Jimmy Karam, retired Naval Officer and current Mental Performance Consultant, works with youth to help them on their life-long path of discovering who they are and how they fit in

Mr. Karem gave an inspirational speech on how he works with youth and members of sports teams to help them as they search for their identity and  how they fit in, while achieving an  intimacy of independence and interdependence. To achieve the goal of purpose, growth, and legacy, he uses the tools of:
  • No judgement
  • An acknowledgement of each other's past
  • An open mind for growth
  • Support for accomplishing future goals
During the business part of today's meeting, members shared how they had helped meet President Herb's commitment to do Small Acts that Change the World:
Herb shared that as Acting CEO of Second Chance (an organization that helps inmates coming out of jail), all seven of the last training program have found jobs
- Beverly said how an organization she works with in Kenya  helped a student build a house for his grandmother
- Sushandra told how her organization in India helped repair roofs and walls from damage caused by a recent cyclone
- Venky humorously said how he paid $11 that was missing for a large global grant in India
- Patricia shared how she is bringing dinner and chocolates to a friend whose husband is very ill 
President Herb closed the meeting reminding us of his motto: Do Good and Have Fun