
Happy Halloween!! 
We arrived at the Hilton to these fun creations created by the staff
And words of wisdom from Patricia "to review our checkbooks, our hearts, and indeed, the registers of our lives with honesty as we consider our priorities and our opportunity to help others"
There were a lot of Happy $$ for the great job Paul did in covering for Vicky and for World Polio Day; from Molly for a fun trip to Big Bear; from Paul for his 3.4MM home sale & for the $775 raised to End Polio Now that increased to $5000 with District & Gates match
Jon reported final LobsterFest figures: a whopping $76,700 in Revenue with Profit of $50,475 - Great job!!!!!
Steve shared that we will be partnering for a $70,000 Global Grant with District 4100 in Baja
Herb informed us that $9K is on its way to El Salvador to help children with health & education needs
And Happy Birthday Wishes to Beverly for her upcoming birthday and to Scott for whom Charlotte paid a fine
Our speaker, Marj Cole, former District Governor and in her 3rd year as Foundation Chair, brought us up to date on the Rotary Foundation and our contributions: We have 27 Paul Harris Fellows (have given $1000 or more); 3 members are part of the Bequest Society (have included The Foundation in their Estate Planning; 3 members are Major Donors (have given over $10,000 to The Foundation); the Club has donated $11,000 to the annual Fund with an average of $378 for a total of $400,000. Rotarians on the west coast can  become a Polio Plus Society Member by donating $100/yr to Polio Plus. The Rotary Foundation has one of the highest non-profit ratings as 91% of its funds go philanthropic endeavors 

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World Polio Day 2021

Posted on Oct 24, 2021
Thank you Paul for arranging our fun activities for World Polio Day 2021
starting with the District walk in Balboa Park, followed by our Club Walk along the coast, and ending at Viewpoint for lunch and drinks. It was a fun time for all for this worthy cause!!

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Rotary & Club News

Posted on Oct 22, 2021
We welcomed District Guests, Susie Callahan, Chief Asst. Gov.; Sandy Pugliese, Newsbits Editor & Area Asst. Gov.; & Luis Carranza, Area Asst. Gov.
Steve received two heart-felt books: a collection of tributes that Susie put together & Sandy's  book of Steve's Sunday Morning Musings commemorating the wonderful year of Steve's 2020-2021 District Governorship
Paul was President-for-the-day in Vicky's absense, and reminded everyone about the End Polio Now activities on Sunday. Steve proclaimed him the best Foundation Chair in the District. 
Visit our Upcoming Events & register for the CRC Holiday Baskets and Stand Down by clicking on the event. Bring clothes (new or worn) for Vets to the next two meetings and Lou will deliver them to Veterans Village on 11/5
Our speaker today, Fari Moni, Rotarian from the La Jolla Golden Triangle Club and a member of San Diego/Jalalabad Sister Cities Foundation brought us up to date on activities in Afghanistan since the Taliban takeover. Things are not good and she is heartbroken over the  difficulties there. The government would like to see the computer center reopen, which the team will not do until the high school is open to girls. Money is being raised to help the 34 members of the team in Jalalabad with food and necessities, and Janice Kurth is leading the local Rotary effort to help Afghan refugees in San Diego. Contact Fari or Janice to help. 

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Octoberfest 2021

Posted on Oct 17, 2021
Vielen Dank to Susan & Mark for a fabulous Octoberfest
with brats & all the German trimmings from Tip Top Market, Vienna Lager from Viewpoint,
and a beautiful night on their terrace

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Rotary & Club News

Posted on Oct 15, 2021
Happy Fall
We continue with hybrid meetings. Please see our Upcoming Events & mark your calendars
Kevin's invocation reminded us to focus on being quick to listen and slow to speak; melding our differences, creating unity; highlighting integrity, emphasizing service to others
Happy Rotarians included Charles for enjoying fall leaves while  hiking WV & Tennessee trails with daughter & family; Susan for upcoming birthday on the 24th (the same day as our End Polio Now Walk); Charlotte for 5 new clients; Steve for having Robert Brewer with us today; Ken for mother's successful move to SD & upcoming birthday; Paul for Alzheimer's walk tomorrow with Bev & Herb 
George & Bill welcoming Vets back from their Honor Flight last week
 Robert Brewer, Jr. talked with us about his 25 months as US Attorney for the Southern District of California, one of four Federal Districts in California. It took him 2 years to be approved by the White House, the US Senate, and the Dept. of Justice. He emphasized the high ethical character of the assistant US attorneys he appointed, and was very proud to reorganize the Criminal Division to include Violent Crimes & Human Trafficing (VC & HT), at the urging of Steve. Highlights of his term are shown below:
As a thank you for speaking, Vicky presented Brewer our Joshua Orphan Care School certificate where we help with school supplies & desks in Malawi, Africa


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Rotary & Club News

Posted on Oct 08, 2021
Happy $s: $50 from Phil in celebation of his & Cynthia's Anniversary where they ate at Born & Raised, and also for his son staying in San Diego; $25 from Steve for Chuck joining us today and for his 2nd grandchild; $30 from Bill for over 3000 people welcoming back our veterans from honor flight and the marines from Afghanistan to Camp Pendleton
Calendar Items:
- Octoberfest: Saturday, 10/16, 4-8pm at Susan & Marks
   11:00am, Club Walk starting at Powerhouse Park in Del Mar; Lunch after at Viewpoint Brewery; Donate to
- San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy River Fest: 11/7, 4-7pm, Del Mar Hilton (
- Visitors Day: Friday, 11/19. We will have a speaker from Cabrillo National Monument. Invite all your friends and neighbors
- Tecate home building: 12/4
Paul shared an eradicating polio video emphasizing We're Not Done Yet!
District Governor Elect, Chuck Pretto was our speaker today and shared many fascinating facts about Kobey's Swap Meet - San Diego's biggest outdoor market. Started by his father-in-law, Monte Kobey in 1976, it is a family affair with Chuck, his wife Kimberly, son Anthony, & brother Joseph on the management team. At Anthony's urging it has expanded to become America's largest outdoor sneaker & vintage clothing swap meet, earning 30% of its income from sneaker sales and attracking over 13,000 people who pay over $1200 per pair. Chuck offered free space for Rotary and Roteract events. 

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Rotary & Club News

Posted on Oct 01, 2021
  • Trish started the meeting with inspiring quotes from Albert Einstein, Martin Luther King, Albert Schweitzer, and Mother Teresa, who said "The fruit of silence is prayer; the fruit of prayer is faith; the fruit of faith is love; the fruit of love is service, the fruit of service is peace".
  • Condolences to Vicky who broke her wrist in a fall & came in a sling 
  • Happy Dollars: George for his son Jim speaking today & restart of honor flights; Patricia for ESP/San Dieguito River Valley Conservatory; Malcolm for new fiber laser that he hasn't figured out yet; Charlotte for passing her latest financial services test; Di for all the heartfelt wishes & cards; Herb for having Bev at the meeting & Venky's efforts on the Global Grant; Andy for his son's upcoming wedding  where he'll only have to dress from the waist up since it is on zoom
  • Thank you to Venky who couldn't make LobsterFest so donated $1000 instead
  • Vicky shared upcoming District Events:
    • Oct. 5 - Del Mar Rotary Sunset Soiree, 5:30-8:30, Del Mar Plaza (let's reciprocate their support of our LobsterFest)
    • Oct 21 - Membership mixer, 6-8pm, Agua Hedionda Lagoon Discovery Center, Carlsbad
    • Dec 4 - House building in Tecate with overnight stay
  • Holiday Party will be Dec 5 at Vickys - more info to come
  • Membership: Susan reminded us to talk about Rotary and invite new members
  • International: District Grant for El Salvador is approved and awaiting funds; Global Grant for Kenya orphanage has been written and is awaiting  amount of host Rotary funding
  • Community Service: Committee will meet week of Oct 14; Contact Lew to help with the Oct 30 Blood Drive
  • LobsterFest: Numbers are not final, but Vicky shared that Total Pledged reached $62,000!!!!!!!! including a net of $17,738 from the auction and $2000 from the raffle. Vicky thanked everyone for their help (not just her committee). Wrap up meeting was last week, but let her know if you have any suggestions/comments, and let Herb know if anyone hasn't received their Travel Pledge certificate
  • Our fascinating, informative  Speaker today was Jim Sousa, Director of GS Fisheries Inc. and 4th generation of family tuna fishermen. The  U.S. tuna industry started  in 1912 when Portuguese fishermen arrived (including Jim's Great Grandfather in 1918) and grew steadily until 1984 when our canneries closed. Boats grew from 125ft long to over 300ft and from holding 250 tons of tuna to 1500 tons. As Jim said, the boats were made out of wood and the men were made out of steel (this is the 2nd most dangerous business behind lumbering). 

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Rotary & Club News

Posted on Sep 24, 2021
Bill presented flowers to Vicky and Charlotte for the great job they did with LobsterFest (and brought a bottle of wine for Phil)
Everyone agreed it was a wonderful event and fundraiser - numbers to come!
Condolences to Di for the passing of her father-in law; Congratulations to Molly on her 5th wedding anniversary (she was here at the Hilton exactly 5 yrs ago); Jan was happy that she won the Reality Changers Over the Edge auction item where she will get to rappel down the side of a 30-story building (which we will make into a social); Susan was happy for a fabulous sailing day; and we were all happy to have with us Dan Gensler, current District Governor and his Chief Aid, Don Fipps
Dan shared with us that he joined Rotary a decade ago to grow his business but quickly learned that this is the most successful organization to eliminate human suffering by focusing on compassion, charity, and service. Dan is passionate about humanitarian causes both here and abroad and chaired  the Millions for Hope fundraising drive in 2015 that raised over $30 million in bequests and donations to The Rotary Foundation. He was inspired by Sister Ethel who left Ireland in 1972 for South Africa to help fight apartheid, where he has gone many years to distribute shoes and help the poor. And he has also been involved with Limbs of Freedom in Ensenada, Mexico where Rotary helps build prosthetics for the needy. He encouraged everyone to following RI President Mehtas lead to grow Rotary - each one-bring one; each one-keep one. 

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LobsterFest 2021

Posted by Jan Parsons on Sep 23, 2021
...and the rest of the story that was cut...
Over 250 people attended the event Including Premier Sponsor Foster & Friends, and VIP sponsors Northstar Financial Management, Inc., The Sutton Family, PSRS, Charles Koll Jewellers, and Ergos. Youth from Just In Time and Reality Changers helped with set up, the raffle, and auction. When Premier Sponsor Alicia & Charles Foster were asked why they supported LobsterFest they shared that they feel very fortunate in life and want to express their gratitude by helping others. “We think that DMSB Rotary does a great job of helping people in need through well-chosen nonprofits, and especially for underserved kids and their families. We believe that improved education and mentoring can be the key to helping them overcome their and their parents’ lack of education, their views of potential opportunities, and other obstacles”.

DMSB Rotary President and LobsterFest Chair Vicky Mallett thanked her committee and said, “I am thrilled to have such enthusiastic support from our Community and our Club members for LobsterFest. The event raises funds to support our Club Programs and major beneficiaries, while providing a fun, social gathering in a beautiful setting.” Mallett ended by saying she hopes LobsterFest will be an annual fundraiser for the Club for years to come.

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LobsterFest 2021

Posted on Sep 20, 2021
Thank you Vicky for imagining and chairing a wonderful LobsterFest, and to Linda for running a great opportunity drawing
Invitees arrived at the check-in table manned by Rotarians Weilynn, Suzanne, & Patricia and Just In Time for Foster Youth, one who came as a lobster and enticed guests to purchase opportunity tickets for local restaurants
They were then directed to the VIP tequila tasting run by Carlsbads CaliFino Tequila and to our auction area, overseen by Charlotte, Mauer, and Herb
Guests enjoyed  the Spanish guitar music of James Clarkston as they sipped marqaritas, wine, or beer from Viewpoint Brewing Co., and found their tables in the courtyard of the Del Mar Hilton
Artist Heather Roddy invited guests to add to the painting she was doing for our live auction before a dinner of lobster tacos and all the trimmings, baja style
President Mallett thanked everyone for their hard work, and MC Steve Weitzen introduced our military dignitaries and the Leaders of Just In Time For Foster Youth, Dianne Cox & Don Wells,  and Reality Changers Management, Tamara Craver and Dawn Wensel. Then everyone sat back to listen and dance to the music of Hot Rocks San Diego with Trish at the mic
It was a great evening, enjoyed by all in a magical setting on a beautiful night!


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Rotary & Club Meeting

Posted on Sep 17, 2021
Vicky began the meeting with the following quote and thanked all her LobsterFest committee members for the fabulous job they have done. We are expecting about 260 people, and have raised over $12,000 in the online auction to date
Happy Dollars included Happy Birthday wishes for Susheela & Nicole; a $1000 check to the SD Foundation from Charles' friend; Charlotte for her auction intern Mauer, who joined us today; Patricia for a night at the fabulous Shell; Jan for a fun impromptu gathering  at Viewpoint where Malcolm supplied beer & munchies; Ken for surviving his 1st week at his new Seattle job; Bill for Phil & all his hard work; Andy for a very memorable 9/11 rememberance ceremony at Di's where as they reflected on those who died, a new life was being born by a participant on zoom
Charlotte won this special shirt as part of the We Are Baack drawing
Patricia as fine master again caught members lacking in knowledge about our members as three could not identify Susan as our President Elect. Paul escaped a fine by identifying Jan as Public Relations/Media Chair
Susan shared with us the beautiful booklet done by and about the women in A View, the non-profit in India started by our member Suchandra, to help & empower women with mental illness. She also showed us the fine quilts available in the LobsterFest auction that were made by these women
Visit for more information
Susan also raved about the District Conference that she, Mark, Vicky, Beverly, and Herb attended and shared a video of Steve Brown's presentation on current happenings in Afghanistan. The future of the schools they built and support is uncertain, as there is a financial crisis right now. They are also  helping with visas for eligible Afghans who assisted them. He reminded Rotarians that the programs they funded were not sustainable without our help, but the capacity building they did in education and internet skills will be long lasting and very worthwhile.
LobsterFest Here We Come - tomorrow, Saturday, 9/18, 5-8pm

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Rotary & Club News

Posted on Sep 10, 2021
Steve led us in prayer as we reflected on the 20th Anniversary of 9/11
  • Malcolm invited all to come to Viewpoint on Monday from 3-6pm when a film crew will be taping; Susan rightfully bragged about a 33 mile bike ride she & Mark did; Charlotte was happy for her & Scott's 17th Wedding Anniversary; Trish will be celecrating her mothers 97th birthday on the 13th; and Bill showed us the centerpieces that will be on two LobersterFest tables reserved for the military
  • Paul, as todays Fine Master, showed that members are not paying attention as three of our Rotarians on zoom could not name our current  Club Secretary - Suzanne!!!!! But Susheela avoided a fine by giving the correct date for LobsterFest - next Saturday, Sept. 18!!!! Lew gave our next blood drive date as October 30.  Jon again won the We Are Baack raffle -  Batch & Box cookies.
  • Vicky shared that LobsterFest is currently at $42K gross plus $6K in auction proceeds. She is confident that we can reach $54K gross with everyone's help in promoting the auction and raffle. Linda has $100 gift certificates for the raffle from the Brigantine, Jake's, the Poseidon, Keis, the Fish Market, Pacific Coast Grill, In & Out, Patagonia Store, and Seaside Market, so encourage LobsterFest participants to bring cash or a credit card!!
We all celebrated our  newest  Blue Badge Member, Trish, as Susan shared the steps taken to reach this goal and presented her with her new badge.  Susan reminded us to invite friends and associates to Rotary - Trish came from a long-time Rotary family, but no one had asked her to join until now. We are happy she did - Congratulations Trish!!!
Anil Srivatsa, who is an active Rotarian &  has chartered two clubs, gave a passionate talk via zoom on the gift of life - organ donations. He has visited 44 countries and given over 550 talks championing the cause of Organ Donation with a goal of reaching a million donors with his message of compassion and fighting fear with love. He encouraged Rotarians to start Rotary Action Groups for Organ Donations. See the video he shared by clicking on the following link: or visiting the GOLA Foundation on Facebook
Nicole collected $200 from members to send to Anil's Go Fund Me page to help cover gas as he travels the world

Rotary & Club News Jan Parsons 2021-09-10 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary & Club News

Posted on Aug 27, 2021
Healing wishes to Lew who broke his collarbone from an electric bike fall and to Beverly as she recovers from tremors as a result of her fall; best wishes to Ken who will be starting a new job with the Seattle company Arzeda
We have 54 items in our auction with $2030 raised to date. Send the following link to all you friends and colleagues & bid early and bid often:
Thank you to our Premier LobsterFest Sponsor and to our libation providers:
We Are Baack winners were Molly who got her Sees candy from last week and Jon who won a $20 gift certificate from Diesel Book Store in Del Mar Highlands Town Center
We enjoyed meeting and hearing from Tasha Matthews, Civic/Faith Specialist with Just In Time for Foster Youth. You are welcome any time!
And we got to congratulate Di again on being our newest blue badge member. Susan went over the transition requirements and Patricia shared how much she enjoyed being Di's mentor and how inspired she was working with her. Both Trish and Nicole are almost there too. How about Andy?????????
Susan Day from the Burn Institute gave an informative, fact-filled talk on all the wonderful things they do to provide fire prevention and burn survivor support. And we learned she was grateful to Rotary for RYLA, which her daughteer attended  a few years ago

Rotary & Club News Jan Parsons 2021-08-27 07:00:00Z 0

LobsterFest Auction

Posted on Aug 21, 2021
Getting Herb and wine baskets ready for LobsterFest auction...oops... only wine!!!

LobsterFest Auction Jan Parsons 2021-08-21 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary & Club News

Posted on Aug 20, 2021
Todays invocation
Charles was finemaster today and did not fine $50/each: Herb for Beverly's black eyes and Jan for her quick & consistent website postings; and lots of happy $$s were given to have George back 
We were sad to learn that Radia has resigned, but understand with a new little one, and that Suchandra has been working in San Jose & Monterey, and will soon be leaving for India again - we miss you in person!
Venky reported that according to Steve Brown, the Taliban control of Afganistan will not affect the school they built in Jalalabad where they educate boys and girls,  or Nangarhar University. We hope that is true and continues. See interview below:
President Vicky wielded her gavel today and warned she will levy a heavy fine if it is stolen before LobsterFest

29 days to LobsterFest
  • Artist Heather Roddy will not only have a painting in our online auction, but she will be painting the night of LobsterFest. The painting will be sold during a live auction with Herb as auctioneer extraordinaire; and Steve will be the masterful Master of Ceremony for the night
  • Charlotte has done a fabulous job with our LobsterFest website (click link in menu line or donate button to give), and we will now have Spanish guitar music during cocktails. Let Suzanne know names of guests and any alternative food choices; and Vicky know if you have extra seats available so we can accommodate Rotary friends who would like to support us
Seth Tilly, a member of the Solana Beach Eco Rotary Club, spoke to us today about the changing technology and regulatory landscape of residential solar power, to help with making informed decisions about solar power for your home. Due to a power glitch, we lost connection during his talk, so feel free to email him at with any questions or for more information (and congratulations on your new baby)

Rotary & Club News Jan Parsons 2021-08-20 07:00:00Z 0
LobsterFest Jan Parsons 2021-08-16 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary & Club News

Posted on Aug 13, 2021
The LobsterFest Committee has done a great job!! We are still taking donations and need auction items, and contact Vicky if you have a sponsor or need more seats 
We wish George a speedy recovery from a brief hospital visit; Beverly successful surgery for a detached retina after a fall; and Happy upcoming  Birthdays to Paul and Trish
Charlotte won a Starbucks gift card and Reeses peanut butter cups (for which Vicky was reluctent to part) in our "We are Baack" drawing
We are very excited that Nicole will be the  Youth  Services Chair, and know she will do a fabulous job!!
And congratulations to Di who received her Blue Badge in record time - way to go!!!
Dawn Wensel, President of Reality Changers was our speaker today and updated us on what they have been doing during the pandemic. You can help them by volunteering as a tudor or mentor:

Rotary & Club News Jan Parsons 2021-08-13 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary & Club News

Posted on Aug 06, 2021
As part of her invocation, Trish encouraged members to share Love Notes with others
Venky won a gift certificate from San Clemente Pier Fisherman's Restaurant as part of the "We are Baack" campaign
We had a lobster visit us today in the form of Linda, to promote our September 18 LobsterFest. Let her know  restaurants you would like her to contact for auction items.
Get your reservations in soon for rooms at the Hilton as there are only 5 reduced-rate rooms left for the 18th. If you're inviting more than 8 friends, Phil can accommodate tables of 10 or 12. Herb asked members to visit other Rotary clubs to share our event. And Andy's & Phil's double teaming secured the tequila commitment from CaliFino Tequila:
Venky's grandson Karan talked with us about NBNA - Namma Beach Namma Chennai (Our Beach Our Chennai) and the wonderful work this non-profit is doing to raise awareness of and clean up beaches in India:
Our speaker Chase Harr joined us from the top of Wildcat Mountain, New Hampshire to talk about Shelter Box and his goal to raise over $100,000  as he scales 1400 ft peaks throughout the country:
In closing, we learned how Casa de Amistad is partnering with Reality Changers to meet the needs of 9-11 graders and older students through their college prep program. Mark your calendars for a fun picnic social on August 22, 2-4pm;  sign up for Trish's San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy Friendraiser on August 12 at Viewpoint; and attend the District Membership Seminar on zoom on August 14, 9-10:30am.

Rotary & Club News Jan Parsons 2021-08-06 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary & Club News

Posted on Jul 30, 2021
It was great to see Nicole in person who was our greeter today and picked the "We Are Baack" ticket for macarons from Le Parfait Paris. Vicky's name was drawn but she graciously abstained, and Malcolm was the lucky winner
Paul, in his cleaning out to move, shared a brochure he found  of the Rotary Youth Exchange in Germany from 1999, which his daughter, Katie attended
Andy showed his new LobsterFest shirt with the colors of Mexico (or "watermelon" as Trish said & fined him), and gave a colorful one made by a friend's company to Phil
Trish also fined members who didn't bring a bottle of wine for our LobsterFest auction, but we did collect a nice selection
And we got to see some of the pictures at the Hilton which will be part of our auction through Bidding for Good. Vicky informed us that individuals can be part of the tequila tasting for an additional $105, and members can split a table sponsorship
Our speakers today, Caulene Bussard and Lucy Njuguna, joined us on zoom from Canada and Kenya. They shared  the wonderful work Praise Gate Orphanage does to help, feed, and house former street children, orphans, and abandoned babies near Nairobi, Kenya. We are doing a Global Grant of $30,000 to assist them with water and solar needs for a new facility they are building.

Rotary & Club News Jan Parsons 2021-07-30 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary & Club News

Posted on Jul 23, 2021
Mami joined us before taking a new job as counselor at an International School in San Francisco and was made an  Honorary Paul Harris Fellow for all her help with Youth, Cristo Rey San Diego, and scholarships last year
Di was center stage today as she was the greeter, gave the invocation, invited two guests, and did her Who Am I (and finished the last of her Blue Badge requirements). From the Chicago area, she is a life-long practitioner of mindfulness, and loves being named after the Goddess Diana who was the protector of women and children. Rotary fits her well as service and community are daily aspirations (and she gave blood for the first time as part of our blood drive).
Trish won cookies from Batch & Box as part of our "We are Baack" promotion. And she showed us Rotary pins that her 96 year old mother gave her that were gifts from or belonged to her Rotarian father - a Rotary wheel surrounded by a heart, a "small" PH pin, and a 35 & 40 year pin.
Malcolm shared a promotional video that Venky made to be considered for entertainment for our LobsterFest (open link below to watch)
Vicky reminded us that LobsterFest is only 67 days away and we only have commitments of $16,000. Everyone needs to get busy with sponsorships and auction items. Our auction theme is leisure activities, and Linda suggested making up baskets of wine for the in-person auction. Trish is finemaster next week and said she will fine anyone who doesn't bring a bottle.
Bill Payne, CEO of Second Chance, was our speaker today and we were very impressed to learn that they provided 3.1 tons of fruit & vegetables as part of their outreach to the Encanto community last year. Visit for more information.
As a thank you for speaking, Vicky provided Bill with our Joshua Orphan Care Center Certificate where we will make a donation  in his name

Rotary & Club News Jan Parsons 2021-07-23 07:00:00Z 0
LobsterFest Jan Parsons 2021-07-22 07:00:00Z 0

Eid al-Adha

Posted on Jul 20, 2021
Eid Mubarak
Happy Eid al-Adha

Eid al-Adha Jan Parsons 2021-07-20 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary & Club News

Posted on Jul 16, 2021
Past President Bill started off the meeting in Vicky's well-deserved absence as she vacations in Hawaii. He proudly displayed Herb's golden gavel lent to him, along with 1 of the 25 gavels he bought when  president after his was stolen at his first meeting (he says he didn't know our tradition)
Happy Birthday to Molly who gave $21 for her birthday on the 21st (and still looks 21) and $9 for the great news that her dad is able to put off heart surgery as his numbers look good
A Salt & Straw gift certificate went to Lew in our "We Are Baack" drawing - a two-week winner (better buy a lottery ticket!)
Phil deserves an award for the outstanding job he is doing with half his regular staff!! He is looking forward to today & race season as the crowd of happy drinkers are less demanding

Paul, as Foundation Chair, was happy to present next level Paul Harris Awards to Herb, PH+3, Steve, PH+6, and Lew, PH+2
The LobsterFest Committee is hard at work: Andy reminded us that personal relationships are the most successful to bring in sponsors; Bill & George are working on getting two tables for the military; and Herb asked for help with auction items. Charles reminded us that the purpose of LobsterFest is to raise funds to make a difference in someone's life!! Please join the LobsterFest Committee this Thursday, 7/22 at 5:00 at the Suttons
Mami will be at the meeting next week before leaving for San Francisco, so come to say goodby and wish her well
Our speaker, Karen Jongeward, told us about the wonderful volunteer program Crisis Intervention, that the San Diego Police Department began in 1987 to help individuals in the community during times of crisis. They provide immediate short-term emotional and logistical support to victims, witnesses, and other effected individuals who have experienced traumatic or potentially traumatic incidents. We are proud that our new member Trish, volunteers with them. For more information contact Officer Denise Mills at or by phone at 619-733-9352.
And Bill presented Karen with an actual (as oppossed to a virtual) Joshua Orphan Care Center Certificate where we make a donation in honor of our speakers

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Governor's Dinner & Celebration Jan Parsons 2021-07-15 07:00:00Z 0
Bastille Day 2021-07-14 07:00:00Z 0
LobsterFest Jan Parsons 2021-07-11 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary & Club News

Posted on Jul 09, 2021
Its a new dawn, its a new day... and Vicky started us on a new year, building on a strong foundation!!
Along with Kevin's inspirational invocation:
To encourage members to attend in person, Vicky started a "We Are Baack" drawing each week of gift cards and small gifts with the grand prize a $100 gift certificate - so come live, and come often!!
Members helped our coffers by being happy: Charles for Maggie, their new Lab puppie; Venky for his 1st in-person meeting; Lew for his birthday; Molly for Riley's 1st week of school; Bill for graduating from cardiac rehab center; Di for being able to get on zoom in Santa Barbara parking lot; Linda presenting Herb with a deck of cards; Herb for zoom working & thanking everyone for their help last year
Congratulations to our latest Paul Harris Award recipient, Phil on his PH+1
Charlotte shared the LobsterFest website which is up and running:
And we ended the meeting with a wonderful speaker - Captain Jennifer Swain from The Salvation Army San Diego Adult Rehabilitation Center. She gave touching examples of how they work with body, mind, and soul to help those afflicted with addictions, and we learned where the phrase "fell off the wagon" came from.


Rotary & Club News Jan Parsons 2021-07-09 07:00:00Z 0
Happy 4th of July Jan Parsons 2021-07-02 07:00:00Z 0

Governor's Dinner

Posted on Jun 29, 2021
Over 400 attended the Governor's Dinner in-person or on zoom
We were very proud (especially his Granddaughter Andrea)  to have George lead us in The Pledge of Allegiance
Steve thanked everyone for the wonderful job we did all year and expressed how proud he  was to be District Governor and a member of Rotary. Among his many awards given, one was a beautiful crystal and pins to Susan & Mark for being a Major Donor to The Rotary Foundation
And as Herb turned over the Home Club Banner to the Coronado Rotary, he passed off his Demotion Party wig to Steve
And Rotary Year 2020-2021 was a wrap!!

Governor's Dinner Jan Parsons 2021-06-29 07:00:00Z 0

Herb's Demotion Party

Posted on Jun 27, 2021
Thank you Bill & Suzanne for hosting a wonderful Demotion Party & Patricia for being the fabulous Master of Ceremonies
Kevin started the activities with a history of the gavel being stolen that started with his Presidency 29 years ago, and then the Random Acts of Kindness began after a scrumptious meal 
Bill presented Herb with the golden gavel for a job well done without one for the last few months; Vicky gave Herb a new shirt to replace the blue Rotary one worn at most meetings; Art, as chief physician, presented Herb with a bag of food (pickeled herring, spam, kippers, vienna sausage, etc.) to supplant all the breakfasts Herb missed running the meetings; Herb admired the watch given him by Phil (which Malcolm engraved) as a reminder of meetings starting late even though Herb was at the Hilton by 6:30; after Molly presented a wig for Herb in memory of all the comments about hair this year; Patricia gave Herb a picture showing his gavel travelling the world; Charlotte was overjoyed to unload all the auction paraphenalia to Herb as new auction chair
And at long last, Herb recovered his gavel with the help of Tootsie II, given him by Jan and passed it on to Vicky as incoming President before the end of the night
Herb gave out lots of trophies & awards but none more worthy than to his wife, Beverly, who has done an outstanding job at Program Chair - and love was in the air for the whole Liberman family
We toasted  Steve as he received this District Governor  pin from Herb, so beautifully designed & crafted by Malcolm & Charles Koll Jewellers (yes we want to see the pin AND YOU, Steve)
And we ended the lovely evening celebrating two other milestones - Jon's 77th Birthday and Kevin & Sibylle's engagement which was recently made official

Herb's Demotion Party Jan Parsons 2021-06-27 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary & Club News

Posted on Jun 25, 2021
  • Herb's last meeting as President and Celebration of Service - as he would say: SHOW TIME! He gave out "Stanley Cup" trophies or award pins to his handlers (Jan, Susan, Patricia, Sarah), and to committee chairs for a job well done in a difficult year 
  • Malcolm informed us he will be the Fine-Master Delegator, with a different member playing the role of Fine-Master each week starting alphabetically with Ken. Goal is to fine a minimum of $25/week or make up the difference 
  • Vicky confirmed that hybrid meetings will continue but as Molly said "we miss your face" (and the rest of you)! Let Herb know if you can help with setting up meetings Friday mornings
  • BocceFest: All agreed with Bill that our "non-event" that raised over $40,000 was our biggest accomplishment of the year and gave a big shout-out to Charles for coordinating
  • The Rotary Foundation: Paul shared that we  hit $10,521 in annual giving and $17,400 overall, with an average of $7,700 over the last 4 years, and per capita of $363 (the District average is $170). Great job for hitting the  100% EREY (Every Rotarian Every Year) goal  again this year!
  • Membership: Vicky & Susan did a great job of bringing in 6 new members this year (Andy, Diana, Linda, Nicole, Trish, and Weilynn)
Rotary & Club News Jan Parsons 2021-06-25 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary & Club News

Posted on Jun 18, 2021
  • Herb started us off celebrating Juneteenth - the new federal holiday recognizing the end of slavery in 1865
  • He warned everyone to wear a Rotary pin next week or expect a fine
  • Happy Anniversary to Lew & Sue celebrating their 50th; Phil & Cynthia their 32nd; Nicole & Peter, and Venky & Meera  and Happy Birthday wishes to Jon, Charlotte, Suzanne, and Suchandra,  who Malcolm highlighted along with Herb in the attached video:
  • DG Steve presented George and Vicky their Paul Harris +4 pins, Malcolm his PH+6, and Susan a Major Donor Crystal Award & pin, which will be officially presented to her and Mark at the Governor's Dinner on June 28. Well done all!!
  • Trish gave a great Who Am I and we learned that she is very competitive (having grown up with 7 siblings), trees are part of her DNA, she loves nature, national parks, her job, and family & relationships are key in her life
And we heard that Di has some competition for
  • Solana Beach Mayor, Lesa Heebner was our speaker today and she updated us on traffic flow plans, housing issues, and the challenges of meeting affordable housing requirements in an affluent coastal community

Rotary & Club News 2021-06-18 07:00:00Z 0

Hope without Boundaries

Posted by Jan Parsons on Jun 17, 2021
Del Mar Times/Carmel Valley News/Solana Beach Sun

Hope without Boundaries Jan Parsons 2021-06-17 07:00:00Z 0

Just in Time

Posted on Jun 16, 2021
Thank you Just in Time for a wonderful evening of food and drink at the Sky Deck grand opening. We had a blast!!

Just in Time Jan Parsons 2021-06-16 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary & Club News

Posted on Jun 11, 2021
  • Hot off the press - not Maine nor East Coast, but a Baja Style LobsterFest celebration on September 18, 5-8pm on the back patio of the Del Mar Hilton with music, dancing, special VIP tequila tasting, and yummy lobster with all the trimmings
  • Congratulations to Nicole's daughter who is turning 12 and was named student of the year
  • Di was happy for Cubs win on Rotary at the Padres night and for Rotarians accepting their cheering without judgement; next Rotary/Padres Night on July 12 - let Herb know if you can join him and Beverly
  • Molly's Small Act was encouraging neighbors to celebrate their kind mailman's birthday with cards, which they all did
  • Demotion Party on June 26 will cost $39/pp. Deadline to rsvp to Patricia & order vegetarian meal is 6/18 
  • Charles, as part of the Community Service Committee, presented a $1500 check to Paul & Leslie Sagar of Hope without Boundaries to buy school supplies and food for kids attending the Carretes Learning Center in Tijuana, Mexico
Leslie shared how grateful they, and all the needy families they support across the border, are for our continued assistance since the founding of HwB in 2008
  • And our speaker today, fellow Rotarian Matt Kurth, who has been in the clinical research & pharmaceutical world for more than 20 years, gave a very informative talk on how Covid-19 vaccines were developed so fast and yet are highly effective and safe. He ended with encouraging everyone to get vaccinated and to trust science. 

Rotary & Club News Jan Parsons 2021-06-11 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Night at the Padres

Posted on Jun 09, 2021
A fun time was had at the Padres game last night with fellow Rotarians, but would have been better if the home team had won - although Chicago natives Di and Al were very happy!!
Al, Di, Patricia, Steve, Jan, Susan, Chuck, Mark

Rotary Night at the Padres Jan Parsons 2021-06-09 07:00:00Z 0

Piedras Pintadas Trail Hike

Posted on Jun 05, 2021
Trish leading the group on  a 4.6-mile hike at Lake Hodges (often steep & rocky). The Piedras Pintadas Trail is part of the San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy, of which she is the Executive Director. 
Mark, Art, Trish, Susan, Charlotte, Alicia, Charles, Patricia
Jackets come off as the day warms up
And celebrating after with refreshing brews and delicious food at Karl Strauss in 4S Ranch

Piedras Pintadas Trail Hike Jan Parsons 2021-06-05 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary & Club News

Posted on Jun 04, 2021
  • Welcome to our newest member, Linda Saville, a former Rotarian & Club President in Laguna Beach.
DG Steve, Membership Co-Chair Susan, Linda, and Mentor Ken.
  • We were entertained by a video about Steve, based on the song On & On, Down in "La Jolla" (click on link below)
  • We learned more about red-badger Nicole from her Who Am I and her lifelong dedication to helping youth & people with disabilities
  • And then we were treated to an Empower Party hosted by Dianne Cox and Don Wells from Just In Time for Foster Youth, where we received a great swag bag and watched a touching presentation where JIT staff & participants made a music video of  Keep Holding On.  And we heard moving testimonials from former foster youth on how much JIT has made a difference in their lives as they transitioned to life on their own and the love they receive from them, their volunteers, and contributors. 
Diane and Don gratiously invited all Rotarians to join Just In Time for a complimentary evening of food and drink at the Grand Opening of the Sky Deck in the Del Mar Highlands Shopping Plaza on Tuesday, June 15. Let Paul know if you will be able to attend. 

Rotary & Club News Jan Parsons 2021-06-04 07:00:00Z 0

Memorial Day 2021

Posted on May 31, 2021
Beverly & Herb watch as George & others are honored this Memorial Day on the Midway in recognition of WWII & Korean War Veterans. 

Memorial Day 2021 Jan Parsons 2021-05-31 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary & Club News

Posted on May 21, 2021
  • Members were happy to be travelling again - Charles to Hawaii, Susheela to the Bay Area to see family; Bill for Suzanne's successful cataract surgery; Susan for the 100,000th car pass through the covid vaccination site; Ken for his 17th Anniversary & for our zoom meetings as he was in Telluride
  • Welcome to Bill Paxton, a guest of Di as she quickly fulfills her blue badge requirements
  • Anniversary Congratulations to Ken & Bebe and Susan & Mark which Malcolm helped memorialize (click link below), and Happy 63rd Birthday to him for his May 22 birthday (which he didn't share in a video)
  • It's official - Vicky was voted in as our new President for 2021-2022, as were her Board & Committee Heads:
    • President Elect: Susan Hennenfent
    • VP: Bill Sutton
    • Secretary: Suzanne Sutton
    • Treasurer: Jon Fish
    • International: Herb Liberman
    • Community Service: Ken Barrett
    • Foundation: Paul Butler
    • Membership: Molly Fleming & Susan Hennenfent
    • Fundraising: Andy Laub
    • Youth: Mami Takahara
    • Programs: Beverly Liberman
    • Socials: Patricia Case & Suzanne Sutton
    • Website/PR: Jan Parsons
    • Social Media/PR: Molly Fleming
    • Fine Master: open
  • We will be sending over $7000 to a hospital in India to help people who have covid and no health insurance. Members gratiously donated over $2000 which the club matched along with another $3000. 
  • George brought tears to many for his Small Act of hugging a woman who asked for it after seeing him & another Korean War Vet in their military jackets & sharing with them her thanks as she lost her husband in that war 
  • John Dobkens gave a very informative talk on the San Onofre Decommissioning Project and shared that they will again be restarting walking tours of the site this summer

Rotary & Club News Jan Parsons 2021-05-21 07:00:00Z 0 San Onofre
DG Steve Weitzen Jan Parsons 2021-05-20 07:00:00Z 0 Steve Weitzen
Cristo Rey San Diego High School Jan Parsons 2021-05-15 07:00:00Z 0 Cristo Rey San Diego HS

Rotary & Club News

Posted on May 15, 2021
Words of Wisdom from our own District Governor, Steve Weitzen on his official Home Club Visit 
  • Many Rotary dignitaries attended our meeting in honor of DG Steve's talk. Members were ready to greet visitors and we started with a congratulatory mimosa toast. Steve told how an angel brought him to Rotary, but any member can go from  red-badger to club president to DG, as he did. He encouraged all Rotarians to  continue to be  warm and welcoming. Why we continue as Rotarians is because we want to change the world in service to others. He talked about the insidious evil in our country of human trafficking: organ, slave labor, and sex and the reason he instigated a $50K global grant to fight it. He ended with the reminder that Rotary opens opportunities to repair the world - to heal ourselves. Marty Peters ended the meeting with a "has been" sticker that he attached to Steve's badge.
  • President Herb shared Malcolm's video in honor of Steve (see link below)
  • Love is in the air as happy dollars were given by Art for the announcement of son Brandon's upcoming wedding at his place in Sayulita, Mexico and Di whose son proposed to his beloved on her & Al's  40th Wedding Anniversary 
  • And congratulations to Mami on her May 15 graduation

Rotary & Club News Jan Parsons 2021-05-15 07:00:00Z 0 DG visit
Rotarians At Work Day Jan Parsons 2021-05-13 07:00:00Z 0 RAW Day

Soul Swap Meet

Posted on May 08, 2021
Jan & Patricia visited Soul Swap Meet as suggested by former speaker Shawn McClondon, founder of the Sister Cities Project, and got ideas for a fun social activity. Malcolm will be happy to know Viewpoint Brewery was packed (socially distanced, of course) on this beautiful Saturday.

Soul Swap Meet Jan Parsons 2021-05-08 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary & Club News

Posted on May 07, 2021
  • Charles let Nicole know that there were extra vaccines available yesterday & many of her Casa de Amistad families were able to get a shot
  • Happy 40th Aniversary to Di and husband Al
  • Prayers go out to former Rotarian Sanjiv whose parents are in the hospital in India with Covid-19
  • We will be dark the Fridays before Memorial Day, 5/28 and 7/2 for 4th of July Holiday
  • Malcolm sent out a Happy Mother's Day message:
  • And congratulated Di and Nicole (two of our new red-badgers) for posting their pictures to their profiles on clubrunner:
  • Suzanne Veta, Training Manager for Tender Loving Canines (part of Guide Dogs of America) gave a wonderful talk showing the four program areas where these service dogs transform the lives of individuals: Veterans (helping with PTSD), Autism, Facility (schools, hospitals, court appearances), and Prison Training.  As one of the inmates said "these dogs teach you to love" - a win, win, win - for the dog, the trainer, and the recipients
  • After the meeting Jan met with Nicole and was able to "pin" her

Rotary & Club News Jan Parsons 2021-05-07 07:00:00Z 0

Cinco de Mayo Social

Posted on May 05, 2021
A fun time was had by all at our Cinco de Mayo Social at the Hilton
Thank you Patricia & Phil

Cinco de Mayo Social Jan Parsons 2021-05-05 07:00:00Z 0 Cinco de Mayo

Rotary & Club News

Posted on May 02, 2021
1st Club Assembly of the Year 
  • Jan gave the invocation below and ended with Be Love
  • We started with a  Small Acts of Kindness video about the NY Waldorf-Astoria Hotel & it's first manager George C. Boldt
Some member small acts included: Venky-feeding a parking meter that was expired; over 50-person half days at vaccine site as highlighted by Charles; Paul-Knights of Columbus cemetary clean-up; Bill acknowledging Alicia for books on eating healthy; Di-setting up free horseback riding lessons for Klohie (daughter of Lived Experiences founder Oscar Ortega)  
  • And we welcomed our newest member, Caterina Hunter born 4/1/21 to proud mom & Rotarian Radia & husband Sean
  • Malcolm shared fun videos for birthdays: Patricia's Friday 4/30, Kevin's 5/1, and Steve's 5/2:
  • Members want to continue zoom & hybrid meetings as they are efficient and easy to join, especially when away. Huge thanks to Sarah for all her work on setting up the hybrids, and Patricia for her continued zoom assistance
  • Patricia reminded us of Cinco de Mayo social on the Hilton patio on 5/5 from 5-7pm; May 10 visit to Cristo Rey HS at 11:00 with Andy & Di; June 5 hike with Trish, and June 26 demotion party at the Suttons - more info to come
  • Committee Reports highlighting accomplishments to date included:
Rotary & Club News Jan Parsons 2021-05-02 07:00:00Z 0

Blood Drive

Posted on Apr 26, 2021
More pictures of Rotarians helping garner 31 blood donations at our 2nd Blood Drive: Herb, Lew Wiliamson, Bev, Ken Barrett & daughter Issie, Vicky. Lew, Tootsie, Herb, Bev, Vicky, Paul, Ken. Not pictured: Charles Foster, Molly Fleming, Mark & Susan Hennenfent, and George Sousa. (Sorry if I missed anyone)

Blood Drive Jan Parsons 2021-04-26 07:00:00Z 0 DMSB Blood Drive

Rotarians At Work Day

Posted on Apr 25, 2021
DMSB Rotarians help Oceanside Rotary Club at Rotarians at Work (RAW) Day
with food drive and bingo to assist Lived Experiences
 Diana Shimkus & Charles Foster in back row.
Diana, Lived Experiences founder Oscar Ortega & daughter Klohie, and Andy Laub. Beverly, Herb, and Tootsie. Diana & Oscar with donated food. A great time was had by all and much food and funds were collected, including $300 from our Community Service budget. (Thanks to Andy & Charles for the pictures & info).
Word has it that Diana was the big winner at bingo (and a known "bingo hustler" in Oceanside). She graciously donated her winnings to Oscar's non-profit and he claimed that she was "Legit" - a good thing!!

Rotarians At Work Day Jan Parsons 2021-04-25 07:00:00Z 0 RAW Day

Rotary & Club News

Posted on Apr 23, 2021
What a Wonderful Day in the Rotary!!
  • HAPPY 29th ANNIVERSARY TO US!! DMSB Rotary was spun off from the Del Mar Club on April 24, 1992, as testified by 1st President & current member Kevin Cahill
  • Charlotte & Molly joined us on zoom from their cars in line to get their covid vaccines
  • Camila Tirado, our Cristo Rey High School scholarship recipient joined us on zoom, along with Sean Green from Pontem Path
  • Rotarians & friends Andy, Alicia, Charles, Diana, Klaus, Lorelei, Mark, Molly, Sanjiv, & Susan helped yesterday at the DM vaccine superstation where Scripps gave a record 6000 shots (more than at Dodger Stadium as Andy pointed out)
  • DG Steve started with the induction of FOUR new members, 3 on zoom and Trish in person where her mentor Susan pinned her. Welcome Diana "Di" Shimkus, Director of EveryDay Mindfulness; Nicole Mione Green, Exec. Director of Casa de Amistad; Trish Boaz, Exec. Director of San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy; and Weilynn Chiang, Product Development Business Owner. WELCOME ALL!!!
  • Steve then had the honor of presenting Sarah Taylor with her first Paul Harris Fellow Award & pin, and gave Bill & Suzanne their PH+2 pins. Then came another surprise when Herb presented Steve with his PH+5 pin. CONGRATULATIONS!!
  • Marissa Kennerson, author of the podcast Age Thoughtfully, spoke about her mission to help individuals age with intention & vibrancy
  • Susan & Vicky shared the new Baja LobsterFest mailer  & encouraged members to sign up to help with planning
  • Patricia reminded us of the Cinco de Mayo social at the Hilton on 5/5 from 5-7, and to mark calendars for the Demotion Party on June 26
  • And we ended the meeting with a sad note from Herb that his gavel was stolen (it has been seen out partying with our BocceFest visors)

Rotary & Club News Jan Parsons 2021-04-23 07:00:00Z 0 Baja LobsterFest,New Members,Paul Harris

Blood Drive

Posted on Apr 18, 2021
Thank you to everyone who gave blood & helped at our recent Blood Drive
Herb Liberman, Vicky Mallett, Beverly Liberman, Jon Fish; Paul Butler; Suzanne Sutton, Lou Oberman, Bill Sutton, Jon Fish

Blood Drive Jan Parsons 2021-04-18 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary & Club News

Posted on Apr 18, 2021
2nd Hybrid Meeting
District Governor Steve presents the Home Club Banner to President Herb and the zoom & socailly-distanced, in-person members

Rotary & Club News Jan Parsons 2021-04-18 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary & Club News

Posted on Apr 09, 2021
1st Hybrid Zoom & In-Person Meeting
It was so wonderful to be with each other again!!!
Thank you Sarah (aka Vanna White) for orchestrating, Herb for running, Phil for yummy omelette bar, Andy as a great Greeter, and  George for having our badges ready as usual
  • Happy Birthday to Charles who gave $77 in its honor and welcome to George's new 8 year old rescue lab, Carly
  • Malcolm should be fined for asking if being at the meeting in-person and on zoom counts as a make-up
  • Phil shared with us the DM Hilton's new dinner menu that will be available starting Monday, 4/12
  • Our speaker, Bob Nascenzi, told how Cristo Rey San Diego High School's mission is to educate young people of limited economic means to become prepared for life with faith, purpose, & service. They provice a rigorous college preparatory curriculum, integrated with a relevant work study experience and community service. 

Rotary & Club News Jan Parsons 2021-04-09 07:00:00Z 0


Happy Passover, Happy Holi, Happy Easter, Happy Spring!!!!

Happiness Jan Parsons 2021-04-02 07:00:00Z 0
Del Mar Times, Carmel Valley News, Solana Beach Sun Jan Parsons 2021-04-01 07:00:00Z 0 covid-19

Rotary & Club News

Posted on Mar 26, 2021
  • Venky's invocation showed gratitude for our scientists for giving us new hope, freedom, and joy with covid vaccines
  • It was wonderful to see back Diana, Trish, & Nicole for the 3rd time, Dave Allen, Weilyan Chiang, & Cathi Shipright all the way from Truro England (a childhood friend of Nigel & Rotarian whose club meets in the headquarters of Shelter Box)
  • Small Acts of Kindness were shared by Herb who helped Beverly's sister with her smoke alarm battery; Paul who called 911 for a man he found on the sidewalk with a broken leg; Patricia for finding a tutor for a La Costa family; Beverly who sent money to a man in Kenya; George who received a card from Alicia; Nicole who was grateful for the Rotarians who helped with the vaccinations of her staff at Del Mar yesterday. Click here to register for the future:
  • Congratulations to Herb & Beverly on their 30th Wedding Anniversary; Venky on his 100th (he said) Birthday; Barbara Fish on her 75th Birthday, & to Charlotte's oldest who turned 11. 
  • We are dark next Friday, April 2, for Good Friday and April 9 will be a hybrid in-person/zoom meeting
  • Sarah Robinson, Director of Development for ShelterBox USA gave a wonderful talk on the incredible impact ShelterBox has made on displaced families around the globe. Visit to learn more & see how you can help 

Rotary & Club News Jan Parsons 2021-03-26 07:00:00Z 0 Shelter Box

Covid Vaccination Site

Posted by Jan Parsons on Mar 25, 2021
Kudos to the Rotarians who helped at the Del Mar Covid Vaccination site today
Suzanne Sutton, Susan Hennenfent, Jan Parsons, Alicia & Charles Foster, Charlotte Jones
And congratulations to Susan & Mark Hennenfent who received their  2nd shot

Covid Vaccination Site Jan Parsons 2021-03-25 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary & Club News

Posted on Mar 20, 2021
  • We were moved by the song Proud to Be an American that began our meeting today
  • Many members were happy & shared Small Acts centered around being with friends & family again and  helping neighbors
  • Pres. Herb, Beverly, Jan, Susan, Charles, Andy, & Charlotte have all signed up to help at the Del Mar Vaccine site - more are needed
  • Six visitors are interested in joining our club - Herb's goal is to have the most new members in his year as President. The draw - good speakers & ASK!
  • Paul requested Annual Foundation Contributions be in by May 31 and Lew needs workers for the April 17 Blood Drive
  • Thank you Art for picking up the tab at Viewpoint last Friday. Other members' dollars totalling $235 will go to the Community Service budget 
  • Del Mar Rotarian, Author, & Scholarship Originator Scott MacDonald gave an informative talk about the problems and issues with student debt.

Rotary & Club News Jan Parsons 2021-03-20 07:00:00Z 0
Casa de Amistad School Supplies Jan Parsons 2021-03-18 07:00:00Z 0 Casa De Amistad

Casa de Amistad school supplies

Posted on Mar 13, 2021
Casa de Amistad School Supplies Distribution
We were happy to watch cars arrive with students to receive bags of school supplies provided by Community Service funds & member donations
Lew, Charles, Herb, Nicole (Exec. Director of Casa de Amistad), Beverly, Jan, Patricia
And then we enjoyed a brew & bite at Viewpoint where Paul presented Lew with his Paul Harris pin & certificate; we  were awed by  the snow-capped mountains, and were glad George & Art could join us - all maskless as we've  had our two covid vaccines!

Casa de Amistad school supplies jan parsons 2021-03-13 08:00:00Z 0 Casa De Amistad

Rotary & Club News

Posted on Mar 12, 2021
  • It was wonderful to see returning guests Diane Shimkus, Nicole Mione-Green, & Trish Boaz from our successful Visitors Day
  • Bill will be taking Sees candy to his followup checkup for the wonderful care he received during/after his surgery
  • Happy 5th Anniversary to Sean & Radia (who is on temporary leave from Rotary expecting their 2nd child) 
  • Paul shared a short video from The Rotary Foundation:
  • Please let Herb know if you have any suggestions for  Global Grants next year
  • In 1992, our speaker Vitaliy Bezrodnov came to the U.S. on a cultural exchange program from Kazakhstan and formed the Moscow Nights music group that toured the country. In 1995 he attended a Rotary Club meeting that changed his life and he became the youngest member of the Lakewood Rotary in Ohio. He was inspired to form the Rotary Children's Fund, an international cultural exchange program to allow young artists & musicians to come here to share their culture and talent and to learn about our country. We enjoyed his enthusiam & would love to see a group visit us some day.

Rotary & Club News Jan Parsons 2021-03-12 08:00:00Z 0 Rotary Childrens Fund

Rotary Highlighted

Posted on Mar 11, 2021
Thank you Molly for highlighting Rotary in Solana Beach Living

Rotary Highlighted Jan Parsons 2021-03-11 08:00:00Z 0

Helping Children in El Salvador

Posted on Mar 09, 2021
We are happy to be working with OEF in El Salvador to support 5 children ages birth to 3 years in an initial education program. See below to learn more about the children and their families.
Helping Children in El Salvador Jan Parsons 2021-03-09 08:00:00Z 0
Blood Drive Jan Parsons 2021-03-09 08:00:00Z 0

Rotary & Club News

Posted on Mar 05, 2021
  • What a wonderful Visitors Day we had - thank you Susan & Vicky for organizing and Patricia for facilitating. We had 18 guests join us to learn about Rotary and hear our great speaker, Trish Boaz, CEO of the San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy. We look forward to seeing them again!
  • Herb shared some Rotary facts: founded in 1905 in Chicago; 35,000 clubs in the world with 1.2 milliion Rotarians; broken into 500 Districts, 60 clubs in our District of San Diego/Imperial County; focus has been eradication of polio in the world; we are bound by the 4-Way Test - Is it the TRUTH - Is it FAIR to all concerned - Will it build GOODWILL & BETTER FRIENDSHIPS - Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned
  • Vicky then shared some club info: We were founded on April 17, 1992; we are small & mighty with a heart for service and feel like a family; we are known for our International Projects & Bocce Tournament; we actively support Just in Time for Foster Youth, Reality Changers, Veteran's Village, Solutions for Change, Hope Without Boundaries, along with many projects in El Salvador and India
  • Our next Blood Drive will be Saturday, April 17, from 9:00-2:30 at the Lomas Santa Fe Plaza
  • Distribution for the school supplies we provided for Casa de Amistad supported students will be a drive-by on Friday, March 12 from 3:00-5:00 at the Solana Beach Presbyterian Church 
  • Trish Boaz  has over 25 years of experience in conservation and environmental protection and coordinated the County's acquisition of over 7,100 acres of open space lands. She updated  us about the San Dieguito Watershed, Lagoon Pond & River Path Del Mar, Coastal Crest Trail, San Dieguito Lagoon, & Multi-Sensory River Path Trail Del Mar. And it was nice to learn that her father was a Rotarian and Rotary played a huge part in her life.

Rotary & Club News Jan Parsons 2021-03-05 08:00:00Z 0

Rotary & Club News

Posted on Feb 27, 2021
  • Herb's mantra for the week: BUY COOKIES & BRING GUESTS (for the 3/5 Visitors Day Meeting)
  • Kendall & Megan joined us from the Rancho Bernardo Girl Scouts to offer cookies for sale. Click on to help them, your sweet tooth, and the military 
  • Many Happy Dollars went to wish Bill well after a succesful  triple-bypass surgery
  • Paul has a new daughter-in-law as son Paul Jr. just got married
  • Molly is taking the kids on their first outing - to the zoo
  • Congratulations to Lew Williamson for receiving his first Paul Harris Fellow Award
  • Acts Of Kindness included Beverly for getting a computer for a student in Kenya; Charles who bought donuts for the RN who gave Alicia & him his second shot; Herb for helping a women whose grocery bags broke; & Vicky for checking up on a man recently discharged from the hospital
  • Steve reminded us that Tuesday was Rotary's 116th Birthday
  • We will be giving $1260 toward a project in El Salvador to help children up to 3yrs old to provide nutrition, education, and family support
  • Our speaker today was Shawn McClondon who founded the Sister Cities Project to partner affluent white communities with underserved minority communities to build new relationships and deepen cultural understanding and support. Currently, two partnerships have been formed: Solana Beach & Southeast San Diego, and Encinitas & City Heights. Rotarians showed a strong  interest in participating. 

Rotary & Club News Jan Parsons 2021-02-27 08:00:00Z 0
Helping in India Jan Parsons 2021-02-18 08:00:00Z 0 India,Paraplegic,Quadriplegic

Rotary & Club News

Posted on Feb 18, 2021
  • Patricia played a video on Random Acts of Kindness, showing that one small act a day can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression for the giver and recipient. Click here:
  • You can now register to give blood for our April 17 Blood Drive at:
  • Join the Fireside Chat on Thursday, 2/25 at 7:00pm on zoom to acquaint new members with Rotary Basics
  • Herb mentioned a possible Global Grant next year with a Kenyan Rotary club to help with a new facility for Praise Gate Orphanage
  • Our speaker tonight, Gail Young, explained and showed how it is very important to stay hydrated and drink water that is highly  alkaline as oppossed to acidic. She uses a Kangen Water System

Rotary & Club News Jan Parsons 2021-02-18 08:00:00Z 0

Rotary & Club News

Posted on Feb 12, 2021
  • Herb's invocation focused on returning to normal as more & more Rotarians and the public get vaccinated
  • Molly helped in that effort for an elderly couple; we heard of Rotarians helping Rotarians (Mark for the Suttons & Charles for George), and Paul stopped his bike ride when he saw a Small Act waiting for his help
  • We are very happy that Ildiko is doing better after a rough 3 wks with Covid, and wish her continued improvement.  And a huge thanks to Art who has been a major contributor to her care
Mark your calendars and stay tuned for our new exciting fundraiser
  • Four Paul Harris Fellow awards were given by the club in recognition of time, talent, and/or treasures: Honorary Member & Youth Chair, Mami Takahara; 1st time award to new member Sarah Taylor; PH+3 for Vicky Mallett; and Bocce Premier Sponosr Steve Todoruk
  • Paul Greenwood was our fabulous speaker today. Intrigued by America after watching Easy Rider, he moved from England to San Diego after meeting & marrying a native, and spent 25 years as a Deputy District Attorney - 22 of those in charge of a new area: Elder Abuse. He retired 3 yrs ago but continues to do webinars on scams - #1 being romance scams for seniors. Other scams to watch out for include the 45-55 yr. old son living at home with widowed mother, unemployed, lazy, & addicted to drugs or alcohol; care givers; contractors (home repair workers, carpet cleaners, termite fumigators), and phone scams. He emphasized the importance (especially during this pandemic) of staying in daily contact with loved ones & the elderly

Rotary & Club News Jan Parsons 2021-02-12 08:00:00Z 0

Rotary & Club News

Posted on Feb 05, 2021
  • Small Acts: Herb related the story of the 88 yr old veteran who was given his high school diploma after 70 years due to the interruption of the Korean War. Susan shared giving a bouquet of flowers to her mother's neighbor, a nurse practioner, who is helping everyone during the pandemic
  • Nicole Mione-Green, program director with Casa de Amistad updated us on how they are matching volunteers and students online to provide mentoring and tutoring services during the stay-at-home order. We will be helping them with $3700 for school supplies for 160 kids. Let Charles know if you'd like to donate to this project.
  • Paul presented Suzanne & Bill their Paul Harris +2 pins, for their continued contributions to the Rotary Foundation
  • Vicky announced we will host a visitors day at the March 5 meeting, when Trish Boaz, CEO of the San Dieguito River Valley Conservatory, will be our guest speaker. Invite friends, community leaders, and business associates to join us for an inspiring talk. Send Patricia guest info on March 3 or 4, so she can send them our zoom link 
  • Our speaker today was Nick Gulion, a Rotary Scholarship recipient who went on to Yale Law School and was a White House Intern before founding Recover, a Del Mar based organization working to make addiction treatment effective, accessible, and affordable to everone who needs it. 

Rotary & Club News Jan Parsons 2021-02-05 08:00:00Z 0
Anti-Human Trafficking Jan Parsons 2021-02-04 08:00:00Z 0

Rotary & Club News

Posted on Jan 29, 2021
Susan Cabon joined on zoom from England to update us on Joshua Orphan and Community Care Malawi - an organization formed in 2002 to help children orphaned by  HIV/AIDS near Blantyre, Malawi. They have since grown to provide community based childcare centers (CBCCs) in over 30 villages, providing meals, health care, and education for thousands of children.  Click on the link below to watch two videos of their work.
We have supported Joshua Orphan Care School in recognition of our speakers since 2009, when Kirk Collins visited Malawi with Rotary to deliver all-terrain wheelchairs to the disabled, and discovered the great need to help with school supplies and desks. It was nice having Kirk & Glenda join us today from Berkeley. 
Venky also updated us on a Global Grant we did in India to help train and establish businesses for  handicapped men & women.
Stay tuned for our next blood drive on April 17, and projects to help Hope Without Boundaries and Casa de Amistad

Rotary & Club News Jan Parsons 2021-01-29 08:00:00Z 0 Joshua Orphan Care

Rotary & Club News

Posted on Jan 16, 2021
It was nice to see Luis Carranza, Asst/Area Governor from Rancho Santa Fe
Lots of Happy Dollars were shared by members:
  • Paul for his & Mary's 42nd Wedding Anniversary on the 27th (the same date as Bill & Suzanne)
  • Susan for her 8th grandneice/nephew in 3 years, & able to schedule a vaccine shot for her mom
  • Charlotte sad/happy that her "baby" Lief is turning 9
  • US Citizenship for Charles' & Venky's cleaning ladies, & new baby boy for Nicole, former Rotary exchange student of Charles 
  • Bill to see his friend & best man of 51yrs, and Luis glad to see Bill who was club president the same year as he
  • Steve for all his club connections over the week
  • George for Patricia's help on the computer & especially for the huge plate of cookies she brought
Paul comfirmed that 12/30 members have made their annual Foundation donation, and shared a Foundation video:
Lew will head up another blood drive in April
Vicky, Susan, & Herb attended the District Membership Seminar & shared some ideas:
  • Reach out to alumni in good standing and set up a structure to accommodate them
  • Engage new members to learn more about Rotary
  • Get high-powered speakers from around the world to draw potential members
Nicholas Domingo, a Rotarian & Co-Executive Director of Call To Inspire and Captain Encouragement, spoke to us on how he went from a bullied youngster, to an angry athelete, and after a brain aneurysm, to a superhero helping to inspire children in K - 3rd Grades. He also inspired us!
"Our goal is to perpetuate positive change in the world, starting by and giving our children the tools to break the cycle of violence that is inherent in our society and the media. We need to use the world’s unprecedented inter-connectivity to wake up the new generations, and finally trade our apathy and isolation for the love and kindness of a more positive humankind. "
Due to the pandemic, they pivoted from school assemblies to the online space developing video content, youtube tv series, and games. For more information go to

Rotary & Club News Jan Parsons 2021-01-16 08:00:00Z 0 Call To Inspire/Captain Encouragement

Rotary & Club News

Posted on Jan 11, 2021
  • Let Herb know if you would like to join the Fundraising Meeting at 3:00 on 1/11 to discuss plans for next year
  • Steve thanked Venky for all the hard work on getting the Anti-Human Trafficing Grant approved & ready for funding
  • We were very sorry to learn from Meera that her father passed away, a month shy of his 100th birthday
  • Patricia asked for social ideas & suggested an online cooking class, and another theatre night in March
  • Kevin reported Model UN is in full swing with 56 teams and will take place on March 27 & 28 via zoom
  • Susan reminded members that we need $100/per capita to the Foundation Annual Fund to support our future District & Global Grants
  • Speaker Robert De Maio let us know how CaptionCall is helping the hearing impaired by supplying & training users, at no cost, how to use a special amplified phone that transcribes the call. Vicky shared how this was a huge help in communicating with her father who had dementia & lived out of state

Rotary & Club News Jan Parsons 2021-01-11 08:00:00Z 0


Posted on Jan 01, 2021

2021 jan parsons 2021-01-01 08:00:00Z 0

Rotary & Club News

Posted on Dec 20, 2020
  • Our last meeting of the year was festive and fun. Patricia and Charlotte won best outfit with Charles close behind. It was nice to have former member Sanjiv join us
  • Malcolm was happy to miss the meeting since it meant he was with clients, but sent two videos highlighting December Birthdays & Anniversaries
Vicky, Radia, Jan, & Lou celebrating Birthdays; Suchandra (and Ray) an Anniversary
Bill & Suzanne for their 51st Wedding Anniversary
  • Rotarians are performing many Acts of Kindness including Bill & Suzanne putting wreaths on Veterans' graves in Greenwood Cemetary; Andy working with our  former speaker from The League of Amazing Programmers to teach  the children in Nepal; and Susheela cooking & delivering food  for neighbors who have  Covid-19 
  • David Ellenstein, Artistic Director of North Coast Reportoary Theatre, talked about his family's  life in theatre, how he's enjoyed his 18 yrs. at NCR (which is in its 39th Season), how he'd like to move to a larger space (which is currently only in the talking phase), and about the two current shows that were filmed for viewing - A Christmas Carol (traditional but with a twist) and The Iliad (an anti-war piece). NCR is one of the busiest theatres during this pandemic & is receiving wide recognition and praise throughout the country
  • And Patricia put together a fabulous, fun Game Night on Saturday that kept Bill, Suzanne, Beverly, Herb, Mark, Susan, Jan, & her  happy and entertained. Games included Taboo, Scattergories, Who Am I, Holiday Trivia, and the favorite, a Scavenger Hunt. Thank you Patricia!
Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

Rotary & Club News Jan Parsons 2020-12-20 08:00:00Z 0 Holiday Party,North Coast Rep

Rotary & Club News

  • Paul's invocation focused on this Season of Light
  • And George led in a minute of silence to remember those lost in the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941
  • Many  Happy Dollars were given for Sagittarius Birthdays, including Ken's 13 year old daughter, Charles' sister, and Susheela's daughter
  • We were sorry to learn George's 15 yr old dog had to be put down
  • Paul & Herb's Small Act of Kindness was support for Reality Changers speech contest participants
  • Molly encountered an Act of Kindness when she ran out of gas
  • We will be giving a $2000 scholarship for a high school student through Potem Path
  • Please join the committee in January who will be looking into Bocce 2021 or other fundraiser(s)
  • Kudos to Susan who suggested including Rotary International for Giving Tuesday, which raised over $24,000
  • And a round of applause for the generosity of our members who donated $1500 to buy holiday gift cards for our servers & helpers at The Del Mar Hilton who we have missed seeing these many months
  • We will be matching recognition points for all donations to the Rotary Foundation this year as part of EREY
  • Remember to support The DM Hilton & Viewpoint Brewery with takeout during this latest lockdown
  • And don't forget the evening social/meeting next Thursday evening and our Holiday/Game Night on Saturday, 12/19. Wear your ugly Holiday sweaters and/or hats
(though that may be passe)

Rotary & Club News Jan Parsons 2020-12-12 08:00:00Z 0
CRC Holiday Baskets Jan Parsons 2020-12-10 08:00:00Z 0 CRC

Rotary & Club News

Posted on Dec 04, 2020
Herb thanked Susan for being the "Best Handler" and keeping him on his toes
Jan finished a 1000 piece puzzle she bought because it had an Amala-like cat in antlers. This prompted the idea of a Rotary Puzzle Exchange
Bill learned at Stand Down that a "Small Act" of helping even one is a success
We were all saddened to learn of the passing of Charlotte's dad and Venky's sister. Our thoughts and prayers are with them
But we were thrilled to learn that Radia will be adding a baby girl to her family

We were honored to have District Attorney Summer Stephan talk with us this morning about sex trafficing in San Diego and what is being done to prevent it. She emphasized how excited she is that this is a priority for Rotary, as Rotarians are doers. For more information, click on this link:

Rotary & Club News Jan Parsons 2020-12-04 08:00:00Z 0

CRC Holiday Baskets

Posted on Dec 03, 2020
7 Rotary Elves Fill 100 Boxes as Part of a Revised CRC Holiday Baskets
Thank You for Helping!
Molly, Beverly, Susan, Herb / Jon, Suzanne, Bill

CRC Holiday Baskets Jan Parsons 2020-12-03 08:00:00Z 0 CRC
Stand Down 2020 Jan Parsons 2020-11-27 08:00:00Z 0 StandDown

Thanksgiving 2020

Posted on Nov 25, 2020
Wishing Everyone a Happy, Healthy, Safe Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving 2020 Jan Parsons 2020-11-25 08:00:00Z 0

George Sousa Turns 90

Posted on Nov 24, 2020
Surprising our Beloved George on his 90th Birthday
Secretly lining up outside George's house; Son Rick & Great-Grandson Lance lure George out with a ruse; Charles presents George with a sign saying Happy 90th George!! DMSB Rotary Loves You! Bill has champagne (or course); and we all toast this patriot and hero. Click on  the attached video to see great pictures of  George that his family put together:
Ken, Mary, Kevin, Paul, George, Patricia, Jan, Charles & Alicia, Jon, Suzanne & Bill

George Sousa Turns 90 Jan Parsons 2020-11-24 08:00:00Z 0 George Sousa

Stand Down 2020

Posted on Nov 23, 2020
Thank you Rotarians & Friends for helping our homeless Vets at this years scaled-down Stand Down, and thank you Lou for organizing
Bill, Beverly, Suzanne, Herb / Lou, Bill, Sibylle, Kevin

Stand Down 2020 Jan Parsons 2020-11-23 08:00:00Z 0 StandDown
The Rotary Foundation Jan Parsons 2020-11-21 08:00:00Z 0 Rotary Foundation

Rotary & Club News

Posted on Nov 17, 2020
We had so much fun at the Tuesday evening meeting/social with our "hat night", as evidenced by the picture below (thank you Susan). Paul also switched into a cowboy hat & sombrero
Our speaker, David Bennett, General Director of San Diego Opera wasn't quite sure what was going on, but enjoyed our antics before updating us on what is happening with the Opera since his arrival in 2015, when the community insisted opera remain in San Diego after a near-death experience.  The mission of the SD Opera is:
  • to deliver exceptional vocal performances in an exciting way
  • to create  accessible programs for diverse audiences
  • focus on community engagement and the transformative power of live performances
During this pandemic the Opera has postponed performances, but not cancelled them, and  have continued their online music education and patron engagements. They staged the first drive-in opera in the country, La Boheme, which drew 3000 people and was a huge success as attested to by Suzanne & Bill and Jan.
And thank you, Patricia, for arranging an interesting social Friday night with Portaleza from the La Jolla Playhouse  - an unusual, trippy experience. The happy hour after with you, Bill & Suzanne,  Charles & Alicia, and Susan & Mark was a wonderful way to end the week! Even Amala wanted to get in on the fun!

Rotary & Club News Jan Parsons 2020-11-17 08:00:00Z 0

Rotary & Club News

Posted on Nov 13, 2020
  • Susheela wished everyone Happy Diwali tomorrow in this Festival of Light symbolizing the spiritual victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance. 
  • Congratulations to DG Steve on the birth of his first granddaughter, Noa
  • Let Lou know if you can help with Stand Down on 11/22
  • We will try to have a hybrid in-person/zoom meeting on 12/4. Details are being worked out
  • Another $250 has been donated for Bocce bringing the total to $43K, with a net of $38K. Thanks to members who contributed over half of these funds
  • Vicky suggested we have some fun at our 11/17 evening/social meeting by wearing funny hats &  come dressed around the Fall/Thanksgiving theme
  • Sean Green talked how Pontem Path is a bridge program for first generation college-bound & low income parochial school students to prepare them, and assist with scholarships if necessary, to be successful at USD or other Catholic Universities

Rotary & Club News Jan Parsons 2020-11-13 08:00:00Z 0 Podem Path

Rotary Foundation Seminar

Posted on Nov 07, 2020
139 Rotarians attended the 2020 Rotary Foundation Seminar on zoom
Charlotte put together a great presentation of our El Salvador Grant that was highlighted
And we were presented with two Foundation Banners (for 100% giving with $100 average & 100% giving with $100 per capita) and an End Polio Now Certificate for contributing at least $1500 

Rotary Foundation Seminar Jan Parsons 2020-11-07 08:00:00Z 0 Rotary Foundation

Rotary & Club News

 Lew shared Blood Drive Facts:
  •  38 people filled 40 available spots
  •  31 units of blood were give
  •  6 members & 1 spouse gave blood
  •  13 Rotarians & 1 spouse participated
  •  20 donors were contacted by the blood bank,10 were Rotary contacts, 2 saw our flyers
  •  The next drive will be April 2021
Malcolm continued his fun videos sharing  Cyndi Lauper's Girls Just Want to Have Fun, in honor of all the female Rotary members in our club. Jan led  the singing with Susan, Patricia, Radia, & Molly  
Followed by the guys in drag - Bill leading  Art, Kevin, Ken, and Lou in singing
Stand Down will be November 22 from 9-4 with 4 shifts of 2 Rotarians; drive-by cancelled
CRC Holiday Baskets will be December 3, 9-11 to fill boxes with non-food items
Nasr updated the club on International projects
Our speaker today was the brilliant Vic Wintriss who taked about 5G and how this 5th Generation Broadband will be used to provide customized connectivity for a wide-variety of uses in billions of connected devices. We saw how a huge computer has evolved into slim towers that do not pose a health risk. 
And we learned that Vic is most proud of starting The League of Amazing Programmers, a non-profit that teaches Java programming to 400 low income & needy kids in grades 5-12 who go on to become professional programmers  in high demand by major corporations, and earning 6 figure incomes

Rotary & Club News Jan Parsons 2020-11-06 08:00:00Z 0 5G

Halloween Blood Drive

Posted on Nov 02, 2020
Thank you to everyone who used their Superpowers to Give Blood & Save Lives.
And thank you to Lew & Rotarians who helped make the blood drive a huge success.
Suzanne & Jon; Lew & Lou; Jan, Suzanne, & Herb
Molly, Lew, Ken, & Charles; Susan & Mark; Suzanne, Lew, & Jan; Bill &  Molly


Halloween Blood Drive Jan Parsons 2020-11-02 08:00:00Z 0 DMSB Blood Drive

Rotary & Club News

Posted on Oct 30, 2020
  • One of the highlights of the meeting was inducting Andy Laub into Rotary, the newest of 1.2 million Rotarians throughout the world. Welcome, Andy! He will soon receive his welcome package & pin and will meet with Phil, his club mentor.
  • Susan will be ordering new club polo shirts.  Let her know if you need one - they are free for new members and $20+ for current members or family.
  • Malcolm continued his fun videos, the first for Beverly's Birthday on November 3. (Video links have been added to all past photos so you can click on them & laugh again)
  • We then saw two Halloween themed videos: the Addams Family staring Kevin, Lou, Charlotte, Jan, & Art
  • And Herb leading Vicky, Nasr, Bill, and Beverly in the Monster Mash:
  • Herb, Vicky, & Phil will meet at the Hilton on Friday, 11/6 at 11am to look at ways to hold in-person meetings. Everyone  is invited to join them.
  • November is Foundation Month and the Annual Foundation Seminar will be on zoom on Saturday, 11/7, 9-11am. Charlotte will be highlighting our Global Grant to El Salvadorian families. Everyone is encouraged to attend what is always a touching program
  • The BocceFest2020 Celebration of Giving Video is done & the link is here on our homepage, in the top right corner 
  • Bill wants visitors to our zoom meetings to know that we stand for the Pledge, so be sure to wear pants
Our speaker today was our very own DG, Steve Weitzen, doing an informal update - the man of many hats:
  • Steve joined Rotary & our club in 2006 and laid low for 7 years until 2013 when he became our President. He had so much fun being       President & doing his weekly recaps that he decided to get even more involved & became the Assistant Governor to 6 coastal clubs for 3 years. Next was Chief Assistant Governor of 16 clubs, and then on to becoming District Governor in his second try.
Rotary & Club News Jan Parsons 2020-10-30 07:00:00Z 0
Thank You BocceFest2020 Sponsors Jan Parsons 2020-10-29 07:00:00Z 0 BocceFest

End Polio Now

Posted on Oct 28, 2020
Three More Rotarians Walk to End Polio Now - Charlotte Jones and Beverly & Herb Liberman

End Polio Now Jan Parsons 2020-10-28 07:00:00Z 0 Polio
Blood Drive Jan Parsons 2020-10-27 07:00:00Z 0 DMSB Blood Drive
Blood Drive Jan Parsons 2020-10-27 07:00:00Z 0 DMSB Blood Drive

World Polio Day 2020

Posted on Oct 25, 2020
Rotarians Walk to End Polio Now on World Polio Day 2020
Foundation Chair & walk leader Paul Butler (after recent knee surgery) with family members: wife Mary, grand daughters Zulima (5) & Sonora (2), daughter & fellow Rotarian Katie Butler Litsey, along with Charles Foster.
Bill & Suzanne Sutton, Jan Parsons, Paul Butler, Patricia Case, Susan & Mark Hennenfent, Kevin Cahill &  Sibylle Steiner. 

World Polio Day 2020 Jan Parsons 2020-10-25 07:00:00Z 0 Polio

Rotary & Club News

Posted on Oct 22, 2020
  • President Herb's participation in the Alzheimer's Walk that he, Beverly, their daughter, son-in-law, Andy, Lew, & Paul did, raised over $450,000. Well done.  He also shared that he thinks we need an astrologer to help guide the club. So far, his Small Acts of Kindness campaign has resulted in Rotarians sharing over 30 stories.
  • We learned from Malcolm that Patricia is soooo over 2020:
  • And that Andy, Venky, Radia, Charles, and Phil share in that feeling, as evidenced by singing and dancing to I Will Survive, while wishing everyone:
  • Herb & Beverly showed off their End Polio Now shirts, and Charlotte modeled her End Polio Now mask - all getting ready for the walk on 10/24, World Polio Day
  • Our speaker today was Kim McNeil with Oltre Fit ( who explained how they look at a layered approach to fitness, using  progressive strength, flexibility, mindfulness, & nutrition strategies to "Build Bodies that Last".

Rotary & Club News Jan Parsons 2020-10-22 07:00:00Z 0
End Polio Now Jan Parsons 2020-10-22 07:00:00Z 0 Polio

Rotary & Club News

Posted on Oct 16, 2020
  • Patricia is selling BocceFest Celebration of Giving hats & visors for $20 that Bill was kind enough to purchase for the club
  • Malcolm continues to amuse us with his videos: Lew highlighted with the song Bleeding Love in honor of his chairing the October 31 Blood Drive
  • Wishing Susan an early Happy Birthday for her October 24 celebration. Looking Good!!
  • Paul encouraged everyone to sign up for the End Polio Now Walk being promoted by the Pacific Beach Rotaract Club on Saturday, October 24 and anytime during the following week. Register at, order shirts, shoes, or masks, and join us at 8:45am on the 24th at Powerhouse Park in Del Mar. Currently signed up: President Herb, First Lady Beverly, Sir Charles, Venky Octogenarian, Charlotte & Kids, Patricia the Party Girl, Jan Webmaster, and Paul with Bionic Knee.
  • Barbara Khozam was our speaker talking about Zapping Negativity & Igniting Yourself and Your Life.
  • Joke of the Day from Charlotte: What does a blueberry and chicken have in common? Both are blue, except the chicken.

Rotary & Club News Jan Parsons 2020-10-16 07:00:00Z 0
Blood Drive Jan Parsons 2020-10-15 07:00:00Z 0 DMSB Blood Drive
Our District Governor Speaks Jan Parsons 2020-10-11 07:00:00Z 0 BocceFest,Steve Weitzen

Rotary & Club News

Posted on Oct 09, 2020
  • Suzanne began the meeting with the following words of wisdom:

  • On a lighter note, we learned from Malcolm that Paul originally hurt his knee weightlifting at the XXIX Mount Olympus Games :
  • With his daughter's help, Ken rode 104 waves for the 100-Wave Boys to Men Surfing Challenge 
  • DG Steve has inducted 15 new Rotarians this year & shared the District has approved 86 grants
  • World Polio Day is October 24 in honor of Jonas Salk's Birthday. Watch for more info about a Polio Day Walk
  • La Portaleza virtual Theatre Night is Friday, 11/13 at 6:00; 7:00 zoom Happy Hour & Discussion
  • Blood Drive is Saturday, 10/31, 11:30-5:00. Lew will be sending out a sign-up
Rotary & Club News Jan Parsons 2020-10-09 07:00:00Z 0 DMSB Blood Drive,theatre night

Coastal Roots Farm

Posted on Oct 09, 2020
Today we learned about this 17 acre farm in Encinitas that practices regenerative agriculture, teaches the importance of land stewardship, and shares their bounty with those in need. They use farming and food as a way to teach about Jewish tradition and to make the world a more just and sustainable place.  

Coastal Roots Farm 2020-10-09 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary & Club News

Posted on Oct 02, 2020
Malcolm shared a video of Herb encouraging everyone to vote!!
He also showed how Ken didn't hurt his head practicing for an upcoming Boys to Men 100-Wave Challenge, but was shooting a movie with DG Steve & Molly.
On a more serious note, Venky shared the President's Citation certificate we received as one of 26 clubs (out of 60+) in recognition of our accomplishments last year.

Rotary & Club News 2020-10-02 07:00:00Z 0

Center for Employment Opportunities

Posted on Oct 02, 2020
We learned from Robert Smith, Director for CEO, how they help people previously incarcerated avoid recidivism and find meaningful work to become contributing members of society

Center for Employment Opportunities 2020-10-02 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary & Club News

Posted on Sep 25, 2020
  • *Meet JJ Measer, a  Carlsbad High Senior and our fabulous BocceFest 2020  videographer
  • Lee and Emily from Seoul, South Korea joined us on zoom today
  • BocceFest 2020 has raised over $41,000 to date, and todays meeting added another $987 from happy dollars
  • We will be holding a  Halloween Blood Drive on 10/31 and handing out water at a one day drive-by/walk-thru Stand Down on 11/22
Rotary & Club News Jan Parsons 2020-09-25 07:00:00Z 0 BocceFest

Rise Up Industries

Posted on Sep 25, 2020
Our speaker today was Joe Gilbreath, Founder & Executive Director of Rise Up Industries, a nonprofit that focuses on gang prevention , intervention, and post detention reentry. Their business model is based on Homeboy Industries which is illustrated in a wonderful book "Tattoos on the Heart", about and by Gregory Boyle and his mission that shows the power of boundless compassion.  

Rise Up Industries Jan Parsons 2020-09-25 07:00:00Z 0 Rise Up Industries
BocceFest 2020 Celebration Jan Parsons 2020-09-25 07:00:00Z 0

BocceFest Webinar

Posted by Jan Parsons on Sep 17, 2020
Wonderful BocceFest Celebration Highlights our Sponsors & Beneficiaries 
The Power behind our Celebration: Charles Foster, BocceFest 2020 Chair & Celebration Creator; Patricia Case, Director; Ken Barrett, Camerman; Phil Campanelli & Molly Fleming, Moderators.
Moderators Molly & Phil opened the evening by thanking our donors for their generosity and explaining the three areas of service their support will impact:   - Homelessness - Families in Need  - Youth at Risk.
President Herb also thanked our Sponsors for their support during this non-tournament & beer festival year due to Covid-19, and expressed his hope that we will continue play in 2021. (Rotarian Paul Butler; Sponsor, Dan Phelan, Pacific SW Realty & Rotarian Charles Foster; DMSB's 1st President Kevin Cahill; President Herb Liberman; Rotarian Malcolm Koll; Sponsors Costa & Mary Arabatzis from Ziziki's (at The Sky Deck, Del Mar); Jeff Brown, from Sponsor Gaspar Doctors of Physical Therapy).
Donations are still being accepted. Just click on the "Donate" button at the top of this page. All donations would be greatly appreciated.
The highlight of the evening was showcasing our wonderful Bocce Beneficiaries who we work with and support. Continue reading...
BocceFest Webinar Jan Parsons 2020-09-17 07:00:00Z 3 BocceFest

BocceFest Celebration Team

Posted on Sep 16, 2020
Huge Kudos & Thank You to  the BocceFest Celebration of Giving Team
L-R: Molly Fleming, Phil Campanelli; Charles Foster, Ken Barrett, Paul Butler, Patricia Case, Herb Liberman, George Sousa, Steve Todoruk

BocceFest Celebration Team Jan Parsons 2020-09-16 07:00:00Z 0 BocceFest
BocceFest 2020 Jan Parsons 2020-09-14 07:00:00Z 0 BocceFest
BocceFest Celebration 2020-09-14 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary & Club News

Posted on Sep 11, 2020
  • We began the meeting today, on the 19th Anniversary of the 9/11/01 terrorist attacks, with a prayer and solemn bell ringing
  • We learned that DG Steve is collecting emails for his Governor's library and working with Rotary District 4100 in Baja California to form future projects
  • BocceFest Celebration of Giving is at $37,850 in pledges and members are  challenged to reach 100% participation to bring us to the magical  number of $40,000. Donations can be made here on our website
  • Beverly requested members email her to sign up for the invocation
  • Welcome to returning guests Alex Jack, Andy Laub, and Eric Meehan. Meeting on zoom is an easy way to introduce Rotary to newcomers
  • Paul played a video about The Rotary Foundation highlighting how:

Rotary & Club News Jan Parsons 2020-09-11 07:00:00Z 0

Urban Street Angels

Posted on Sep 11, 2020
We had an angel with us today - Eric Lovett, Founder & Executive Director of Urban Street Angels, talked about how he started this non-profit 7 years ago to help tackle youth homelessness in San Diego.
Urban Street Angels Jan Parsons 2020-09-11 07:00:00Z 0 Urban Street Angels
BocceFest Celebration of Giving Jan Parsons 2020-09-10 07:00:00Z 0
OEF Recognition Jan Parsons 2020-09-09 07:00:00Z 0
BocceFest Celebration of Giving Jan Parsons 2020-09-07 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary & Club News

Posted on Sep 04, 2020
  • Africa is now polio free. That leaves only two countries with polio - Afghanistan & Pakistan
  • Our auction today led by Charles raised $1660! Well done
  • Only 11 members have signed up for the BocceFest Celebration of Giving. *Go to Upcoming Events & register
  • Dinorah & her mother Emma visited from El Salvador today & thanked us for helping poor families in their country. We helped with supplying food boxes for those in need and 25 families with 50 chickens and grain to raise for food and eggs to eat and sell
  • Our speaker today was Larry Ray Hardin who has spent 30 years in law enforcement including the DEA & INS

Rotary & Club News Jan Parsons 2020-09-04 07:00:00Z 0

BocceFest 2020 Sponsors

  Thank you to Our Generous BocceFest 2020 Sponsors
$42,752 pledged as of 9/26/20
Premier Sponsors
VIP Sponsors
       Foster & Friends     
    Sutton Family
     Venky & Friends 
   The Williamson Family
Major Sponsors
JP & A
The Kiffman Family 
Beverly & Herb Liberman
Law Offices of Steven Weitzen
Court Sponsors
Cyndy Cheek & Phil Campanelli
Community Resource Center
FSI Wealth Management
Gaspar Doctors of Physical Therapy
The Ghoniem Family
Hennenfent Family
Kirk & Glenda Collins
Lifetime Financial Advisors, Inc
Molly Fleming Realty
Narayanan Family
Sold! The Butler Did It!
$olutions 4 $eniors, Inc
Vicky Mallett Insurance Agency
Ziziki's at Sky Deck
This list will be updated as new sponsors are added
*last update, 9/26/2020


BocceFest 2020 Sponsors Jan Parsons 2020-08-30 07:00:00Z 0 BocceFest

Beach Cities Solar Consulting

Posted on Aug 28, 2020
James Kennedy, San Juan Rotary Club member and President & CEO of Beach Cities Solar Consulting, LLC was our speaker today. His firm is an education-based consulting firm that works with homeowners, business owners, and corporations to provide them with turnkey  solutions to go solar, save money, and become energy independent. 

Beach Cities Solar Consulting Jan Parsons 2020-08-28 07:00:00Z 0 Solar Power

Paul Harris Fellow Recognition

Posted on Aug 28, 2020
Art Mendoza Receives Paul Harris Fellow Recognition, PH+5
Paul Butler hands out next level Paul Harris pins to Jon & Art at Viewpoint Brewery  social gathering in Del Mar.

Paul Harris Fellow Recognition Jan Parsons 2020-08-28 07:00:00Z 0 Paul Harris awards

Rotary & Club News

Posted on Aug 28, 2020
  • Bocce 2020 is cancelled but not the celebration. *Click on the BocceFest Celebration of Giving in the Upcoming Events box on the left to register for this virtual, dynamic, fun evening on Sept. 15 to highlight our donors & beneficiaries
  • Patricia gave a touching invocation this morning in honor of Martin Luther King Jr's March on Washington 57 years ago highlighting compassion and generosity
  • DG Steve reported he is inducting a lot of new members to clubs and is focusing on diversity, equality, and inclusion
  • President Herb will be polling members to see their thoughts about meeting again in person
  • Paul reported Vicky is the first member to contribute to the Foundation for this fiscal year
Rotary & Club News Jan Parsons 2020-08-28 07:00:00Z 0
Mami Takahara Jan Parsons 2020-08-20 07:00:00Z 0 Honorary Member,Rotary Scholar

Web-site contest

Posted on Aug 18, 2020
For club members only: look for five asterisks (*), this one does not count, in stories since Herb's presidency began. Keep visiting our home page and reading stories to find the asterisks.  There are only two stories with asterisks so far. Once you see five, email to win a bottle of Wiens Amour de L'Orange Sparkling Wine. The fifth email Jan receives will win the wine. (One of her favorites; not available in stores)

Web-site contest Jan Parsons 2020-08-18 07:00:00Z 0

 New Blue Badgers

Posted by Jan Parsons on Aug 18, 2020
Three Rotarians complete their blue badge requirements - Congratulations Lew Williamson, Sarah Taylor, and Nasr Ghoniem.
  • Lew is a retired Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon
  • Sarah is a Property Manager for Smart Self Storage
  • Nasr is a UCLA Professor in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

New Blue Badgers Jan Parsons 2020-08-18 07:00:00Z 0

Peace Corps

Posted on Aug 18, 2020

Sue Sherry spoke from the heart about her experience with the Peace Corps in Honduras

Some of the takeaways from Sue's touching talk:
  • "This is the toughest job you will ever love"
  • "I learned more than I taught"
  • "After this amazing experience the greatest thing about coming out of the Peace Corps was Gratitude"
  • "...the poorer the country the more humble and giving"
The Peace Corps is a service opportunity for motivated changemakers to immerse themselves in a community abroad, working side by side with local leaders to tackle the most pressing challenges of our  generation.

Peace Corps Jan Parsons 2020-08-18 07:00:00Z 0 2020 speakers,peace corps

Impromptu Social

Posted by Jan Parsons on Aug 15, 2020
Impromptu social at the Hilton with masks & social distancing, celebrating Paul's birthday and handing out Paul Harris pins.

Impromptu Social Jan Parsons 2020-08-15 07:00:00Z 0 DMSB Social

Rotary & Club News

Posted on Aug 14, 2020
  • Charles reported that sponsors have committed over $30,000 to this year's  non-BocceFest, to be celebrated Tuesday evening, September 15
  • Videos & testimonials from sponsors & beneficiaries should be submitted to Patricia by August 28
  • Thank you to our two Premier Sponsors so far, Merrill Lynch & Steve Todoruk
  • We now accept credit card donations on our website. *See Donate button in the blue menu above

Rotary & Club News Jan Parsons 2020-08-14 07:00:00Z 0

The Well Path

Posted on Aug 14, 2020
Marjorie Saylor from The Well Path was our speaker today and touched our hearts. She gave a moving testimonial of how, seven years ago, her 11 month-old daughter gave her the inspiration to seek help in breaking out of the abusive and trafficked life she had been living since age 15. What The Well Path does to help women is highlighted below.
We are currently putting together a District Grant to help The Well Path to meet women's emergency needs, and encourage members to help with in-person mentoring and coaching when the pandemic allows. 

The Well Path Jan Parsons 2020-08-14 07:00:00Z 0 human trafficking


Posted on Aug 10, 2020

It's Official - Venky is the newest member of the Past Presidents Club

To see other Past Presidents, Click on Information in the Blue Tool - Bar Menu, then About our Club, then Club Past Presidents

Venky Jan Parsons 2020-08-10 07:00:00Z 0 Past President,Venky Venkatesh

Rotary & Club News

Posted on Aug 09, 2020
  • $1.8 Billion has been donated to end polio over 30 years. The world is polio free except for Afghanistan, Nigeria, & Pakistan
  • Welcome to our zoom meeting, guests Savanna Tafish, Andy Laub and Eric Meehan. Keep joining us!
  • Jennifer Jones of Windsor-Roseland, Canada is the 1st female to be nominated for Rotary International President for 2022-2023
  • The District Membership Seminar will be held on zoom on Saturday, August 15 from 9:00-10:30
  • BocceFest Celebration of Giving - name submitted & won by President Herb for our event on September 15 via zoom from 5:30-6:30

Rotary & Club News Jan Parsons 2020-08-09 07:00:00Z 0
Helping Families in El Salvador Jan Parsons 2020-08-09 07:00:00Z 0

Girl Scouts

Posted on Aug 07, 2020
Liz Sheahan, Girl Scouts San Diego's  marketing and communications executive, was our speaker today. There are 23,000 Girl Scouts and 11,300 volunteers in San Diego County. 
Girl Scouts have proved to be a mighty force in the world today. The Girl Scout law focuses on what Rotary is all about: "I will do my best ot be honest and fair, friendly and helpful, considerate and caring, courageous and strong, and responsible for what I say and do, and to respect myself and others, respect authority, use resources wisely, make the world a better place, and be a sister to every Girl Scout." 
They focus on four pillars:
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Operation Thin Mints
  • STEM
  • Life Skills
Paul shared that his daughter Katie was a gold level Girl Scout and Charles & Alicia have been active supporters of the Girl Scouts and their programs.

Girl Scouts Jan Parsons 2020-08-07 07:00:00Z 0

More Paul Harris Fellow Awards

Posted by Jan Parsons on Jul 31, 2020

Four More Rotarians Receive the next level Paul Harris Award 

Radia Hunter received her Paul Harris +1, Charlotte Jones also received her PH+1, Jon Fish received his PH+3, and Steve Weitzen received his PH+4. A Paul Harris Fellow is recognized for the substantial financial commitment they make to the Rotary Foundation. A gold pin is given for those who contribute $1000, and then a blue sapphire is added for each additional $1000. Thank you all for your generous contributions.

More Paul Harris Fellow Awards Jan Parsons 2020-07-31 07:00:00Z 0 Paul Harris Fellow

Conscious Capitalism

Posted on Jul 31, 2020
"Conscious Capitalism - Investing With Your Values To Improve Environmental, Social, and Financial Returns"
This was the talk Scott Smith gave today as explained by the slide below.
And these are other things we can do

Conscious Capitalism Jan Parsons 2020-07-31 07:00:00Z 0

Alzheimer's San Diego

Posted on Jul 27, 2020
Michelle Van Hoff, Director of Development at Alzheimer's San Diego, gave a touching talk on July 21 at our evening meeting on  this terrible disease that is the 3rd leading cause of death in San Diego County. It touched members' hearts as many Rotarians have experienced dementia and alzheimers in loved ones. The charts here show how Alzheimer's San Diego is helping those in need during this pandemic and how we can help. President Herb is calling for all Rotarians to join his ARMY for ALZ & sign up to walk in October. *Sign up today.


Alzheimer's San Diego Jan Parsons 2020-07-27 07:00:00Z 0 Alzheimers

Paul Harris Fellow

Posted by Jan Parsons on Jul 24, 2020
Three Rotarians Receive Next Level Paul Harris Fellow Pins
President Herb Liberman and Foundation Chair Paul Butler presented three members with the next level Paul Harris Fellow pins (all done virtually). Ken Barrett received his Paul Harris + 1 which is a pin with 1 sapphire, Paul Butler received his Paul Harris + 3 pin with 3 sapphires, and Jan Parsons received her Paul Harris + 7  pin with 2 rubies. The Paul Harris Fellow program was established to recognize individuals who contribute $1000 + to the Rotary Foundation . Well done!

Paul Harris Fellow Jan Parsons 2020-07-24 07:00:00Z 0 Paul Harris awards
OUR VERY OWN!! Jan Parsons 2020-07-20 07:00:00Z 0 District Governor,Steve Weitzen
Passing the Banner 2020-07-20 07:00:00Z 0

Finding the "I" in Team

Jimmy Karam, retired Naval Officer and current Mental Performance Consultant, works with youth to help them on their life-long path of discovering who they are and how they fit in

Finding the "I" in Team 2020-07-19 07:00:00Z 0
Incoming President Herb Liberman holds first virtual meeting Susheela Narayanan 2020-07-16 07:00:00Z 0
DMSB Demotion Party 2020 Susheela Narayanan 2020-07-14 07:00:00Z 0


This is how we're now meeting - via zoom! 

See info at left and join us for great comradery & speakers
zoom 2020-07-13 07:00:00Z 0
Celebration of Service 2019-2020 Susheela Narayanan 2020-07-08 07:00:00Z 0

DMSB Rotary Grants $25,000 for Coronavirus Needs

Posted by Susheela Narayanan & Bill Sutton
The following was published in the Del Mar Times, Solana Beach Sun, & Carmel Valley News on April 17, 2020
Participants at BocceFest 2019.  Bocce events each year helped to build a reserve for unexpected emergencies.
Del Mar–Solana Beach Rotary Grants $25,000 to Five Nonprofits
Serving San Diegans Most In Need Due to the Coronavirus
Del Mar-Solana Beach Rotary recently donated $25,000, split equally, to five nonprofits at the forefront of serving the needs of those most hurt by the coronavirus outbreak in San Diego County.  An additional $1,250 is being sought for the same five nonprofits via matching grants from our local Rotary District’s reserves.
DMSB Rotary Grants $25,000 for Coronavirus Needs Susheela Narayanan & Bill Sutton 2020-04-18 07:00:00Z 0 Coronavirus,Rotary

Girls on the Run

Posted by Susheela
Why should girls participate in running? Read more to find out....
Girls on the Run Susheela 2020-04-09 07:00:00Z 0
From the Gate of the Jail to the Door of the Church Susheela Narayanan 2020-02-20 08:00:00Z 0
Dianne Crawford talks membership Susheela Narayanan 2020-01-31 08:00:00Z 0
test test Susheela Narayanan 2020-01-31 08:00:00Z 0

San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station

Posted by Susheela Narayanan
DMSB Rotary began the new year with an informative talk by Mr. Torgen Johnson about the future of the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station. 
Johnson holds two Masters’ degrees in Urban Planning in addition to a professional degree in Architecture.  Since 2013 he has organized eight public forums titled “Fukushima – Ongoing Lessons” in San Diego, New York, Boston and Japan featuring the former prime minister of Japan – Naoto Kan – and other regulatory leaders and industry experts. 
San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station Susheela Narayanan 2020-01-10 08:00:00Z 0 Nuclear,Nuclear Regulatory Commission,Radiation,Reactors,San Onofre

"Pure Water San Diego Program" by Tiffany Ngo

Today we saw that the Hilton was decorated everywhere for Christmas holidays. Our usual meeting room was all decked up since Phil mentioned that that room is used for screening movies and for hotel guests to come and relax.
Herb appointed Bill as the "Aid de Camp" to help him with things that he forgets as part of the President's duties. He was acting President since Venky is on vacation. He announced that the club will be DARK on Dec 27, 2019 and that our next meeting will be Jan 3, 2020.
Herb also announced our new member Sarah Taylor and Charles presented her with the new member badge and advice about membership advantages.
Today Patricia had the last day of toys collection drive and this week the punishment was for Art Mendoza.  He had to sing a Christmas tune :-).
Today's 1-minute talk was by Sanjiv and he presented some points on the history of Rotary.
> Over 33,000 Rotary clubs in 200+ countries
> Two official mottoes of Rotary
  1. Service Above Self
  2. One Profits Most Who Serves Best
> Dedicated to six areas of focus
  1. Promoting peace
  2. Fighting disease
  3. Providing clean water & hygiene
  4. Saving mothers & children
  5. Supporting education
  6. Growing local economies
> Saw couple of interesting news items on the Rotary site — 
> In May 2014, Guinness World Record recognized Rotary for the “The World’s Biggest Commercial” photo awareness award since Rotary had enlisted 177 celebrity participants for the global effort to eradicate polio.
> A couple from India (Mr. Ravishankar Dakoju, and his wife, Paola), recently donated US$14.7 million to the Rotary Foundation.
## "Pure Water San Diego Program" by Tiffany Ngo
Our speaker today was Tiffany Ngo, who is a consultant and community outreach specialist for the City of San Diego Public Utilities Department. In her current role, she works on the education and outreach program for Pure Water San Diego, the City’s phased, multi-year program to provide San Diego with a safe, reliable and sustainable water supply.

She has been part of the consultant team for the City of San Diego’s Pure Water Program since 2016, where she provides strategic counsel and implements community outreach tactics to engage diverse stakeholders and maintain public support as Phase 1 of the program nears construction.

Tiffany is a graduate of UC Santa Barbara, where she majored in environmental studies with a minor in spatial science.

She talked about how earthquakes can cut off water supply and hence the need for programs to store pure water.. Imported water used to cost $400 /acre foot and that now costs $1,300!

There are 5 ways to deal with water shortage -

  1. Conservation
  2. Desalination
  3. Ground water development
  4. Recycled water development
  5. Pure water development
As an example, she said that the Torrey Pines Golf course uses re-cycled water to maintain part of the lawns. She said that a DEMO facility with a small 1 million gallon capacity has been built and has gone through some 50,000 lab tests to verify water purity. The water comes out as "too" pure and so they have to add back some impurities to make it safe to drink for humans. There are 5 steps to purification and it takes about 2 days. The phase-1 plan is to build the Morena Pump Station, which will be a trench-less construction.
At the end, DMSB Club President-elect Herb Liberman presented the speaker with the Joshua certificate that represents our club DMSB donating school supplies to schools in Malawi in the name of the speaker.
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DMSB Holiday Party

Posted by Susheela Narayanan
Del Mar - Solana Beach Rotary celebrated the  holiday season with friendship and camaraderie over a holiday dinner party at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Old Town on December 8th.  Drinks and jokes flowed as festively dressed  members partook of a tasty feast served in the outside patio festooned with twinkling holiday lights.
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"FBI in U.S. Embassies" by Allen Vitkosky

Herb announced that he is the President-Elect and that Vicky will be next president after Herb and Kevin Cahill will be his fine master.
Paul announced that our DMSB club received the 100% participation EREY (Every Rotarian Every Year) award.
Bill Sutton displayed the CRC certificate of appreciation for helping with the holiday baskets and distributions. DMSB members sorted about 7.5 tons of bananas by removing them out of plastic bags so it can breathe properly and prevent them for rotting.
Patricia had some fun penalizing members that did not turn in any toys for the Military Toy Drive. This time it was Kevin Cahill's turn for a punishment. Please watch this brief fun video of Kevin trying to balance himself on one foot for 30 seconds :-).
Charles Foster presented his 1-minute talk about Rotary history. He mentioned that Rotary International's headquarters is in Evanston, Illinois and it has 6 international offices located in India, Europe/Africa, Brazil, Australia, Tokyo and Korea.
## "FBI in U.S. Embassies" by Allen Vitkosky
Today's speaker Allen Vitkosky has some very interesting facts and stories about the FBI operations at U.S. Embassies across the world. He has been with FBI for over 30 years and the past 3 years he has been in the Legal Attache (Legat) department in the international arena. He was posted in Riga, Latvia for the past 3 years, which is located across the Baltic Sea from Sweden.
There are 90 Legat locations overall and 27 sub-offices. Each location is manned by just 4 people. There are 353 FBI employees overseas out of a total of 35,000 employees and 13,000 are agents.
Bogata, Columbia was the location for the first FBI agent in 1940. EuroPol is where agencies of different countries exchange intelligence information and InterPol is just a reporting agency for information for and from all countries. He also talked about the major case of "Scan4You" that helped malware developers attack American businesses using malware.
At the end, DMSB Club President Venky Venkatesh presented the speaker with the Joshua certificate that represents our club DMSB donating school supplies to schools in Malawi in the name of the speaker.
"FBI in U.S. Embassies" by Allen Vitkosky Sanjiv Prabhakaran 2019-12-06 08:00:00Z 0 Cahill,FBI,Latvia,Malware,Rotary International Offices,Scan4You

"San Diego Blood Bank" by David Wellis

We had many members today to listen to David Wellis from the San Diego Blood Bank and to celebrate George Sousa's 89th birthday!
Paul kicked off the meeting by showing a video on Polio's progress and how it has impacted lives.
Polio Video: Click here
Then everyone had a fun time celebrating George' birthday with a cake that Bill & Suzanne decorated and brought in.
Patricia had some fun with punishments for people who did not bring gifts for the Toy drive :-).
Following that we had the 1-minute Rotary talk by Jon Fish.
Following George's party, Venky showed a video that the past Indian Ambassador to the United States had created to honor South Asian musicians from various countries. This can be viewed below.
South Asian Music Video: Click here 
## "San Diego Blood Bank" by David Wellis
David is a cell biologist with over 25 years of experience in the life science industry and currently serves as the CEO of the San Diego Blood Bank.  David joined SDBB following his tenure at a variety of companies that developed antibody therapeutics and tools for biomedical research, diagnostic and applied markets, including Illumina and GenVault. David received his B.S. from UC Irvine, an M.S. and Ph.D. from Emory University, postdoctoral training at Tufts University and UC Berkeley, and business training at Leavey Business School of Santa Clara University and Haas Business School at UC Berkeley.  David serves on the Executive Committees of the Altman Clinical and Translational Research Institute at UC San Diego, and the All of Us Research Program at the National Institutes of Health. He also holds board and committee roles in several national blood bank organizations and local biotechnology companies.
He said that the blood bank is a local San Diego organization but it has regional and national reach. The relationships with Jonas Salk helps with lots of research work on blood. He said that a person loses about 600 calories when you donate blood. All the blood collected comes to the central office every day where it is processed until 2:30 pm and then gets distributed. They deliver blood to over 75 locations each week.
They are part of a National Donor Club called "Be The Match". This program saved a child's life 15 years ago. Last match was sent to Texas Children Hospital recently. They also participate & promote many community events with Padres, Comic Con and Chargers Drive where they setup blood mobiles to collect blood. They collect over 3,500 pints over a 3-day event. Turns out that Los Angeles & Orange County do not have blood banks and San Diego supplies to them.
They also started a Mother's Milk Bank where moms bring breast milk in coolers. They collected milk in 1 day that San Jose did in a year!
The average cost of collecting a pint of blood is $50, which includes the cost of needles, supplies, testing, etc. They currently have 7 blood mobiles, each costing $750,000. They need 3 more.
At the end, DMSB Club President Venky Venkatesh presented the speaker with the Joshua certificate that represents our club DMSB donating school supplies to schools in Malawi in the name of the speaker.
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"Villa de Vida" by Ms. Hunter Christian

Posted by Susheela Narayanan on Nov 15, 2019
On Friday November 15, 2019, DMSB Rotary hosted Ms. Hunter Christian, the executive director of Villa de Vida, a non-profit organization committed to empowering developmentally disabled adults to live life fully, by providing them affordable housing and support services that would allow them to live independently.
Mercy Housing, CA (MHC) is a California based, non-profit housing development corporation with the mission of creating stable, vibrant and healthy communities since 1981. It currently serves over 17, 300 residents in 142 affordable communities throughout the state. It is committed to the philosophy that all residents deserve respect, dignity and a place to call home. MHC and Villa de Vida, Inc. are partnering to develop Via de Vida Poway, a two-story 54-unit affordable housing development serving adults with developmental disabilities who are capable of independent living. The development will be located on Poway Housing Authority property at the corner of Oak Knoll Road and Poway Road in Poway, CA.
Supportive services will be self-directed by each resident.
The on-site Resident services Coordinator will help residents access funding and supportive services that they require to successfully live independently.
Most residents will receive Supported Living Services (SLS) as well as other publicly funded services like MediCal, mental health services and In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS).
Villa de Vida is projected to be 100% completed by Fall 2020 with 100% occupancy by Fall 2021.
To learn more please visit and
At the end, DMSB Club President Venky Venkatesh presented the speaker with the Joshua certificate that represents our club DMSB donating school supplies to schools in Malawi in the name of the speaker.
"Villa de Vida" by Ms. Hunter Christian Susheela Narayanan 2019-11-15 08:00:00Z 0 Hunter Christian,Mercy Housing CA,Villa de Vida

"Refuge for Women" by Dan DeSaegher

Posted by Susheela Narayanan on Nov 08, 2019
We had a smaller audience since many members were traveling but the speaker and George Sousa made the event very interesting and fun.
Herb started off with his talk on Rotary History and events. Then we had Suchandra describe what the global grant will provide for her organization in India.
Then we had George present a wonderful video on veterans to celebrate the upcoming Veteran's Day weekend.
## "Refuge for Women" by Dan DeSaegher
DMSB Rotary hosted Dan DeSaegher, Developmental Director for Refuge for Women, who spoke about the sensitive topic of sex trafficking in San Diego.  Today Refuge successfully operates homes in five states, and the sixth home is being planned for right here in Southern California.
Trafficking is modern day slavery, conducted by force, fraud and coercion. California is #1 on the FBI list for trafficking of American girls and boys, with San Diego being on the top ten of all U S cities engaging in a trade that generates $810 million in annual revenue. 80% of victims are US born and 85% of traffickers in California are related to San Diego gangs. The most common age of trafficked youth is 14 – 16 years. There are 3400 – 5200 victims every year. Traffickers prey on vulnerable youth that are mostly abandoned or ignored by society so they become easy victims.
Dan’s program called “Refuge for Women” provides safe houses for the recovery and rehabilitation of these trafficked victims. Right now, there are about 178 safe houses in America, providing about 600 beds for a population of about one million victims. The surprising statistic is that about 70% of rescued women do not return to the sex trade! So, the need for safe houses is great.

In Phase II of rehabilitation, called Healing, the rescued women are taught life skills training, goal setting, educational opportunities, financial intelligence and job placement. In Phase III they are offered Guided Independence – they get transitional housing and given more counseling in order to re-integrate with society and a more normal life.
He concluded by saying that his goal was to raise funds and resources to expand access to safe houses all over the country but also specifically in San Diego.
At the end, DMSB Club President Venky Venkatesh presented the speaker with the Joshua certificate that represents our club DMSB donating school supplies to schools in Malawi in the name of the speaker.
Finally, George had one more surprise for all -- his special Teddy Bear singing the song "Proud To Be An American" :-).
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"Urban Corps’ Dual Focus Program" by Meghan Reed

Posted by Sanjiv Prabhakaran on Nov 01, 2019
Herb was the "Acting" President today (despite being very sick) since President Venky was not present.
Today we had Paul Butler deliver his 1-minute talk about why he joined Rotary. He was inspired when his daughter won a $10,000 Rotary scholarship and later became President at her Rotary club. He said it took an army to convince him to become President of the club and also really enjoyed his visit to the International Convention in Birmingham, England. He said that Rotary has done a lot for his family.
We also had the opportunity to listen to a wonderful testimony from Kirk Collins about his Rotary involvement and the project he worked on in Malawi. It involved donating 46 wheel chairs from our club and sending school supplies to a school in Malawi. Our club still sends $2,000 every year for school supplies. Charles Foster visited him in the Bay area and recorded his testimony.
## "Urban Corps’ Dual Focus Program" by Meghan Reed
Meghan, an Arkansas native, moved to San Diego earlier this year. Her background lies in nonprofit work and literary writing. She is the Development Coordinator at Urban Corps, writing foundational and corporation grants. In addition, she also takes care of the organizations’ marketing needs. She started her talk with a video about Urban Corps' program and some stories about some of the graduates from their program. That was very touching to see the hard work the participants go through. Urban Corps was started 30 years ago on July 20, 1989.
Their program trains disadvantaged children to get an education and work and stay positive and out of trouble. Many work at various Urban Corp programs. Incarcerated people get a second chance through job training. Urban Corps helps them with securing necessary certificates, driver license, etc. They run a Charter School so the students can get a proper high school degree.
Some of the jobs that they do involve painting public walls to get rid of graffiti. Their statistics shows that the students have painted walls with cumulative area that equals about 2000 Qualcomm stadiums!
They have about 220 students (ages 18-26 years) active in schools at a time and over 400 graduate annually. They have multiple campuses in San Diego. Their signature program is called Corps-To-Career that runs an internship program whereby they recruit employers who are willing to employ Corps graduates as an intern with the goal of becoming an employee after the intern period is over. Their Charter School currently has over 200 Corps members in the program.
At the end, DMSB Club Acting President Herb Liberman presented the speaker with the Joshua certificate that represents our club DMSB donating school supplies to schools in Malawi in the name of the speaker.
"Urban Corps’ Dual Focus Program" by Meghan Reed Sanjiv Prabhakaran 2019-11-01 07:00:00Z 0 Charter School,Corps-To-Career,Meghan Reed,Urban Corps

DMSB Oktoberfest Party

Posted by Sanjiv Prabhakaran on Oct 29, 2019
The Oktoberfest Social party at the Viewpoint Brewing Restaurant was wonderful. We had over 30 people attend along with 5-7 guests. Our youngest Rotarian Riley was also there to enjoy the beer :-). Kudos to Patricia for planning this so nicely. She even made up the ramp in her wheelchair :-). Here are few pictures from the event ... 
DMSB Oktoberfest Party Sanjiv Prabhakaran 2019-10-29 07:00:00Z 0 Oktoberfest,Riley,Viewpoint Brewing

"Embracing Diversity and Inclusion" by Taryell Simmons

Posted by Sanjiv Prabhakaran on Oct 25, 2019
Since many were on travel the audience was a bit light. We had Kevin Cahill give his 1-Minute Rotary talk and fielded some questions. Apparently someone picked him to be President during his first year and he just dived in. He encouraged members to be involved with District events where you meet wonderful people. One of the questions was, "how was DMSB club created?". Kevin said it was primarily because the Del Mar club was reaching 100 people and they wanted to keep it small. Hence many members that wanted a breakfast club joined together to form DMSB.
## "Embracing Diversity and Inclusion" by Taryell Simmons
Taryell Simmons is a Foodie,  Entrepreneur,  community activist, workforce consultant, and HR trainer recognized as one of the most prominent voices for diversity and inclusion in the workforce. He is the Co-Founder of EvoGrant, Workforce Development Specialist at SAGE business & Education and a Founding Member of the San Diego Tech Hub. For the past five years, Taryell has helped create and develop workforce programs like "CONNECT2Careers" to help young people in underserved communities get living wage jobs. 

Taryell believes that successful careers come from being connected to one's strengths, abilities, skills, and passion. This is why he has dedicated his career to exposing people to opportunities that will help them figure out paths to combine their talents with a career they love. Taryell is a RISE Urban Leadership Institute graduate.
He talked about how older generation people deride the younger generation kids by saying "Back in the days ..." and that just irritates the younger kids always :-). When he worked in HR on the east coast the popular phrase was "snitches get stitches". However, on the west coast it is the opposite - "see something, say something".
He clarified that diversity and inclusion is not just the color of people but there are many other aspects, such as, culture. religion, etc. The new generation likes people to earn their respect and not force any values upon them.
Taryell along with 2 other co-founders created "Culture Cocina" where the mission is to create space for breaking bread while learning about the history of the community through art and food. They conduct tours of different areas of San Diego and mingle with different cultures.
Finally he mentioned a story about his childhood. He was smart but labeled as "ADD" (Attention Deficit Disorder) and so his teachers kept him away from many activities. However, there was an older white Jewish person that saw some potential in Taryell and helped him to go through college and he got his Masters degree. So, he keeps advising young kids and adults to never give up.
At the end, DMSB Club President Venky Venkatesh presented the speaker with the Joshua certificate that represents our club DMSB donating school supplies to schools in Malawi in the name of the speaker.
"Embracing Diversity and Inclusion" by Taryell Simmons Sanjiv Prabhakaran 2019-10-25 07:00:00Z 0 Culture Cocina,Diversity,EvoGrant,Inclusion,Taryell Simmons

"Mental Illness and Suicide" by Dave Jones

Posted by Charles Foster on Oct 18, 2019
"Mental Illness and Suicide" by Dave Jones
On Oct. 18, Dave Jones spoke to DMSB Rotary about mental illness and suicide.  He got our attention by telling us that his father killed his mother and subsequently committed suicide, and that his grandfather also committed suicide.
Dave has no formal training but, with a family history of mental illness, was triggered into action by the news about a young man in north county killing his grandmother with a hammer and his investigation into this event.  Dave has now spoken to about 16 Rotary and Kiwanis clubs and will soon speak to an Optimist club and to any other organizations that would like him to speak.
Dave’s intent is to inform the public about mental illness and that it is treatable, and to help reframe the public’s understanding of it.  He mentioned troubling statistics, including that middle-aged white men have the highest suicide rate, and over 50% of prisoners have some degree of mental illness and often receive little or no treatment.  He added that middle-aged white women have highest rate of depression issues and suicide attempts.
He also spoke of a lack of understanding that mental illness is a disease of the brain, with the stigma it carries, that mental illness is something that those afflicted with it can overcome, if only they tried harder.  Recognizing that those with brain cancer or colon cancer don’t face a stigma, Dave used the description, Cancer of the Mind, as a way to differentiate between a disease and personal choice.
Later Dave described events such as his father killing his mother as being caused by mental -illness-caused confusion or even love, not by anger or selfishness.  With proper recognition of mental illness as a disease, openness to discussions of it in its many forms, and proper treatment, Dave believes that we can get to zero suicides.
At the end, DMSB Club President Venky Venkatesh presented the speaker with the Joshua certificate that represents our club DMSB donating school supplies to schools in Malawi in the name of the speaker.
"Mental Illness and Suicide" by Dave Jones Charles Foster 2019-10-18 07:00:00Z 0 dave jones,mental illness,prisoners,suicide,suicides

Dr. Shawn Carlson's LabRats Education Program

Posted by Sanjiv Prabhakaran on Oct 11, 2019
We had our honorary member Heinz Hoenecke give a quick update about his global programs. We also had few other guests. Paul gave an update about the Foundation and reminded everyone about the 46th Annual Foundation Seminar on November 9, 2019.
Jan Parsons gave her 1-minute talk about why she joined Rotary and how she appreciates the friendships built through Rotary. Following that Ken gave a quick update on the BocceFest final numbers and that the Thank You notes were sent out to all players.
## Dr. Shawn Carlson's LabRats Education Program:

Dr. Shawn Carlson is a physicist and an educator who works to make the scientific process less mystifying and more comprehensible to nonscientists. Carlson is the executive director of the Society for Amateur Scientists and an adjunct professor in physics at San Diego State University. He has authored and edited a number of CD-ROMs that explore core concepts in physics and problem-solving techniques.

Shawn Carlson received a B.S. (1981) from the University of California, Berkeley, and a Ph.D. (1989) from the University of California, Los Angeles.


In 1994, Carlson founded the Society for Amateur Scientists, which identifies opportunities for curious amateurs to investigate important, but as yet unsolved, scientific questions and to provide a forum for the organization of amateur research projects. As author of the “Amateur Scientist” column for the Scientific American, Carlson features innovative and inexpensive designs for equipment and experiments that amateurs can use to explore current research questions. Finally, he moved to San Diego and then in 2016 he started the Lab Rats program ( so kids can be part of a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) program.

He says that once kids get to the 8th grade their interest in science plummets. Hence it is crucial to get them excited about STEM and at an early stage. He therefore starts kids at LabRats from 5th grade all the way to 8th grade. He incorporates 3 spheres of engagements - Self, Custodial and Social engagement. Key aspects of the LabRats program are:

  • Create groups for girls and boys to engage in projects with their own peers
  • He believes in small classrooms with 1-on-1 engagement and not 1 teacher lecturing a class of 30 kids.
  • Character development is one of the KEY focus
  • The program is taught by science experts that have a Masters and PhD degrees
  • Their STEAM center is in Encinitas at the Boys & Girls Club
  • They now also have a Mobile STEAM bus so they can go to the schools and create programs on-site for the kids
He showed everyone a special tool (a unique rock millions of years old) used by people in the early days as a multi-purpose tool. The artifact we brought was a 500,000 year old Acheulian biface created by the Neanderthal people in Southern France. He said there are only 103 such stones in the world and he has 3 of them that he received from France.
His colleague Ryan Merrill, Director of Education, who teaches at LabRats demonstrated a device that creates a certain static electric field through a human's body and one can see the hair stand up. Our club's Vice President Vicky Mallet volunteered to be the subject.
Dr. Carlson indicated that they are planning a big campus to grow the program. Currently they have about 600+ students go through their programs and it costs on average about $10 per student.
At the end, DMSB Club President Venky Venkatesh presented the speaker with the Joshua certificate that represents our club DMSB donating school supplies to schools in Malawi in the name of the speaker.
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BocceFest Pics and updates

Posted by Sanjiv Prabhakaran on Oct 04, 2019
BocceFest San Diego event turned out to be a grand success with the help pf all the members. The unofficial count is that we had over 300 people show up at the event.
As always we had the Del Mar and Solana Beach Mayors kick-off the event. Below are some random pics from the event. Enjoy!
In the end we had a very exciting Finals round that lasted a long time. And the day ended with a whole bunch or hot-air balloons taking off from the field nearby :-). A beautiful sight!
## BocceFest Meeting Updates:
The Bocce management team provided some initial updates (not final yet) on the results of the fund-raising as follows:
Unofficial count says that over 300 people attended the event.
Sponsorships collected was about $57,000 (last year was $52,000). This was primarily due to the 3rd Premier Sponsor this year.
Donations = $500
Auction = $8,300
Raffe = $2,000
Beer sales = $4,000 (Nickels + Sales)
Independent Teams = $1,600
Registered Teams = 124, which means at least 248 people on the field playing Bocce Ball!
Bill gave his 1-minute talk on why he joined Rotary.
Finally we had a grand presentation by Charlotte - THE GOLDEN BOCCIES :-). She came up with some creative awards for each member that provided some unique experiences at the event. Herb announced that the biggest GOLDEN BOCCE award goes to Charlotte for her tireless efforts in marketing, organization and Auction setup :-).
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"From Undercover Cop To Chief of Police" by Shelley Zimmerman

Posted by Sanjiv Prabhakaran on Sep 13, 2019
We had a strong audience today with many guests, who came to hear San Diego's past Chief of Police Shelley Zimmerman.
Then we had Ken and Molly talk about the progress on Bocce sponsor levels and it looks like the funds have reached almost $52K. Malcolm confirmed that 11 breweries signed up for the beer competition, which will be held at the Hilton Del Mar on Sunday Sep 15, 2019.
Radia gave a brief summary on Youth Services and mentioned that Model UN is going to be on March 28/29, 2020.
We then had Bev Liberman give her quick 1-minute talk on what inspired her to be a Rotarian.
### "From Undercover Cop To Chief of Police" by Shelley Zimmerman
Shelley Zimmerman joined National University in January of 2019 as a Chancellor appointed professor focusing on public safety and leadership.
Prior to this appointment Chief Shelley Zimmerman was hired by the San Diego Police Department in October of 1982. She was promoted to Chief of Police on March 4, 2014 and retired on March 2, 2018 after an illustrious thirty-five-year career. She was born in Cleveland, Ohio and is a graduate of The Ohio State University, with a degree in Criminal Justice. She is also a graduate of the FBI National Academy, FBINA #241.
During Chief Zimmerman’s tenure as Chief (2014-2018) San Diego experienced historic low crime rates, including the lowest homicide rate per capita of any of the largest cities in the country. In 2017, the City of San Diego had the lowest overall crime in the past 49 years and was named the safest large city in America.
Chief Zimmerman received numerous awards and citations throughout her career which included; the San Diego Press Club Headliner of the year award for her undercover work and the San Diego Police Foundation Women in Blue Award for her commitment to making San Diego one of the safest large cities in the United States.
She once had the opportunity to hold the Olympic torch when some part of the LA Olympics 1984 was held in San Diego. Another interesting story she mentioned was about how she worked as a prostitute to catch pimps and prevent other issues. Once a car pulled up and she could see that it was a 16-year old kid driving. She made a judgement call and let that kid go after giving him some solid advice. 15 years later she get a call and it turned out that it was that same kids, who had turned around and became a doctor with 2 kids. That was a very touching and rewarding moment for the Chief.
She was under-cover cop for many years and in case she did a school drug bust by getting into Patrick Henry school as a student. She somehow talked her way into the school without any transcripts! She later arrested 73 people. Her leadership skills as Chief of Police is bound by some of the principles listed above, which enables a culture of excellence in her department. She encourages all employees to talk about bad news directly with her. Her desk had this sign clearly displayed - "Bad News Welcomed Here" :-). The San Diego Police Dept. was the first one in the country to implement body cameras. Her success is tied to relationships that she builds with the community.
Chief Zimmerman is an avid sports fan and often participates in athletic charity fundraisers, such as, the Challenge Athlete's Foundation.
In the end, DMSB Club President Venky Venkatesh presented the speaker with the Joshua certificate that represents our club DMSB donating school supplies to schools in Malawi in the name of the speaker.
"From Undercover Cop To Chief of Police" by Shelley Zimmerman Sanjiv Prabhakaran 2019-09-13 07:00:00Z 0 Chief Shelley Zimmerman,Chief of Police,San Diego Police

"Toilets for Life in Uganda" by Zubaire Bakubye

Posted by Susheela Narayanan on Sep 06, 2019
On 9/6/2019 Zubaire Bakubye, a Rotarian from East Riverside Rotary Club in District 5330 and CEO of ISEAC (Integrated Science & Education for African Communities), gave an interesting presentation to DMSB Rotary on the urgent topic of “Toilets for Life in Uganda”.
Born and raised in rural Africa during a time of social strife and civil war in Uganda, Zubaire witnessed firsthand the social and economic challenges faced by people in developing communities without access to clean water and health care. After moving to the US to get his BA and MA in California he uses his education and access to resources to support his passion of empowering native communities to achieve literacy and education that would create further economic opportunities. He has worked with the Center for Nonprofit Advancement to develop program models and systems that would be able to access resources for further economic and infrastructure development in Uganda.

In a graphic PPT Zubaire pointed out that the United Nations had a goal in place that promised adequate, equitable access to water, sanitation and hygiene to all people everywhere by 2030. It promised a world in which extreme poverty would be eliminated and no matter where you lived you would have enough food to eat, clean water to drink, a safe, private place to relieve yourself and soap and water to wash with. The biggest problem facing the world today is lack of access to water and sanitation. These were some of the staggering statistics he presented: over 650 million people have no access to clean water /over 2.3 billion don’t have access to a safe private toilet/ diarrhea is 1 of the 3 most common killers of children and young women globally/ 58% of childhood deaths could be prevented by clean water, sanitation and good hygiene.
80.9% of the population in Uganda has no access to safe toilet systems – they defecate in bushes or plastic polythene bags, empty buildings and structures, in rivers and other water ways, or in pit-latrines. Unmonitored fecal disposal causes health hazards to the population through contamination of food and water. There is an urgent need to transform these primitive systems to safe, septic toilet systems. Zubaire is actively seeking help and collaboration from Rotary groups and other non-profit organizations to help him achieve these goals.
"Toilets for Life in Uganda" by Zubaire Bakubye Susheela Narayanan 2019-09-06 07:00:00Z 0 Toilets in Uganda,Zubaire Bakubye

"San Diego Zoo & Wild Animal Park" by Rick Schwartz

Posted by Susheela Narayanan on Aug 23, 2019
Rick Schwartz, San Diego Global Ambassador, gave an interesting talk to DMSB Rotary on August 23, 2019. A wild life expert and former Senior Zoo Keeper since 2000, Rick is also the co-host of San Diego Zoo Kids and Production Coordinator for the new Animal Planet series: “The Zoo San Diego”.
As Ambassador Rick has travelled around the world to far flung places such as Botswana, the Galapagos Islands, Australia and Kenya in the name of conservation. Schwartz shares his passion for conservation by making appearances in many well-known local and national television stations and shows around the country. As Senior Keeper at San Diego Zoo Global, Schwartz has been responsible for the care of many different species of birds, mammals and reptiles. He has also been deeply involved in innovative scientific programs seeking to protect and preserve endangered species that might otherwise be on the verge of extinction, such as the Great Northern White Rhino.
Schwartz continues to share his passion for animals as a part-time Instructor at Moorpark College’s Exotic Animal Training and Management Program. Drawing from his years of experience Schwartz teaches Wildlife Education to future generations of keepers and conservationists.
In the end DMSB Club Past President Charles Foster presented the speaker with the Joshua certificate that represents our club DMSB donating school supplies to schools in Malawi in the name of the speaker.
"San Diego Zoo & Wild Animal Park" by Rick Schwartz Susheela Narayanan 2019-08-23 07:00:00Z 0 Animal Planet Series,Rick Schwartz,San Diego Zoo
"THINK LIKE A DOG!!" by Scott MacDonald Susheela Narayanan 2019-08-16 07:00:00Z 0 Scott MacDonald,Think Like A Dog

DMSB Rotary Blood Drive

Posted by Charles Foster & Sanjiv on Aug 11, 2019
The Del Mar-Solana Beach Rotary Club successfully hosted its first ever blood drive for the San Diego Blood Bank several weekends ago and exceeded the donations goal by 50%.  Forty-eight donors and Rotarians participated to support the bloodmobile parked in Solana Beach’s Lomas Santa Fe Plaza just off I-5 on Sunday, August 11th.  Many Rotarians donated blood or helped process donors, and many did both.  DMSB Rotary and the San Diego Blood Bank are already in the planning stages for additional blood drives at this Solana Beach location, which can easily serve coastal San Diego donors.
As learned from the San Diego Blood Bank, “Blood is Medicine.”  Every year, more than 100,000 patients of all ages and backgrounds are recipients of donated blood provided by the San Diego Blood Bank.  These patients struggle with life-threatening medical conditions that include cancer and other blood disorders, severe burns, organ transplants, trauma, emergency surgeries, childbirth complications and more.  One thing they all have in common is their need for donated blood to stay alive.  There is no substitute.
The Blood Bank and DMSB Rotary thank all who did give blood and those who will give in the future.  Giving blood is one volunteer activity good people can do to save and enhance lives, and it only takes an hour.  Though not well known, one donor can help save the lives of up to 3 people.  For more information about the San Diego Blood Bank, see
Del Mar-Solana Beach Rotary helps make our communities better for all, both near and far.  While doing so, its members develop new business relationships, leadership skills and friendships that can last a lifetime.  DMSB Rotary meets most Fridays for breakfast at the Hilton Del Mar.  One can learn more by visiting
DMSB Rotary Blood Drive Charles Foster & Sanjiv 2019-08-11 07:00:00Z 0 DMSB Blood Drive,SD Blood Bank

"Three Key Questions to Thrive in Business and Life" by Jamie Marvin

Posted by Sanjiv Prabhakaran on Aug 09, 2019
We had a guest Kevin Popovich talk about his role in helping companies with new ideas and marketing statistics. He is known as "The Idea Guy". Then we had Herb Liberman give his 1-minute talk about why he joined Rotary and his contribution to various charities, such as, the Kawanis club, Kenya schools, etc.
Jamie is a beach photographer and speaker committed to bringing peace and joy to the world through art, smiles and connection. She is the founder of the Smile Soul Bright movement and lives locally in Carlsbad. She is a Toastmaster speaker and trains people on speech presentations.
Her talk was about three key questions to thrive in life.
  1. What am I looking for?
  2. What is the truth?
  3. What do I want the outcome to be?
She talked about how the stress of lies leads to health issues, such as, back pain, headaches, etc. Whether it is in personal life or business, speaking the truth always keeps the stress low.
In the end, DMSB Club President Venky Venkatesh presented the speaker with the Joshua certificate that represents our club DMSB donating school supplies to schools in Malawi in the name of the speaker.
"Three Key Questions to Thrive in Business and Life" by Jamie Marvin Sanjiv Prabhakaran 2019-08-09 07:00:00Z 0 Herb Liberman,Jamie Marvin,Kevin Popovich,The Idea Guy,Toastmaster

"Homeless in San Diego" by Kelsey Martinez

Posted by Charles Foster and Sanjiv Prabhakaran on Aug 02, 2019
Kelsey Martinez, Outreach Coordinator for the Interfaith Shelter Network, spoke to us about their emphasis on helping situationally homeless families.  As compared to chronically homeless families, the situationally homeless have only recently become homeless and, with some help, can be expected to move out of homelessness in less than a year.
The Interfaith Shelter Network involves over 120 congregations of all denominations county-wide in a Rotational Shelter program.  About 70 of the congregations host the program in their facilities for two or four weeks a year and the remainder serve in a valuable support role.
The homeless are sheltered where there are no shelters and receive the understanding and support of congregations when, previously, all they knew was fear and uncertainty.  Congregations benefit by getting to know homeless individuals personally.  The mutual sharing of stories is beneficial to both.
Case management is the key to success for our guests, and they are only sent to congregations in the Network after being screened by an area social service agency to assure there will be no active drug, alcohol or mental health problems.
This is a practical, manageable way to serve others.  Congregations usually host the program for two weeks once a year.  Normally, only 12 guests at a time stay in the congregation facilities.  At the end of two weeks, the whole operation — cots and guests — rotates to another area congregation.  Guests can stay up to eight weeks in the Network. The average stay is just under six (6) weeks.
In the end, DMSB Club President Venky Venkatesh presented the speaker with the Joshua certificate that represents our club DMSB donating school supplies to schools in Malawi in the name of the speaker.
"Homeless in San Diego" by Kelsey Martinez Charles Foster and Sanjiv Prabhakaran 2019-08-02 07:00:00Z 0 Interfaith Shelter Network,Kelsey Martinez

Visit by District Governor Marta Knight

Posted by Sanjiv Prabhakaran on Jul 26, 2019
On July 26, 2019 Rotary District Governor for San Diego region Marta Knight gave an inspirational talk to motivate all members. Assistant Governor Susie Callahan introduced Marta Knight. Marta is a member of the Chula Vista Sunrise club. She was born and raised in Tijuana, Mexico. Her father is a member of the TJ club for 41 years. She has 4 children and 2 grand children.
Marta recognized few members. She gave a "Club Hero" pin to George Sousa for his outstanding dedication to the club.
She also gave the Rotarian of the Month pin to Charles Foster and a Past-President pin to Ken Barrett. She also gave a "To Be D.G." golden gavel to Steve since he will be District Governor soon.
Steve Weitzen then gave his 1-minute Rotary talk. He had fun at the District Governor conference and heard stories from other District Governors. He has had 20 Rotary Presidents visit his house. Rotary has enriched his life and many long-lasting relationships built.
Marta then talked about her "AHA" moment.  She was at the LA Convention Center for Rotary International conference and the Rotary President said, "Rotary lets ordinary people do extraordinary things". Her father also gave her lots of inspiration. He would use the 4-way test to settle arguments between his kids. Many members of her family are Rotarians and that was a huge inspiration for her.
She said she had an opportunity to visit a school in Ecuador and she was thrilled to see the joy in the kids' faces when they saw pencil sharpeners that she donated to the school.
In the end, Marta mentioned that she was once the Queen of Tijuana Rotary and District 4100. She also talked about her visits to Ecuador prisons where 13-17 year old kids were kept. She sat and had lunch with them. It was very touching.
Visit by District Governor Marta Knight Sanjiv Prabhakaran 2019-07-26 07:00:00Z 0 Chula Vista Sunrise,District Governor,Marta knight,Queen of Tijuana
"Operation Hope" by Cindy Taylor Susheela Narayanan 2019-07-19 07:00:00Z 0 Cindy Taylor,Operation Hope

"Very Few Proud Women in the U.S. Marine Corps" by Col. Marianne Waldrop

Posted by Sanjiv Prabhakaran on Jul 12, 2019
We had a large group today and lots of guests since it was Venky's FIRST day as President of our club :-). He had invited 8 of his family members plus 3 close friends!
Following that Paul Butler presented a Paul Harris Fellow pin to a long-time supporter of our club's Bocce event - Dan Phelan of Pacific Southwest Realty.
Other updates were as follows:
  1. We had a new member Rita Albert, who transferred from the Rancho Santa Fe club.
  2. Malcolm reminded members about the $2.00 fine for not wearing the Rotary pin.
  3. Bill reported that over 5500 chilled bottled water was distributed by our members at the StandDown event.
  4. We also had a scout candidate Ken come with his father to give a quick 5-minute presentation about his work with scouts. He said he camped about 250 miles, did Eagle Scout camping at Filmont, trekked 80 miles and went up 12,000 feet.
  5. Charlotte and Molly announced that they have about $11,400 registered sponsors so far.
## "Very Few Proud Women in the U.S. Marine Corps" by Col. Marianne Waldrop
Marianne Waldrop is the youngest of four children from a U.S. Marine Corps family and was born and raised on the east coast.  In 1987, she graduated from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill with a BA in Math and in 1989, she graduated with an MS in Computer Science from Naval Post graduate School in Monterey, CA.  Subsequent to graduation, she served as a project manager for Marine Corps signals intelligence systems.  After this tour, Marianne resigned her commission to work in the information technology industry in San Diego; however, this venture in “corporate America” was short-lived (2 years) due to her recall from the reserves for post-9-11 intelligence operations in support of U.S. Central Command, MacDill Air Force Base, Tampa, Florida. She retired in 2011 and earned a Ph.D. in Leadership Studies from Univ. of San Diego in May 2016.
She was deployed to Bahrain, South Africa and Kuwait and she worked in the Intelligence department. She was a very proud marine and the daughter of a marine. She was born in Quantico, VA. She was in the Marines from 1987-2011. They were the only Father-Daughter combo in the Marines at that time.
She said she had to take SAT seven times to go to Navy. Then went to join Navy ROTC. She retired as Colonel and then later went to SDSU to do her PhD in Leadership to understand why women in leadership roles were so few in the Military.
Her research showed that the common traits among men & women leaders were that they focused on 3 areas - Structure, Culture and Agency. The Agency co-relates with Actions, Decisions and Personal traits. She learnt that in 1970 the first woman was promoted to Brigadier General.
Some interesting statistics were as follows:
  1. 1918 - first woman enlisted in the Marine
  2. 1978 - first woman in USMC was appointed Brigadier General (Col. Margaret Brewer)
  3. 1985 - first woman (Gail Reals) competitively selected to Brigadier General role.
In the end DMSB Club President Venky Venkatesh presented the speaker with the Joshua certificate that represents our club DMSB donating school supplies to schools in Malawi in the name of the speaker.
"Very Few Proud Women in the U.S. Marine Corps" by Col. Marianne Waldrop Sanjiv Prabhakaran 2019-07-12 07:00:00Z 0 Brigadier,Colonel Marianne Waldrop,Dan Phelan,US Marine Corps,USMC

Celebration of Service

Posted by Sanjiv Prabhakaran on Jun 28, 2019
This was a special day celebrating the year of service by our Rotary club. Our club's President Ken Barrett was demoted last week.
Jon Fish was celebrating his 75th birthday and he was also awarded the Rotarian of the Month pin.
Malcolm announced new club rule that there will be $2.00 fine if anyone forgets to wear the Rotary pin.
Paul also awarded a Paul Harris Fellow award to a long-time supporter and sponsor of the Bocce Ball tournaments - Scott Simms of Bank of America.
## Celebration of Service
We kicked off the celebrations with a UNIQUE video introduction by our demoted President Ken since he was forced to go an a anniversary trip with his wife. His joke was that he better go with his wife rather than pay a divorce attorney smiley. He had planned an amazing video delivery of his talk well-timed (except for few minor glitches) with other Rotarians' talks.
Herb's spiel on Global and District grants.
Paul Butler's update on the Foundation.
Charlotte's updates on the various charity organizations that received our funds
Charles Foster delivering his update on the progress and planning of BocceFest and the goals.
Charles update on the Public Relation efforts.
The meeting ended with a final "Thank You" club by Ken via his remote delivery smiley.
Celebration of Service Sanjiv Prabhakaran 2019-06-28 07:00:00Z 0 Bank of America,Celebration of Service,Ken Barrett video,Scott Simms
Governor's Dinner Sanjiv Prabhakaran 2019-06-27 07:00:00Z 0 Governor's Dinner,Jan Parsons pictures

“In  pursuit of Nuclear Technology for 21st Century" by Puja Gupta

Posted by Sanjiv Prabhakaran on Jun 21, 2019
The meeting started off with Kevin and Phil being presented their new Paul Harris Fellow (PHF) awards by Paul and Ken. This is Phil's first PHF award and Kevin's fifth.
## “In  pursuit of Nuclear Technology for 21st Century" by Puja Gupta
Puja delivered a very interesting talk about her research and some details about the Nuclear Technology in the 21st century.  She is smart with a very dynamic personality. She also showed interest in joining our club as a regular member since she lives in Del Mar.
The slides above are self-explanatory and describes her points.
In the end DMSB Club interim President Ken Barrett presented the speaker with the Joshua certificate that represents our club DMSB donating school supplies to schools in Malawi in the name of the speaker.
“In  pursuit of Nuclear Technology for 21st Century" by Puja Gupta Sanjiv Prabhakaran 2019-06-21 07:00:00Z 0 Nuclear Technology,Paul Harris Fellow,Puja Gupta

"Highlights of City of Del Mar" by Mayor Dave Druker

Posted by Sanjiv Prabhakaran on Jun 14, 2019
We had a new baby Rotarian in today :-). Molly brought her daughter Riley and she was so cute in that stroller :-).
Charlotte was happy that her son Mauer was graduating 4th grade.
Venky was celebrating his 49th anniversary this week.
Charles reminded everyone that the blood drive was finalized for August 11th at the Von's parking lot off Lomas Santa Fe.
"Highlights of City of Del Mar" by Mayor Dave Druker
Dave Druker has been on the Del Mar City Council from 1996 through 2008 and 2016 to present. He has been Mayor four times. Dave has lived in Del Mar since 1986. His wife Kristen is a retired History teacher at The Bishop's School and Culver City High School. They have two adult children and one grandson. Both Dave and Kristen graduated from USC. Dave has a BA in Match and an MS in Counseling. Dave works at DataSkill, a software development company that uses artificial intelligence to facilitate international trade finance.
He said Del Mar's boundary is from Jimmy Durante Blvd. to Crest Canyon and that Del Mar has 4000 residents. He has been Mayor 4 times, no staff and he spends about 40 hours each month. Del Mar split off from San Diego county about 60 years ago - primarily to avoid giving development rights to San Diego county. The city's budget is $10M per year and $8M of that is from property taxes. The city gets about 13% of that property tax. City has no ability to control anything at the Fair since state owns the property.
The major issues that the city has been facing are; 1) short-term rentals and 2) sea-level rise leading to bluff erosions. The tracks are not actually impacting the bluff since the train vibrations dissipate horizontally.
Street Scape is the new project to allow sidewalk cafes. This should be ready by end of July 2019. He has lived in Del Mar for 32 years, married for 48 years and works at Dataskill.
In the end DMSB Club interim President Venky Venkatesh presented the speaker with the Joshua certificate that represents our club DMSB donating school supplies to schools in Malawi in the name of the speaker.
"Highlights of City of Del Mar" by Mayor Dave Druker Sanjiv Prabhakaran 2019-06-14 07:00:00Z 0 Dataskill,Dave Druker,Jimmy Durante,Street Scape,bluffs,erosion

"Juveniles and Adult Probation Population for next 5 years" by Gonzalo Mendez

Posted by Sanjiv Prabhakaran on Jun 07, 2019
Ken announced that the next BocceFest meeting will be at the Sutton's home on Sat June 8, 2019 at 10 am.
The Beer committee is pushing for a Gold Tap award to one brewery to increase participation.
We had a guest today - Matt Walker, Public Defender, who took over from Steve Binder. He gave quick updates on the veterans' Stand Down event coming up soon on June 28, 29 and 30. He indicated that out of the 8,102 homeless people about half of them get the needed support. At StandDown they get legal help, medical, dental, eye care, showers, etc. The Public Defender's office also does Homeless Courts once a month with the help of about 60 volunteers.
## "Juveniles and Adult Probation Population for next 5 years" by Gonzalo Mendez
Gonzalo Mendez grew up as an immigrant. His father was invited to the U.S. and later his brother went to the state penitentiary and they lived in the rough neighborhood of south east San Diego. He once went to the El Centro prison to meet his brother, who advised him to become a lawyer. At 19 Gonzalo volunteered in the Probation Department and he was sent to some bad areas. He soon got used to it. He worked hard and went to SDSU and paid for his college by working at various restaurants. He graduated with no college debt!
His first job was at Campo where there were 250 juvenile youths. In the first 6 months he was ready to quit. He had to sleep with roaches. But he pulled through and in 1995 he was promoted to Correctional Deputy Probation Officer (CDPO) and soon after that in 1997 he was promoted to Deputy Probation Officer and then in 1999 he became a Senior Probation Officer (SrPO). In 2001 he was promoted to a Supervising Probation Officer (SPO) and finally in 2012 he became the Division Chief! When he was a supervisor his brother died in a car accident after being hit by a drunk driver. That was a very disturbing moment for him and the family.
The probation officer has several tasks as shown above. He found jobs for many of the juvenile kids and changed their lives for ever. In the past 7-8 years he has helped reduce juveniles in San Diego by almost 70%. He is very proud of his team.
He created Collaborative Courts and helps to get felons into a rehab program that pays 90 days of living expenses and gived them financial literacy education so that they can go out and work and be financially responsible. They also have a human trafficking task force that prevents kids from getting lured into prostitution, etc.
In the end DMSB Club interim President Ken Barrett presented the speaker with the Joshua certificate that represents our club DMSB donating school supplies to schools in Malawi in the name of the speaker.
"Juveniles and Adult Probation Population for next 5 years" by Gonzalo Mendez Sanjiv Prabhakaran 2019-06-07 07:00:00Z 0 Gonzalo Mendez,Juvenile,Probation Officer

"Eliminating Pain & Chronic Fatigue" by Dr. Alan Blum; Global Grant #1861779 update by Sanjiv Prabhakaran

Posted by Sanjiv Prabhakaran on May 31, 2019
We had a guest (Chuck) today all the way from Arizona from the Via Verde Club.
Charles reminded members about the Demotion Party for Ken Barrett on Sunday June 23, 2019 at 5 pm.
Steve reminded all that the District Governor's dinner is on June 27, 2019.
Ken awarded the Rotarian Member of the Month awards to Charlotte Jones and Sanjiv Prabhakaran for their work on the web sites and Bocce planning.
## Global Grant for Paraplegic/Quadriplegic clinic update by Sanjiv Prabhakaran
Sanjiv provided a final update on the completion of the global grant project # 1861779. Below slides will provide the details.
The training center
The quadriplegic beneficiary (Ajay) getting the special chin-operated automatic chair.
## "Eliminating Pain & Chronic Fatigue" by Dr. Alan Blum

Dr. Alan M. Blum has been a practicing chiropractor in San Diego for over 40 years and has been studying kinesiological muscle testing techniques for over 30 years. A national speaker, he has invented or innovated several groundbreaking kinesiological muscle testing techniques and has taught many of those techniques at the Total Body Modification Research Seminars.

Dr. Blum’s greatest joy is helping to heal people. Experiencing firsthand severe stress and severe chronic fatigue, he spent years looking for solutions and created some groundbreaking techniques to heal others and teach them how to have more energy, combining chiropractic practices. The chart below shows the various areas of the spine and how it controls various aches in our body.

He talked about instantly correcting the energy inside the body. He uses a technique called Total Body Modification (TBM), which is similar to acupuncture. A chiropractor works form brain down through the spine to the legs. The body has electric signals that pass through every cell in the body. By re-charging these cells the pain can be minimized. He says that most tissues can be regenerated but some tissues are slower.
We had several volunteers that stepped up to get a quick massage from Dr. Blum. Paul Butler, Herb Liberman and Bev Liberman all had a good dose of his techniques for some instant rejuvenation :-).
In the end DMSB Club interim President Ken Barrett presented the speaker with the Joshua certificate that represents our club DMSB donating school supplies to schools in Malawi in the name of the speaker.
"Eliminating Pain & Chronic Fatigue" by Dr. Alan Blum; Global Grant #1861779 update by Sanjiv Prabhakaran Sanjiv Prabhakaran 2019-05-31 07:00:00Z 0 Alan Blum,Global Grant 1861779,Total Body Modification,chiropractor,tissues

"San Diego Fair Update" by Fred Schenk + Steve's Paul Harris Society

Posted by Susheela Narayanan & Sanjiv Prabhakaran on May 17, 2019
Scott Carr, past District Governor was there to award Steve Weitzen with the Paul Harris Society certificate.
"San Diego Fair Update" by Fred Schenk
The speaker today was Mr. Fred Schenk, who has been the Chair of Operations at the San Diego County Fair from 2007 – the present. This year the fair will run from May 31 – July 4, closed Mondays and Tuesdays in June.
The San Diego County Fair, which began in 1880 with the aim of bringing SD County farmers together to share ideas, compete for the best pies and citrus fruits and challenge each other to horse races, continues to celebrate agriculture and community pride. It simply wouldn’t be summer in San Diego without this iconic fair, which is one of the top five fairs in the United States and Canada, drawing more than 1.6 million visitors annually.
Fred talked about some of the highlights of 2018 which included three beverage festivals of wine, beer and distilled spirits. There will be nine stages for entertainment, including the grand stand stage for the main entertainment. The theme of the fair will be peace, love and livestock. Every Wednesday afternoon talent from the fifty-year-old Woodstock festival will be featured. There is a 20-minute presentation of fireworks held every year.
The theme of the 2019 fair is going to be OZ-some. Presented by Albertsons|Vons, this year’s County Fair invites guests to skip down the yellow brick road and enter into an “Oz-some” world inspired by L. Frank Baum’s classic tale, “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.”
Visitors will journey to the Emerald City, meeting magical new friends along the way. Channel your inner courage in our whirlwind of carnival rides. Expand your brain by immersing yourself in creative and educational exhibits. Warm your heart creating new memories with your friends and family. With all of the adventures you’ll encounter, you’ll discover, “There’s no place like the Fair.
The “Oz-some” lineup for the Toyota Summer Concert Series will feature 27 night of entertainment on the Corona Grandstand Stage. Notables such as Smokey Robinson, Neil Sedaka, KC and the Sunshine Band, Pitbull, Credence Clearwater and others will cater to every musical taste.  Sundays will be especially dedicated to music that caters to the Hispanic market, and will include musicians that cater to various age groups.
Eating is a major San Diego County Fair activity, with more than 100 food booths, several sit-down restaurants, and food-and-beverage events. On Thursdays from noon to 5:00PM, food vendors offer a small portion of one of their featured foods for $3.00. Great for small appetites, or for grazing your way through the Fair. Sometime in May, there will be a Food Map showing where to find those delicious Fair treats, both the ones you’ve come to love, and some new ones, too!
At the conclusion of the meeting Fred handed out complimentary fair tickets to all the Rotary members in attendance, which were well received. For more fair information go to:
In the end DMSB Club interim President Ken Barrett presented the speaker with the Joshua certificate that represents our club DMSB donating school supplies to schools in Malawi in the name of the speaker.
"San Diego Fair Update" by Fred Schenk + Steve's Paul Harris Society Susheela Narayanan & Sanjiv Prabhakaran 2019-05-17 07:00:00Z 0 OzZone,Paul Harris Society,SD Fair

"Financial Market Update" by Clyde Chandler of Fidelity

Posted by Sanjiv Prabhakaran on May 10, 2019
Steve Weitzen was very happy since it was his 66th birthday. He was also sad since his close friend Lori was the victim of the Poway Synagogue shooting.
Steve also announced that the Director of the San Diego Fair Fred Schenk will be coming next week to give us the update on this year's theme and also distribute few tickets.
Charlotte announced that the new Bocce website is up and can be viewed at
"Financial Market Update" by Clyde Chandler of Fidelity
Clyde has been in the financial field for over 20 years and currently he is a Senior VP at Fidelity Investments in Carmel Valley and deals with hi-net worth clients. Clyde has a BS in Economics and has many certification in wealth strategy, financial planning and has passed Series 6,9,10, 63 & 65 exams. Clyde enjoys running, surfing, coaching soccer, and spending time with his family. Clyde has been a staunch supporter of our Bocce Ball fund raising events for several years and this year he has graciously agreed to be the $5k primary sponsor.
Clyde talked about the various types of investments and how the markets are reacting. They provide 3 types of strategies --
Secular (10-30 years) that covers sectors, such as, Energy, etc. This category goes up and down over many years.
Business Cycle (1-10 years) - this sector goes through growth, stagnation and recession.
Tactical (1-12 months) - this is for the day to day stuff.
He indicated that the economic growth is directly tied to labor and productivity. Output is the measure of the economy's success.
Japan has had no economic growth for 30 years due to the aging population.
His prediction was that the Feds might lower the interest rates.
The above slide shows the signs of recession - high labor costs, negative rate of return, profits declining. He says that 2 years of negative rate of return is an indication of a future recession.
His advice to all is that the ration of stocks to bonds is usually 60 to 40  for basic investors but then age also plays a big factor. For example a 25 year old investor will be recommended 90% in stocks since he/she can bear some risks.
His final point was that earnings per share drives the stock price and that in turn drives up the economy. He said that some companies buy back their shares but that unfortunately does not grow the company.
In the end DMSB Club interim President Ken Barrett presented the speaker with the Joshua certificate that represents our club DMSB donating school supplies to schools in Malawi in the name of the speaker.
"Financial Market Update" by Clyde Chandler of Fidelity Sanjiv Prabhakaran 2019-05-10 07:00:00Z 0,Clyde Chandler,Fidelity,Premier Sponsor

DMSB Social - Cinco de Mayo party at Casa Sol y Mar

Posted by Sanjiv Prabhakaran on May 05, 2019
We had a wonderful social gathering at the Casa Sol y Mar in Carmel Valley in the Del Mar Highlands Mall. We had 13 people attend the event with friends and family members. You can see more photos and a video of a wonderful dance at the link below. George was all ready to dance too :-).
DMSB Social - Cinco de Mayo party at Casa Sol y Mar Sanjiv Prabhakaran 2019-05-05 07:00:00Z 0 Casa Sol y Mar,Cinco de Mayo,DMSB Social

The Coin-Up Story by Leena Patidar

Posted by Sanjiv Prabhakaran on May 03, 2019
We started off with some quick announcements by various members --
  1. Patricia reminded all about the social gathering at Casa Sol y Mar on Sunday at 3:30 pm.
  2. Bill announced that Stand Down starts on June 28, 2019 and ends on June 30, 2019. He had sign-up sheets passed around.
  3. Charlotte talked about a new plan for Bocce to move forward with requesting the beneficiaries to help promote the event. She encouraged members to bring in more sponsors.
  4. Charlotte said that she is hoping to have the new site ready by May 13, 2019 unless there are any critical issues.
## The Coin-Up Story by Leena Patidar
Leena is a CFO by trade and the Managing Director at Ascent Private Capital Management. She was born and raised in Chicago, but her parents took her to India often to visit their grandparents and relatives.  Every time, she could not bear the thought of the children and infants that were on the streets and so vulnerable.  She felt they were put in circumstances that nobody deserves, especially the innocent.  So she knew one day that she would want to come back and help protect them by getting them off the streets, providing medical care, education, clothing and giving them a chance to survive in a better environment.
Over the years she noticed how charities like Ronald McDonald House, March of Dimes, and Salvation Army have all collected millions of dollars in spare change each year. However, as we move towards a cashless society, that loose change is no longer available. So, Leena came up with a new way to donate and her entrepreneurial drive led to a very creative company called Coin Up. She had to fight with Apple to accept her donation app for over 3 months before they finally agreed to approve the first donation app on Apple store. Apple used to reject Donation apps due to several fraudulent apps.
The idea is to donate your “loose change” from a credit or debit card transaction to one of your favorite charities. Coin Up makes it really easy to do and to manage your total donations including setting monthly limits. Coin Up now has over 300 charities to choose from, including ones that support orphanages in India and around the world. The app won the San Diego 2017 Athena Pinnacle Award.
In the end DMSB Club interim President Vicky Mallett presented the speaker with the Joshua certificate that represents our club DMSB donating school supplies to schools in Malawi in the name of the speaker.
The Coin-Up Story by Leena Patidar Sanjiv Prabhakaran 2019-05-03 07:00:00Z 0 Athena Pinnacle Award,Coin Up App,CoinUp,Leena Patidar,Loose Change,March of Dimes
Serving Dinner for the Solutions For Change Families Sanjiv Prabhakaran 2019-04-27 07:00:00Z 0 Solutions For Change,

Bocce Planning & Action Meeting

Posted by Sanjiv Prabhakaran on Apr 26, 2019
We started the meeting with some updates from members' trips.
1. Susan H. went on a trip to the Sea of Cortez and had lots of fun.
2. Charlotte and family just returned from a trip to the Galapagos Islands.
3. Suchandra just returned from India and will be in San Diego for about 6 months.
4. Phil was excited since he said there will be some 3000-4000 people registering at the hotel for the La Jolla Half Marathon.
Today's meeting was dedicated to the planning and updates on the Bocce event.  Malcolm stressed on the fact that we need get closer to the $100K revenue. He had a tentative plan for a new layout for the field that keeps the auction items & beer vendors inside the big tent and the VIP canopies along the border of the tent so they can keep ordering beer. He said that the local Brewers' Guild has sanctioned our BocceFest event. The beers are all donated and so no cost to the club. He had invited Dick Stevens from the Eco-Encinitas club to learn some ideas from him. He gave some very good ideas of how to involve other charity organizations to help.
Then we had Charlotte give an update about her marketing strategy.
And, finally Molly spoke about the sponsorship plans.
Bocce Planning & Action Meeting Sanjiv Prabhakaran 2019-04-26 07:00:00Z 0 Bocce meeting,Galapagos Islands,Sea of Cortez

"Children's Picture Books" by Scott Sussman

Posted by Sanjiv Prabhakaran on Apr 12, 2019
  1. Diane Huckabee announced that she just got her 2nd grandson!
  2. Steve Weitzen announced it was his 33rd anniversary!
  3. Ken Barrett was celebrating his 50th birthday!
  4. Herb showed pictures of devastating floods in Malawi that destroyed many homes.
  5. Ken showed the club a video about education and healthcare in Uganda -- video link.
# "Children's Picture Books" by Scott Sussman
Today's speaker, Scott Sussman, was born in Fountain Valley, California in 1971 and currently divides his time between California and Italy. His children’s picture books include Silly the Seed, Weird the Beard, Lerky the Handturkey, the Mark and the Molecule Maker trilogy, and Fred and the Monster, which was an Independent Publisher Award Winner, 2015. He has also written a middle grade novel, The Shining Adventures of Shelpa McStorm, and is currently working on more middle grade novels. When not reading or writing, Scott enjoys playing the harmonica and traveling with his wife.
He became a school substitute teacher and later moved to Israel and settled into a unique type of settlement (commune) known as KIBBUTZ. The residents of these communes shared everything and worked as members of that community. While there, he studied Hebrew and started to write. One day he wrote on a blank paper "Lovely Flower in a Red Rose Sky" and gradually the words just started to flow.
The time he was in Israel he witnessed the Prime Minister getting assassinated and many people getting killed. From there he went to Santiago in South America and wrote more books there. After that the next 13 years he was in Rome, Italy. He learned the language and taught English to teenagers and older people.  There he met his wife Francesca in 2006. She had a big job with company car, etc. When they decided to move back to USA in Sep 2016 it was a tough decision. They settled in Carlsbad. He makes a living by selling autographed books. Many of the club members purchased several books from him.
His favorite quote is by a Japanese author -- "When you get to the top of the mountain, keep climbing".
In the end DMSB Club interim President Ken Barrett presented the speaker with the Joshua certificate that represents our club DMSB donating school supplies to schools in Malawi in the name of the speaker.
"Children's Picture Books" by Scott Sussman Sanjiv Prabhakaran 2019-04-12 07:00:00Z 0 Children books,Picture Books,Scott Sussman

""Providing assistance to child & family support with a clean diet with nutritional beneficial foods" by Crystal Hilsley

Posted by Susheela Narayanan & Sanjiv Prabhakaran on Apr 05, 2019
Today we had a surprise visit by Alicia Foster to celebrate Charles' 75th birthday. Alicia said that over the years it has been tough to find a gift for Charles and so this time she gave him a $10,000 check that he can spend on Rotary in any manner he wishes! Everyone was thrilled at her gesture.
## ""Providing assistance to child & family support with a clean diet with nutritional beneficial foods" by Crystal Hilsley
Members attended an informative talk by Crystal Hilsley, a Child Food Advisor who specializes in transitioning families to eating a clean diet with nutritionally beneficial foods as a daily reality. Crystal’s unique and highly effective approach involves participation from the whole family, schools and recreational clubs. According to Crystal one in eight children are on the Autism spectrum and one in three children is predicted to be obese. Sugar is the main ingredient in 80% of the food we buy and consume. Crystal described how most of the treats brought by parents to after school games and sports involved empty calories and high levels of food dyes and sugar, such as in donuts, cookies, cupcakes with enormous amounts of artificially dyed cream frosting and even artificially dyed Gatorade.  Apples, oranges, cheese and crackers, healthy nutrition bars and plain water would be much better substitutes, but many parents need to be educated about these alternatives.
Crystal also talked about how so many elementary school children cannot sit still in class and focus on the teacher’s instructions because of all the extra sugar and chemicals that they consume in popular foods. They also suffer from dehydration. Sometimes simply drinking a glass of water helps them to calm down.
Crystal created a program called Crystal Clear Kids to emphasize the importance of looking carefully at food labels before buying foods with chemicals and dyes in them that can adversely affect children’s’ moods. Many inner city and low income neighborhoods have become “food deserts” – where only highly processed, convenience foods like donuts and hot dogs are available instead of fresh produce and healthy foods. The program aims to educate parents and children about how chemical dyes, food coloring and unhealthy foods can create cravings and affect children’s chromosomes.
Crystal has partnered with Dr. Brian Alman at Kaiser Permanente to create a company called TruSage International that teaches parents and children how to relieve stress naturally through healthy means such as coloring, drawing, yoga, swimming and other physical activities. She is available to give talks and workshops to schools, clubs and other community groups to spread the message of making wise choices in foods, which will help heal bodies and minds in a natural way.
In the end DMSB Club interim President Ken Barrett presented the speaker with the Joshua certificate that represents our club DMSB donating school supplies to schools in Malawi in the name of the speaker.
""Providing assistance to child & family support with a clean diet with nutritional beneficial foods" by Crystal Hilsley Susheela Narayanan & Sanjiv Prabhakaran 2019-04-05 07:00:00Z 0 Child Food Advisor,Crystal Hilsley,Dr. Brian Alman,Food Facts,TruSage

District Training Assembly Meeting of 2019

Posted by Sanjiv Prabhakaran on Apr 01, 2019
This event is held once a year and all members, especially red badgers, are encouraged to attend. They offer various training sessions for club chairs to learn more about their roles and how to become more effective leaders. This year we had Jan Parsons, Venky Venkatesh and Beverly Liberman attend the events. Steve Weitzen was also there in funny costumes :-).
District Training Assembly Meeting of 2019 Sanjiv Prabhakaran 2019-04-01 07:00:00Z 0 District Training Assembly

"Finding Peace in a noisy world" by Orlando Javien; New Rotary flag & Rotary scholar

Posted by Susheela Narayanan & Sanjiv Prabhakaran on Mar 29, 2019
## Miscellaneous Topics:
Steve talked about “adopting” a Rotary scholar – it was unanimously approved by the members.
Charlotte send around a reminder sign-up sheet for Rotarians at Work day on April 27th at Solutions For Change.  Members will prepare and serve food to about 20 – 30 people at Solutions for Change.
Patricia sent a reminder about the Rotary Cook-out at San Dieguito Park on April 7th.
Venky Venkatesh, who took over the President’s gavel today, brought and displayed the new Rotary flag.
## "Finding Peace in a noisy world" by Orlando Javien Jr.:
Orlando Javien Jr. is the man of many hats. By day he is a bookkeeper, tax preparer and domestic engineer. By night he is a religious education teacher, inspirational speaker, and author of “Stop Googling Yourself." He opened with a funny story about a boy living on a farm who, one day, dumped a despised “Porta-potty” into the river, unfortunately, while his dad was in the potty smiley! He went on to talk about the different noises in his life and how he learned to find peace.
Noise #1: His first example was about the noise of pride, a story about his refusing to take care of the dirty dishes because “it was not his turn to do them”. After almost precipitating a fight over this between himself and his wife, he realized that he needed to get rid of his pride. The lesson was that one should put in 100% effort but with 0% expectation in return.
Noise #2: Another time he volunteered to teach a group of children in his daughter’s class. He felt pretty pleased with what he did until he asked his daughter for validation and to his surprise she replied: “Dad you talk too much”. So the second noise in his life was his own voice! One day when his wife came home tired and upset because she had had a long day and had had nothing to eat, he rushed in with suggestions about what she could do next time. When, to his surprise, his wife became even more upset, he realized that again he was talking too much. What she needed at that moment was a hug of empathy, rather than a quick fix or lecture about what to do next time.
Noise #3: The most touching example was when he came home from work one day, very tired, and refused to play with his young son. Being exhausted he sent the child to his room. Later, he was very moved when the child came to him with money from his piggy bank and offered to pay his dad his hourly wage if he would take some time to play with him.
Noise #4: The noise of “addiction” was the last one he mentioned. He admitted that he had been addicted to pornography but had eventually been able to give it up.
He concluded by discussing the biggest problem of all in our society – the addiction to technology and social media. He has put filters on his phones and computers to protect his family from the “noise” of technology. It was a good reminder to the rest of us to be more heedful of the “noises” in our own environment.
In the end DMSB Club interim President Venky Venkatesh presented the speaker with the Joshua certificate that represents our club DMSB donating school supplies to schools in Malawi in the name of the speaker.
"Finding Peace in a noisy world" by Orlando Javien; New Rotary flag & Rotary scholar Susheela Narayanan & Sanjiv Prabhakaran 2019-03-29 07:00:00Z 0 Orlando Javien Jr.,Rotary 2020 Flag,Stop Googling Yourself,Venky Venkatesh,

"Berlin before, during and after the Wall and the Berlin Crisis 1960-61"; Paul Harris award; Funny fines by Malcolm Koll

Posted by Sanjiv Prabhakaran on Mar 22, 2019
We had a surprise guest that Herb brought in - their dog Tootsie! She was really cute and friendly. She made sure she smelled everyone :-). Also, Malcolm pointed out during the "Fines" session that Herb and Bev listed two different anniversary dates :-) and gave Herb a fine for that!
Bill announced that Stand Down event will be on June 28, 29 and 30 at the same location as past years. He added that May 10th is the clothing drive.
Charlotte mentioned that the Rotarians At Work day will be on Sat Apr 27, 2019 at Solutions For Change and the plan is to make and serve dinner between 4 and 7 pm.
Ken and Paul then announced another Paul Harris Fellow award. This time it was for Sanjiv Prabhakaran for his work with the website blogs and Bocce web site design, development and management.
## "Berlin before, during and after the Wall and the Berlin Crisis 1960-61"; 
Roger Liles was stationed in Turkey and Germany for 5 years as a USAF Signals Officer and stayed in Europe for 8 years. As a military electronics officer for 40 years, Roger's main function was to translate engineering jargon to understandable English and communicate to the senior officers of the US Government in written and verbal form.
In the 1990s he began taking novel writing classes at UCLA, and writing for pleasure. Now retired, he spends full time writing. He is author of THE BERLIN TUNNEL—A COLD WAR THRILLER, first released in Oct 2018 and became #13 on the Amazon Best Seller List for New Releases in Historical Mystery, Thriller and Suspense Fiction and has sold of 1000 copies.
He mentioned about how Churchill talked about the Iron Curtain. He said that during the Berlin airlift there were 275,000 airlift missions and 2.3 million tons of food delivered between 24jun48 to 12may49.
The Berlin Wall was about 94 miles around Berlin. About 200,000 people per year moved to the west. They had 81 checkpoints built in 1961 to control the flow of people. The wall was closed on August 13, 1961 and within a month the American Checkpoint "Charlie" was built.
There were times when people attending church would cut through barbed wire fence and escape to the West. Checkpoint Charlie became a symbol of the Cold War, representing the separation of East and West. Soviet and American tanks briefly faced each other at the location during the Berlin crisis of 1961. That was almost the start of World War III, but fortunately the Russian tanks did not do anything catastrophic.
The wall remained closed for 28 years and many families were separated for all those years. About 560,000 people escaped during those years. Roger wrote a wonderful book (The Berlin Tunnel) with all these historic details and old pictures. The book's cover was designed by an artist in New Zealand and the tag line "A Cold War Thriller" was suggested to him. He received 4.6 out of 5 stars and the book became #13 on Amazon's Best Seller List. The Berlin Tunnel was a joint spy operation between the CIA & Britain's MI6 called Operation Gold to enter into Russian zone and listen-in on communications. The Allied Museum has a presentation of this Berlin Spy Tunnel.
In the end DMSB Club President Ken Barrett presented the speaker with the Joshua certificate that represents our club DMSB donating school supplies to schools in Malawi in the name of the speaker.
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"Tracking Your Inner Maverick: From Wall Street to the Plains of Africa" by Fred Krakowiak; Paul Harris Fellow awards

Posted by Sanjiv Prabhakaran on Mar 15, 2019
Paul Butler & Ken Barrett awarded few Paul Harris Fellow awards/pics to few folks that contributed extensively last year towards the Bocce event and other areas.
The awards were given to Charlotte Jones, Molly Fleming and Kitty McGee. Congratulations to all of them from the club.
Following that Charlotte announced that Rotarians Work Day at Solutions For Change will be on Saturday April 27, 2019 and the exact schedule and type of work will be announced next week.
Then Charlotte & Ken presented the $2,000 check to YMCA for Youth Camp Scholarships and Tom accepted the award on behalf of YMCA Youth Camp.
Molly announced Bocce already has THREE premier sponsors onboard for this year (Capital One from Patricia, Merrill Lynch from Jan & one more).
## "Tracking Your Inner Maverick: From Wall Street to the Plains of Africa" by Fred Krakowiak
Fred Krakowiak presented "Tracking your Inner Maverick" discussing giving up Wall Street for guiding safaris in Africa & being an artist.
He has some amazing artwork shown above and a book that he has published - "The Artist's Safari: Capturing Africa with Pens, Lens and Paintbrush". Available for purchase at Barnes & Noble.
In the end DMSB Club President Ken Barrett presented the speaker with the Joshua certificate that represents our club DMSB donating school supplies to schools in Malawi in the name of the speaker.
"Tracking Your Inner Maverick: From Wall Street to the Plains of Africa" by Fred Krakowiak; Paul Harris Fellow awards Sanjiv Prabhakaran 2019-03-15 07:00:00Z 0 ,,Charlotte Jones,Fred Krakowiak,Kitty McGee,Molly Fleming,Paul Harris awards,The Artist's Safari,YMCA Youth Camp

"Empowering Youth as Future Leaders of Change" by Sarah Heirendt + Zubair from Riverside Rotary

Posted by Sanjiv Prabhakaran on Mar 08, 2019
Yesterday (Mar 7, 2019) many members attended the VIP ribbon-cutting ceremony at the newly launched Capital One Cafe in the re-modeled Westfield mall in UTC. Our club Rotarian Patricia Case, who works there was responsible for this opening.
We had some announcements by Ken on Bocce planning updates and suggested all members to look at who they brought in as Bocce sponsors in the past and start talking to them for this year. Charlotte had a printout for each member showing their sponsors and took a survey.
Patricia & Charlotte announced few events coming up soon --
  1. Cookout Social on Sunday April 7, 2019 from 1-4 pm at the San Dieguito park.
  2. Rotarians at Work on Saturday April 27, 2019. Options are still to be finalized.
Then we had Zubair Bakubye from East Riverside Rotary club drop-by to share some updates and request for help with some of hte proejcts he does in Uganda. DMSB had supported him and his club in the past on some projects.
"Empowering Youth as Future Leaders of Change" by Sarah Heirendt

As San Diego Site Director for Hands of peace (HoP), Sarah Heirendt (pronounced Hi-rent) is responsible for overseeing the annual three-week summer program that brings together 50 Israeli, Palestinian and American youth right here in Carlsbad, and other year-round projects that take place in the San Diego area. This includes community education and outreach, participant and volunteer recruitment, alumni engagement and event planning as well as coordination and execution of the many details that go into the summer program.

Sarah served as the San Diego Assistant Program Director in 2016 as well as one of the leadership training facilitators. She received her BA from Vanguard University in Cultural Anthropology and her MS from George Mason University in Conflict Resolution. She has worked for multiple non-profits specializing in community development.  While studying and traveling abroad, her interest in the Middle East peace process developed firsthand when she volunteered at a refugee camp near Nablus in the West Bank.

She said that the organization was founded in Chicago since the founder lives there. Sarah brought a guest Darling Kittoe, who was visiting from their Chicago office. They have a location in San Diego and one in the middle-east. The students in the program are usually between 15-17 years old and they go through 6 phases of HoP program. They train students on cross-culture, other religions, dialogues, etc. They also have a shorter summer program that is for 3 weeks. The teams come from Israel and Palestine. They currently have about 300 "Host" families that help to provide living space and about 200+ volunteers to manage the operations during those program sessions. They have to be careful about showing the pictures of kids on their website due to security concerns for these kids and their families. Many of their student stories can be seen here.


In the end DMSB Club President Ken Barrett presented the speaker with the Joshua certificate that represents our club DMSB donating school supplies to schools in Malawi in the name of the speaker.

"Empowering Youth as Future Leaders of Change" by Sarah Heirendt + Zubair from Riverside Rotary Sanjiv Prabhakaran 2019-03-08 08:00:00Z 0 Hands of Peace,Sarah Heirendt,Zubair

"How to communicate your way to success" by Noushin Dunkelman; Just In Time check; "My 3 Things" by Bill Sutton

Posted by Sanjiv Prabhakaran on Mar 01, 2019
We had a good audience today along with guests from Just In Time (Nathan) and out of town visitor. Susan presented the check for $8,777.60 to Nathan from Just In Time (JIT). Nathan then gave a short talk about their appreciation of being a major beneficiary during the BocceFest event. He mentioned that being a foster child himself he truly understands the value of organizations, such as, JIT. He also announced that he is getting married next year!
In the end we took a group picture of all club members with the JIT check.
We also had a new "baby member" Riley (courtesy Molly Flemingsmiley.
Patricia announced that the membership social event is scheduled for April 9, 2019 from 5-7 pm at the Hilton itself. 
Sanjiv was designated by Malcolm as the Fine Master for the day and he fined people who were not aware of what the "Rule of 85" meant. In addition there were about 8 members that got fined $2 for an overall attendance of less than 60%.
Bill Sutton's "My 3 Things in Life"
This was the last session on "My 3 Things". Bill talked about how his family did everything together, went on camping trips in their tine VW '57 Beetle and they would drive up to Bishop that has pretty winding and steep roads and they would cheer each time the Beetle made it up there smiley.  He graduated from UCLA, got accepted to law school but he declined and joined the Marine Corps.
He was Assistant Professor for some time, then met Suzanne in a methodist church. He got married on a Dec 27th just 3 days after getting drafted into the military and soon after marriage he had to leave. He got deployed to Israel, Damascus, Jordan and swam "on" the dead sea. Later in life he joined Loyola Law school in LA.
"How to communicate your way to success" by Noushin Dunkelman

Noushin Dunkelman, founder and president of MaxSynergy Consulting, graduated from UCSD with a degree in bio-mechanical engineering. She has over 30 years of product development, management, team building and coaching experience in small to midsize companies.  After years of working on the technical side, 5 years ago she decided to refocus her career in helping companies with their organizational challenges.

At MaxSynergy Consulting, she works with companies to find out their internal problems and provide custom practical solutions that meet each company’s needs such as improved communications, develop and implement new skills and tools and train them on actionable feedback to create accountability.  She also coaches experienced executives and new managers to further develop their leadership skills.

She talked about the tactical aspects of communication and that the key reasons why people communicate are to problem-solve and exchange ideas.  Relationship provides better communication and how listening is a very key aspect of proper communication. She says that humans have 2 ears and 1 mount and so focus more on "listening" smiley.  One key fact she stressed on was the primary misunderstanding people have about giving feedback. People feel that the person providing the feedback has control over the change they seek in others. That is not true at all. The change can happen only if the person receiving the feedback takes action to make that change. The person giving the feedback must be very clear about the reasons for that feedback and that makes for a far better communication. 

In the end DMSB Club President Ken Barrett presented the speaker with the Joshua certificate that represents our club DMSB donating school supplies to schools in Malawi in the name of the speaker.


"How to communicate your way to success" by Noushin Dunkelman; Just In Time check; "My 3 Things" by Bill Sutton Sanjiv Prabhakaran 2019-03-01 08:00:00Z 0 Communication,Fine Master,Just In Time,Nathan,Noushin Dunkelman

“Integrated Healthcare” by Pouya Afshar; George Sousa at Camp Pendleton Animal Shelter and Suzanne Sutton’s “My 3 Things"

Posted by Sanjiv Prabhakaran on Feb 22, 2019
1. George Sousa and Animal Shelter at Camp Pendleton and Patricia’s Social announcement
Few girls from R. Roger Rowe School decided to collect donations for the Camp Pendleton Animal Shelter and they donated $700 worth of supplies. George Sousa, whose honor flight trip was also sponsored by the students from same school helped to deliver the supplies. You can read the full article at this Rancho Santa Fe Review link.
Then we had Patricia make her announcement about the club Social event coming up on March 17th at the Hilton with some song and dance :-).
Jon Fish announced that the BocceFest date has been fixed for Sunday September 29, 2019. Ken also showed a video about why Rotary is fun and how people get engaged in it. He then awarded the Rotarian of the Month award to Malcolm.
2. “My 3 Things” by Suzanne Sutton
Suzanne talked about her early childhood days and how she enjoyed horseback riding.
She talked about her fun experience at a boarding school in Switzerland and how she made lots of friends there. She had no emails or phones at that time and the communication back home was via Airmail envelopes. Those were the fun days :-). She later attended a 50th reunion event at a villa in Tuscany and she was afraid she would recognize anyone.
As part of Bill’s military career they moved 11 times and that was pretty challenging for them.
2. “Integrated Healthcare” by Pouya Afshar
Dr. Pouya Afshar is board certified in internal medicine, hospice and palliative medicine, and venous and lymphatic medicine.  Since 2010 he has served as an assistant clinical professor of medicine at the University of California, San Diego. He works in different levels of healthcare in an effort to provide continuity of care for all his patients.
As an acute care physician, Dr. Afshar has served as a hospitalist at UCSD Thornton, UCSD Hillcrest, Scripps Mercy Hospital, and the VA San Diego Hospital.  A pioneer in transitional care medicine, Dr. Afshar is a medical director for several skilled nursing facilities, where he manages patients’ post-hospitalization during their short-term rehabilitation.
Dr. Afshar founded Integrated Healthcare Alliance (IHA) in 2015, where his primary care physicians lead a multidisciplinary team that delivers in-home medical care.
Outside of medicine, Dr. Afshar is married and is a proud father of 4 children, including 2 newborn twin boys.  He is an avid soccer player, former personal trainer, and completed 14 marathons, including two trips as a qualifying runner for the Boston Marathon.
He was accompanied by his intern Dr. Samantha Spilman. Dr. Afshar said that he started the company with personal funds with the core focus to reduce the healthcare costs for senior citizens. He has seen all the wastes happening at emergency centers and hospitals and wanted to change that.
He showed some statistics about how air crashes went down significantly over the past 40 years due to automation and high-end technology. Similarly, he is predicting that self-driving cars will eventually reduce car accidents since the human emotions will be out of the equation. He talked about how the top 2 causes for human deaths in U.S. are heart diseases and cancer. But the 3rd most common cause it seems are MEDICAL ERRROS - almost 250,000 deaths each year! He also mentioned that the U.S. is dead last when it comes to overall healthcare satisfaction.
He compared how patients in the past had lot more access to talk to doctors compare to today’s practice. It seems people go to emergency care just to get refills for prescriptions and the staff there will send the patient to all kinds of tests to eliminate various issues and then after 12 hours send them back with just a prescription refill. Sometimes this could be $15,000 worth of tests for no reason!
IHA’s goal is to provide chronic care by visiting patients at their home and avoid emergency visits as much as possible. They use a technology process called “STAT” to securely transmit patient vital stats to a physician or their call center. They designed a personalized medical alert device (similar to the Life Alert system) and this device is essentially a cell phone and a GPS tracker with built-in speaker and microphone to carry a conversation with the care center or family members.
They did some benchmarks by comparing hospital costs and found that they can save almost 27% of the costs. They are also working with a local company called Tealium to bring data analytics to improve their care model. Currently they are SD based and have about 6000 patients. They partner with about two-thirds of the skilled nursing facilities in the San Diego county to get all their patients.
In the end DMSB Club President Ken Barrett presented the speaker with the Joshua certificate that represents our club DMSB donating school supplies to schools in Malawi in the name of the speaker.
“Integrated Healthcare” by Pouya Afshar; George Sousa at Camp Pendleton Animal Shelter and Suzanne Sutton’s “My 3 Things" Sanjiv Prabhakaran 2019-02-22 08:00:00Z 0 Home based care,IHA,Integrated Healthcare Alliance,Personalized Medical Alert,Pouya Afshar

Jim Bettencourt of the California Highway Patrol; Molly Fleming's "My 3 Things"; Check for Reality Changers

Posted by Sanjiv Prabhakaran on Feb 15, 2019
$8,755 Check Presentation to Jacqueline Guan for Reality Changers
Jacqueline Guan of Reality Changers attended the meeting to thank DMSB Rotary for its recent $8,755 donation to Reality Changers.  Reality Changers was one of the two Major Beneficiaries of the Club’s 2018 BocceFest fundraiser, receiving 20% of its net proceeds.  Reality Changers’ mission is to transform lives by providing youth from disadvantaged backgrounds with the academic support, financial assistance, and leadership training to become college graduates.  It is a homegrown organization, started 18 years ago.  It serves students throughout San Diego County from its main facility in the City of San Diego and branch in Solana Beach.  Jacqueline updated us with news that their main facility now has 15,000 square feet, a major increase from their recent, crowded 3,000 square feet space, and their search for a new leader now that its founder, Christopher Yanov, has stepped down as CEO.
Molly’s My Three Things
Molly Fleming told the Club of the 3 big things in her life:  Family, Health, and Career.  We learned that she had great, loving parents, even though they were quite strict.  She seemed to like her brothers, too.  Her parents taught her to work hard (jobs since age 14, including waitressing and phone solicitations while at SDSU), get a good education, and help others through charitable activities (that’s how we found Molly, checking in donors at a mobile Blood Bank event in Solana Beach). 
Health is important to Molly, partly due to her experience with panic attacks in college, which she overcame through help, meditation, and increased attention to her overall health.
Molly spoke about her career, why she chose real estate (more personal control), some great mentors (two really great ones), and now her balancing act between career and baby Riley (with Tim’s help, of course).
Program Speaker, Jim Bettencourt of the California Highway Patrol
California Highway Patrol officer Jim Bettencourt provided our program this morning, covering much good information.  With 19 years as a CHP’s officer, Jim now serves as a Media Information Officer.  He does outreach and news reporting among his many jobs   There are two main CHP facilities in San Diego County, one off Ruffin Road in San Diego and the “Oceanside” facility actually in Vista.  Their Transportation Management System watches over all of the roads in San Diego County and is worth a visit by the club. 
CHP has a Freeway Service Patrol to clear highway lanes clogged by vehicle breakdowns, out of gas, or health and other issues.  It also serves as eyes and ears for CHP officers.  Call 511 if you need help; it’s free.  CHP also provides many educational programs, including its Smart Start education program that teaches high school students (with their parents) about safe driving, including the many poor decisions that can impact them and others.  Other programs include Just Drive (for business drivers), Age Well (for older drivers), and Cheaters Program (concerning residents who don’t register their cars in California to save money).
Other tidbits included:  In a no-injury crash, clear the lane first and stay in a safe area.  Deaths from crashes normally involve at least 1 of 3 causes - Speed, DUI, No Seatbelts.  DUI check points catch relatively few abusers, but they serve as a caution to drivers.  Most DUI stops are made by patrolmen who notice unsafe driving.  The CHP is California’s state police, having absorbed the early California State Police some time ago.  So, the CHP can enforce laws anywhere within the state, not just on highways.  CHP officers are paid well (about $100,000/year after 5 years), but recruiting good officers is still difficult.  CHP emphasizes respect for all, with training and the practice aimed at verbally de-escalating situations verbally if at all possible.
In the end DMSB Club President Ken Barrett presented the speaker with the Joshua certificate that represents our club DMSB donating school supplies to schools in Malawi in the name of the speaker.
Jim Bettencourt of the California Highway Patrol; Molly Fleming's "My 3 Things"; Check for Reality Changers Sanjiv Prabhakaran 2019-02-15 08:00:00Z 0 California Highway Patrol,Jim Bettencourt,Reality Changers

"Shifting perspective on Death" by Lannette Cornell Bloom; $3,000 check to Casa de Amistad

Posted by Sanjiv Prabhakaran on Feb 08, 2019
This week we missed Molly Fleming, who was supposed to give her brief talk on "My Favorite 3 Things in Life". Hopefully she will do that next week.
Then we had a donation check of $3,000 presented by Del Mar-Solana Beach Rotary club to Nicole Green of Casa de Amistad.
Following that we had a talk by Lannette Cornell Bloom about "Shifting Our Perspective of Death and the Dying Process".  Her daughter Melissa also was our guest and she provided some insights at the end during the Q&A session. Lannette is a registered nurse (RN), healer, and author who is passionate about bringing simple joys to others. As an RN and health practitioner of more than thirty years, she has seen firsthand the need to care for others both emotionally and physically. When her mother was diagnosed with a terminal illness in 2003, she came to understand how critical it is that we talk about death in a more positive way and that emotional healing is possible through mindful choices. She shares her story and that wisdom in her book, Memories and Dragonflies, Simple Lessons for Mindful Dying, which is on Amazon.
She says that there are 90 million unpaid caregivers and many are struggling to care for themselves and their families at the same time. Her focus is to change the negative outlook of dying  and turn that into mindful dying  by being in the present moment. She elaborated about the 5 ways to look at dying in a positive way --
  1. Ignore the clock - don't stop living.
  2. Remember to look up - she talks about her mom one day just wanted to go into a store and look around because that was her favorite store & the store clerk did not even bother to look up.
  3. Always have a sense of humor - she talks about a story of how her mom was watching TV and saw a fire outside and had her daughter call 911 and it turned out in the end to be just a waving flag reflected in the neighbor's pool that looked like fire :-).
  4. Spiritual energy - she refers to a red dragon fly that gives energy and shows how to let go of anger.
She mentioned about some funny movies that helps bring humor to the dying process. One of the movies is "Death at a funeral". She also suggested that more information about the dying process can be viewed at and
In the end DMSB Club Vice President Vicky Mallett presented the speaker with the Joshua certificate that represents our club DMSB donating school supplies to schools in Malawi in the name of the speaker.
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Bocce Update, “Pay it Forward Processing Donates Parts of Its Fees to Charities” by Renee VanHeel, “My Three Things” by Phil Campanelli

Posted by Sanjiv Prabhakaran on Feb 01, 2019
President Ken updated the Club about Bocce 2019, saying that we were targeting the last Sunday in September and first Sunday in October..  Responding to Ken’s inquiry, Art thought that Pacific Rim Pathology should be able to be a VIP sponsor again this year and Art would be happy to help Malcolm with the “beer” thing.  Bill matched Art by offering his family’s VIP sponsorship again this year plus an offer to help where needed.  Steve raised a concern that the Jewish holy days begin the first Sunday in October.
“My Three Things” by Phil Campanelli
With only a few minutes available for the three big things in his life, Phil quickly talked about the three big things in his life, Family, Friends, and Faith, and shared a few photos (which we’ll try to add to this writeup later).  He came from a very Italian family back in Ohio.  In addition to Phil’s going to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, both of Phil’s sons graduated from there the same year, even though they were several years apart in age.
“Pay it Forward Processing Donates Parts of Its Fees to Charities” by Renee VanHeel
Renee and David VanHeel started Pay it Forward Processing to offer an improved credit card processing experience for businesses in the U.S. and Canada.  But, they did it with a twist:  they donate a portion of their processing fees to charities that meet their vetting process.  Client businesses of PFProcessing benefit from no long-term contracts, reduced processing fees (98 % of the time), business development advice, social media promotions, and the satisfaction of helping their communities.  The businesses also gain additional positive exposure as socially responsible companies.  Renee introduced Cade VanHeel, a Vice President of PFProcessing, and Andi VanHeel, Executive Director of Every Swipe Benefits Charity, who added additional insights.  Nonprofits are encouraged to introduce businesses to Pay it Forward Processing and its Every Swipe Benefits Charity program to provide the nonprofits with a continuing stream of contributions.  Thus, Pay it Forward Processing gains new client businesses, the businesses save on processing fees, and the charities receive additional funds to do good things in their communities.
In the end DMSB Club President Ken Barrett presented the speaker with the Joshua certificate that represents our club DMSB donating school supplies to schools in Malawi in the name of the speaker.
Bocce Update, “Pay it Forward Processing Donates Parts of Its Fees to Charities” by Renee VanHeel, “My Three Things” by Phil Campanelli Sanjiv Prabhakaran 2019-02-01 08:00:00Z 0 Andi Van Heel,Bocce 2019 Update,Cade VanHeel,Pay It Forward Processing,Phil Campanelli,Renee VanHeel

DMSB Club Meeting + Molly's Surprise Baby Shower

Posted by Sanjiv Prabhakaran on Jan 25, 2019
Ken started the meeting announcing that today it was mainly to discuss DMSB club issues and Bocce planning.
Steve Weitzen gave a quick story about how he was invited to meet the incoming Rotary International President SUSHIL GUPTA at a local Rotary meeting. He said that was a big honor and he was able to discuss few interesting points with him. Mr. Gupta is from New Delhi, India.
Then we had Phil talk about increasing memberships to the club and how each current member needs to be an ambassador and invite guests. He suggested that we plan a social in March to attract more guests and provide some Rotary education.
Ken and Malcolm gave an update on Bocce - what happened last year and what we need to do this year. Key points highlighted were --
  1. Need more revenue and member participation
  2. Promote the "beer" part of the fest more
  3. Member participation needed during the "preparation" stages weeks before the event day
  4. The goal for 2019 is to raise at least $65K
  5. Patrica said her company Capital One has already committed $5,000!
  6. Steve has committed to $1,000
  7. Venky said he will bring $5,000 one way or another
  8. So, we are already $11,000 into the fund raising!! That is awesome!
  9. Charlotte is heading up Marketing as per Charles
  10. Molly will help with Sales
  11. Sanjiv to be involved in the web stuff and will help the Auction chair with Auction related technology stuff
  12. Bev has made a list of all the other volunteers
Following this we had a surprise Baby Shower and gifts for Molly Fleming. Her new baby girl is named RILEY! Patricia had secretly planned this session with all the members :-). Nice work Patricia!
Molly spent some time opening all the gifts and reading out the cards and each member gave her some quick "baby" advice.
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7-way club meeting + Amy Scruggs Entertainment

Posted by Sanjiv Prabhakaran on Jan 17, 2019
The regular Friday meeting was replaced with this 7-way club meeting at the Del Mar Hilton. It was a packed room and Don Fipps from the Rotary Club of Del Mar kicked off the event. 
Each club's President gave a quick presentation and update about their clubs. Ken Barrett kicked that off with updates from Del Mar/Solana Beach Rotary club. The other 6 clubs that belong to District 5340 delivered their updates in this order - Rancho Santa Fe, Solana Beach Eco Club, Encinitas, Encinitas Coastal, E-Club of San Diego Global, and Rotary Club of Del Mar.
Following that we had a very inspirational talk by nationally known vocalist and country musician Amy Scruggs. Her life story was full of struggles and she talked about how she kept "re-calucalting route ..." each time she hit an obstacle or a challenge. She also started a non-profit called Voice For Heroes. She ended the program by singing 2 beautiful songs on the piano. He tag line is "Be Contagious, not Competitive".  She is married to Brad Galvan and they have 6 kids. Her full story can be read here.
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"Strengthening the Women, Children and Families' Health impacted by HIV/AIDS" by Sara Duran and "My 3 Things" by Radia Hunter

Posted by Sanjiv Prabhakaran on Jan 11, 2019
Today was a surprise appearance by Radia Hunter. She is back full-time at Rotary now after a 1 year hiatus :-). She kicked it off by presenting her 3 things that impacted her life.
  1. She said she was in Belgium for few years with her sister and she learnt French during her time there. That was an exciting experience for her.
  2. Then she joined Rotary many years ago and was introduced to Richard Fogg, who was a Rotarian. In due course he gave her a job at his firm and she grew into a partner role there and very soon she will be able to acquire the entire business from Richard. She also said that George & Lou Sousa inspired her a lot and she enjoyed every community project at Rotary.
  3. Finally her engagement to Sean Hunter was a life-changing event. Sean called her one day and said he found a great deal to fly to Belgium and had to leave in few days. He took her to Bruges in Belgium and proposed on a boat ride. She said YES! Apparently Sean surprised her by inviting 6 of her old friends. It was the most memorable event of her life.
And then we had another big surprise news from Molly Fleming! She and her husband Tim adopted a brand new baby born on Dec 23, 2018! A baby girl named Riley Galwin. CONGRATULATIONS to Molly & Tim.
Herb gave a quick update on some of the District and Global grant projects.
"Strengthening the Women, Children and Families' Health impacted by HIV/AIDS" by Sara Duran
Ali Freedman is the interim Executive Director at Christie's Place, a community-based non-profit organization in San Diego, California. Since she could not attend, her Program Manager Sara Duncan gave a nice presentation about the history and activities of Christie's Place. Sara Durán, has a degree in MPH and she coordinates outreach, education, empowerment, and advocacy services for women, children, and families impacted by HIV. Ms. Durán is a Certified Health Education Specialist who has developed and implemented trauma-informed programming at Christie’s Place focused on health education, access, and retention for women living with HIV and their family members. In addition to a variety of local presentations, she has presented to national audiences on trauma-informed service provision in HIV service settings.
Christie’s Place is dedicated to the memory of Christie Milton-Torres. Christie dreamed that one day there would be a haven for women and families living with HIV.  At age 20 Christie was diagnosed with HIV.  During the late 1980s and early 1990s Christie was a tireless advocate for the needs of women and children.  In 1994 Christie died due to complications from AIDS.  Christie’s legacy lives on as the agency transforms lives by providing comprehensive education, advocacy and social services to women, children and families.
She said that at the end of 2016 almost 1.1 million people were living with HIV infection in the U.S. Unfortunately, only 25% of those were virally suppressed. Sara indicated that as long as the patients take their meds they cannot transmit the disease. Christie was the 1st woman in to highlight the HIV issue and take some action to provide relief to those infected in San Diego.
They identified that there was a big link between trauma and HIV. Christie has many peer navigators (PNs) that help HIV patients to navigate the health insurance maze. one such PN is Martha at Christie's, who helps patients with HIV. She is very effective because she herself is an HIV patient and so other patients relate to her very well.
Sara mentioned that there are many regimens to the medication process. Some are 1 pill a day program and very easy for patients to follow the program. The CHANGE (Coordinated HIV Assistance and Navigation for Growth and Empowerment) for Women program serves low-income women living with HIV throughout all of San Diego County whether they are entering medical care, have fallen out of care or are at risk of falling out of care. It improves the utilization of medical care and treatment and strengthens the healthcare and social services systems through strategic alliances and implementation of a peer navigation service model. She said it is always good to add the HIV blood test to routine blood tests during annual checkups. Sara added that the common symptoms are bad flu, pneumonia, etc. It seems many can live over 10 years with no symptoms.
There were 2 other board members that attended the event along with Sara -- Laurie Stewart and Renee Sievert. They provided additional information about Christie's fund-raising events and invited our members to a future event that they hold at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. Laurie will send details about this event.
In the end DMSB Club President Ken Barrett presented the speaker with the Joshua certificate that represents our club DMSB donating school supplies to schools in Malawi in the name of the speaker.
"Strengthening the Women, Children and Families' Health impacted by HIV/AIDS" by Sara Duran and "My 3 Things" by Radia Hunter Sanjiv Prabhakaran 2019-01-11 08:00:00Z 0 Ali Freedman,Christi's Place,Laurie Stewart,Molly Fleming,Radia Hunter,Renee Sievert,Sara Duncan

"Mindfulness and Positive Change" by John Allcock and "My 3 Things" by Charlotte Jones

Posted by Sanjiv Prabhakaran on Jan 04, 2019
We had a quick update by Herb about the district grants that he has been working on. He completed a project that delivered 5 tons of food and a scholarship program in Kenya. Then Steve Weitzen reminded everyone about the 7-way District meeting on Thursday January 17, 2019. This meeting will replace the regular Friday meeting on Jan 18th.
Following that we had a brief talk by Charlotte Jones about her 3 important things in life. She said that there were 3 books that made a difference in her life. She grew up in Moscow, Idaho and is a voracious book reader. She uses Audible to listen to books during her commute and walks.
1. "The Brothers K" by James Duncan: It's a coming of age story about a family. This touching, uplifting novel spans decades of loyalty, anger, regret, and love in the lives of the Chance family.
2. "QUIET" by Susan Cain: This was a book that taught Charlotte the power of introverts. The book outlines the strengths of many famous introverts, such as, Rosa Parks, Steve Wozniak, Dr. Seuss, etc. Charlotte says that she is sort of an introvert and this book helped with leadership skills.
3. "Overwhelmed" by Brigid Schulte: This book tackles a very critical issue with most people - can working parents in America—or anywhere—ever find true leisure time? Overwhelmed is a map of the stresses that have ripped our leisure to shreds, and a look at how to put the pieces back together. A very interesting and informative book as per Charlotte. It touches on the elements of culture. kids, aging, etc.
"Mindfulness and Positive Change" by John Allcock
John Allcock has been a student and teacher of mindfulness for over 15 years and a certified mindfulness instructor all over the world. He has given interviews on over 50 radio and television stations across the country, including many in San Diego. He graduated from Boston College and Harvard Law School. He is currently a practicing trial lawyer with DLA Piper, where he specializes in the trial of complex patent cases.
He met his wife Cheryl about 5 years ago. She was running a school for challenged kids for almost 20 years. The school is called Sea Change Prep and is located in Del Mar, CA. It is a WASC accredited school. They cater to kids from 4th grade to High School. Some of the key teaching principles of the school are as follows --
  1. Don't be ruled by tyranny of events
  2. 905 of your worries are wrong
  3. Thinking is overrated -- it seems a person goes through 30,000 to 70,000 thoughts each day and 70% of those are repeats!
John teaches a lot of his meditation techniques to the kids at the school. His theory is that a person can "control what action one takes on the thoughts", but the thoughts itself cannot be controlled. Mindfulness buffers you from bad actions. For example, if a driver cuts you off on the toad then mindfulness teaches you how to change your mind's state. Mindfulness teaches you to pay attention to our present moment experiences without judgement, with curiosity and openness.
He talks about how Koby Bryant uses meditation techniques. Watch his video here. John says that you can control your thoughts by noting it but let it go. He says to choose responses, intentions and actions that promote a healthy outcome. He cited the recent horrific event of the 12 Thai kids that were trapped in a cave after massive floods in Thailand. They survived those 18 days using meditation techniques guided by their soccer coach! Famous celebrities vouch to 20-30 minutes of daily mediation techniques that help them in their success. John also highlights these principles in his own book "40 Things I Wish I'd Told My Kids".
In the end DMSB Club President Ken Barrett presented the speaker with the Joshua certificate that represents our club DMSB donating school supplies to schools in Malawi in the name of the speaker.
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"Providing Basic Care to Physically Disabled" by George Yeh and "My 3 Things" by Beverly Liberman

Posted by Sanjiv Prabhakaran on Dec 14, 2018
We had a very touching and inspirational "My 3 Things in Life" talk by Beverly Liberman. Her 3 topics were as follows -- 
  1. She talked about how she decided to become a Christian and started believing in Jesus especially having grown up in a Jewish family. She joined a group called "Mystic Christians" and went to Bible study and when she read "Mark" in the New Testament she was convinced that Jesus is Messiah.
  2. She grew up in Beverly Hills with a wealthy dad and had butler in the house. She had a tough time then. Years later a book was born - "Incest Repressed: Faith & Healing". Members can order it here on Amazon.
  3. The highlight of her life was meeting Herb. They had a drink and dinner on the first date and Bev asked if he wanted to split the bill and Herb jumped at that offer & said "Yes!" :-). They then dated for 4 years and got married. Then once she went with Herb to feed homeless people and she could not stand it. But when she started serving them her perception changed and since then she has been involved in helping the less privileged.
She then became a law enforcement chaplain and did that for 10 years. In the end she received a standing ovation from the audience.
George and Sanjiv enjoy a good photo shoot at the Hilton - courtesy Phil Campanelli :-).
"Providing Basic Care to the Physically Challenged" by George Yeh
George Reh grew up in Toronto, Canada and he was a senior official at Dupont. His daughter Dina grew up with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and he saw that almost 3-4 months she had to be in the hospital during winter months suffering from inflammation and joint pains. That was a very poor quality of life for all of them. He decided he had to move to warmer area and decided to move to San Diego.
He saw very good improvement in his daughter's condition and she was able to go to UCSD in her wheel-chair and later did her Masters in Clinical counseling from USD. She was very determined to not be deterred by her condition. She now practices as a clinical counsellor at a clinic and helping other similarly challenged patients.
One day Dina was returning home and she was just couple miles away for home when her van collapsed and she had to find a ride. That cost her almost $250! Dina felt she needed to do something about these exorbitant costs. She wanted to offer empowerment to these challenged people. That's when she and her dad founded Club-ABLE.
They essentially identify providers that are willing to work with their group at lower costs and in exchange the patients provide something in return to grow their businesses. Thus a Preferred Partner Network (PPN) was created. They have many future services and products planned. George is looking for help in setting up the 501-C(3) designation for their organization so they can start accepting donations. They also need lots of volunteers to take their mission forward.
In the end DMSB Club President Ken Barrett presented the speaker with the Joshua certificate that represents our club DMSB donating school supplies to schools in Malawi in the name of the speaker.
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CRC Food Packaging

Posted by Sanjiv Prabhakaran on Dec 12, 2018
Many of the club members participated in the Community Resource Center (CRC) food packaging & distribution marathon at the Del Mar Fairgrounds on multiple days. Susan took a picture of the truck with our club's logo displayed on it.
The assembly line arrangement was very fascinating and it worked very smoothly with volunteers packing various cans of beans, corn, soup, etc.
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"Solutions For Change" by Chris Megison and "My 3 Things" by Herb Liberman

Posted by Sanjiv Prabhakaran on Dec 07, 2018
Today we had a very captivating and emotion-charged talk by Chris Megison, co-founder & CEO of Solutions For Change. He was accompanied by his team members Patty Johnson and Debra Sallaz. Since 1993 Chris has designed and led numerous free market social purpose initiatives and innovations that have solved homelessness permanently for over 4,500 people. His trademark impact is his “get up, suit up and show up” model of leadership in which he leads from the front, a style of servant leadership that he learned as a U.S. Marine.
In 1999, Chris and Tammy Megison were helping out at an emergency winter shelter with their two boys, when a 9 year old girl named Jessica pulled Chris’ sleeve and innocently asked, “Hey mister, do you live here too?” Chris looked at the girl and then over to her mother who was preparing a bed on the shelter floor. Chris got down on one knee, looking into the girl’s eyes, and said, “I don’t live here, sweetie, but my wife and I are going to do everything possible so that you, and your family, won’t have to live here too.”
The girl’s eyes welled with tears, and so did Chris’s and a vision was born—to solve family homelessness. This one night forever changed not only the lives of Jessica and her family, who solved their homelessness, but also the lives of over 2,600 other children and their parents who have since found their way to Solutions. Through this promise an imperative evolved that is known today as "Solutions for Change".
Chris grew up in the mid-west and after one bad blizzard in Detroit he decided he needs to go west. So, he joined the military and dreamed of getting to San Diego. But then he got positioned in the coldest place in Amchitka Island, west of Alaska. Finally, after few years he was sent to warmer places, such as, the Sahara Desert in Somalia.
The goal for Solutions for Change is to get these homeless people out of the chain of dependency and denial. Chris then talked about how he met Wolfman Steve 27 years ago, who was a homeless man and he was stuck in addiction. He went to see this guy in action and felt that he could do something to change this man & other homeless people. That is when the "ALPHA" project started and he created this "Social Enterprise". He transformed the scary-looking Wolfman into a guy selling newspapers and Chris went with them to provide the motivation. That led him to the LA fair where he took 20+ homeless folks with an entire truck filled with newspapers and sold every newspaper in that truck.
He then talked about the university program, where he has 197 families enrolled. It's a 1000 day university program. They teach things like Connect, Trust and Act - the concepts of Servant leadership training. When Katrina hit they were able to mobilize 13 different organizations, loaded up several trucks and sent that to Katrina to help the people that were displaced. They are able to "transform" people and many of these transformed students end up working at the farm. Chris is also serving on the Poverty Reform Team under President Trump.
In the end DMSB Club President Ken Barrett presented the speaker with the Joshua certificate that represents our club DMSB donating school supplies to schools in Malawi in the name of the speaker.
Member of the Club Award - George Sousa
Ken presented George with the "Member of the Club" award for his dedication and exceptional service to the club. George also requested a moment of silence since today was the Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day.
Thank You Talk by John Van Cleef, Executive Director of CRC
John Van Cleef recently became the new Executive Director at the Community Resource Center in September 2018. He was very happy to hear that our club donated a new truck and USD 1,500 to support distribution of donated items to needy families. John's goal is to improve the quality of life of many people. He is a Rotarian by history.
"My 3 Things in Life" by Herb Liberman
Herb shared his 3 exciting events in life.
1. He talked about his life as a school superintendent when he had to make tough decisions about school clos