Posted on Oct 29, 2021
Happy Halloween!! 
We arrived at the Hilton to these fun creations created by the staff
And words of wisdom from Patricia "to review our checkbooks, our hearts, and indeed, the registers of our lives with honesty as we consider our priorities and our opportunity to help others"
There were a lot of Happy $$ for the great job Paul did in covering for Vicky and for World Polio Day; from Molly for a fun trip to Big Bear; from Paul for his 3.4MM home sale & for the $775 raised to End Polio Now that increased to $5000 with District & Gates match
Jon reported final LobsterFest figures: a whopping $76,700 in Revenue with Profit of $50,475 - Great job!!!!!
Steve shared that we will be partnering for a $70,000 Global Grant with District 4100 in Baja
Herb informed us that $9K is on its way to El Salvador to help children with health & education needs
And Happy Birthday Wishes to Beverly for her upcoming birthday and to Scott for whom Charlotte paid a fine
Our speaker, Marj Cole, former District Governor and in her 3rd year as Foundation Chair, brought us up to date on the Rotary Foundation and our contributions: We have 27 Paul Harris Fellows (have given $1000 or more); 3 members are part of the Bequest Society (have included The Foundation in their Estate Planning; 3 members are Major Donors (have given over $10,000 to The Foundation); the Club has donated $11,000 to the annual Fund with an average of $378 for a total of $400,000. Rotarians on the west coast can  become a Polio Plus Society Member by donating $100/yr to Polio Plus. The Rotary Foundation has one of the highest non-profit ratings as 91% of its funds go philanthropic endeavors