Posted on Aug 26, 2022
Happy Rotarians included Jan for her church's upcoming 90th White Elephant sale; Molly for Riley's 1st day of a 2nd year of school; Charlotte for Leif's 1st day of 7th grade; Vicky for the fun Powerhouse Park concert; Bill for a great trip to the Canadian Rockies with Suzanne; Di for upcoming silent retreat; Charles (happy & sad) to report he & Alicia will be selling their home and moving to La Costa Glen; Steve for a wonderful Rotary meeting where he was honored with his picture on a cake & members paid homage to his Jewish heritage
It was great to have Nicole back from sabbatical and she updated us on activities with Casa de Amistad: they are very excited to be one of our major LobsterFest beneficiaries; they are meeting in person again after two years of being virtual due to the pandemic; they are extending activities to La Costa; and they are adding kindergarten & college prep assistance
LobsterFest Update: We are currently at $37,525 in sponsorships; we need to encourage bidding on our online auction (Charlotte confirmed the trips with Travel Pledge are great); Di thanked everyone for their raffle restaurant support and Paul helped pick our $200 raffle donation winner which, appropriately, was Vicky!!
Sandra Scheller, curator of the "RUTH: Remember Us The Holocaust" museum in Chula Vista (which was named after her mother), shared  pictures saved in a trunk by her mother and touching stories of survivors who live in southern San Diego County. Bill, as presiding president today, presented her with our OEF certificate for speaking.