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  • Herb's mantra for the week: BUY COOKIES & BRING GUESTS (for the 3/5 Visitors Day Meeting)
  • Kendall & Megan joined us from the Rancho Bernardo Girl Scouts to offer cookies for sale. Click on https://digitalcookie.girlscouts.org/scout/troop2054-623 to help them, your sweet tooth, and the military 
  • Many Happy Dollars went to wish Bill well after a succesful  triple-bypass surgery
  • Paul has a new daughter-in-law as son Paul Jr. just got married
  • Molly is taking the kids on their first outing - to the zoo
  • Congratulations to Lew Williamson for receiving his first Paul Harris Fellow Award
  • Acts Of Kindness included Beverly for getting a computer for a student in Kenya; Charles who bought donuts for the RN who gave Alicia & him his second shot; Herb for helping a women whose grocery bags broke; & Vicky for checking up on a man recently discharged from the hospital
  • Steve reminded us that Tuesday was Rotary's 116th Birthday
  • We will be giving $1260 toward a project in El Salvador to help children up to 3yrs old to provide nutrition, education, and family support
  • Our speaker today was Shawn McClondon who founded the Sister Cities Project to partner affluent white communities with underserved minority communities to build new relationships and deepen cultural understanding and support. Currently, two partnerships have been formed: Solana Beach & Southeast San Diego, and Encinitas & City Heights. Rotarians showed a strong  interest in participating. 

  • Patricia played a video on Random Acts of Kindness, showing that one small act a day can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression for the giver and recipient. Click here: https://youtu.be/O9UByLyOjBM
  • You can now register to give blood for our April 17 Blood Drive at: sandiegobloodbank.org/donate
  • Join the Fireside Chat on Thursday, 2/25 at 7:00pm on zoom to acquaint new members with Rotary Basics
  • Herb mentioned a possible Global Grant next year with a Kenyan Rotary club to help with a new facility for Praise Gate Orphanage
  • Our speaker tonight, Gail Young, explained and showed how it is very important to stay hydrated and drink water that is highly  alkaline as oppossed to acidic. She uses a Kangen Water System

  • Herb's invocation focused on returning to normal as more & more Rotarians and the public get vaccinated
  • Molly helped in that effort for an elderly couple; we heard of Rotarians helping Rotarians (Mark for the Suttons & Charles for George), and Paul stopped his bike ride when he saw a Small Act waiting for his help
  • We are very happy that Ildiko is doing better after a rough 3 wks with Covid, and wish her continued improvement.  And a huge thanks to Art who has been a major contributor to her care
Mark your calendars and stay tuned for our new exciting fundraiser
  • Four Paul Harris Fellow awards were given by the club in recognition of time, talent, and/or treasures: Honorary Member & Youth Chair, Mami Takahara; 1st time award to new member Sarah Taylor; PH+3 for Vicky Mallett; and Bocce Premier Sponosr Steve Todoruk
  • Paul Greenwood was our fabulous speaker today. Intrigued by America after watching Easy Rider, he moved from England to San Diego after meeting & marrying a native, and spent 25 years as a Deputy District Attorney - 22 of those in charge of a new area: Elder Abuse. He retired 3 yrs ago but continues to do webinars on scams - #1 being romance scams for seniors. Other scams to watch out for include the 45-55 yr. old son living at home with widowed mother, unemployed, lazy, & addicted to drugs or alcohol; care givers; contractors (home repair workers, carpet cleaners, termite fumigators), and phone scams. He emphasized the importance (especially during this pandemic) of staying in daily contact with loved ones & the elderly

  • Small Acts: Herb related the story of the 88 yr old veteran who was given his high school diploma after 70 years due to the interruption of the Korean War. Susan shared giving a bouquet of flowers to her mother's neighbor, a nurse practioner, who is helping everyone during the pandemic
  • Nicole Mione-Green, program director with Casa de Amistad updated us on how they are matching volunteers and students online to provide mentoring and tutoring services during the stay-at-home order. We will be helping them with $3700 for school supplies for 160 kids. Let Charles know if you'd like to donate to this project.
  • Paul presented Suzanne & Bill their Paul Harris +2 pins, for their continued contributions to the Rotary Foundation
  • Vicky announced we will host a visitors day at the March 5 meeting, when Trish Boaz, CEO of the San Dieguito River Valley Conservatory, will be our guest speaker. Invite friends, community leaders, and business associates to join us for an inspiring talk. Send Patricia guest info on March 3 or 4, so she can send them our zoom link 
  • Our speaker today was Nick Gulion, a Rotary Scholarship recipient who went on to Yale Law School and was a White House Intern before founding Recover, a Del Mar based organization working to make addiction treatment effective, accessible, and affordable to everone who needs it. 

Susan Cabon joined on zoom from England to update us on Joshua Orphan and Community Care Malawi - an organization formed in 2002 to help children orphaned by  HIV/AIDS near Blantyre, Malawi. They have since grown to provide community based childcare centers (CBCCs) in over 30 villages, providing meals, health care, and education for thousands of children.  Click on the link below to watch two videos of their work.
We have supported Joshua Orphan Care School in recognition of our speakers since 2009, when Kirk Collins visited Malawi with Rotary to deliver all-terrain wheelchairs to the disabled, and discovered the great need to help with school supplies and desks. It was nice having Kirk & Glenda join us today from Berkeley. 
Venky also updated us on a Global Grant we did in India to help train and establish businesses for  handicapped men & women.
Stay tuned for our next blood drive on April 17, and projects to help Hope Without Boundaries and Casa de Amistad

It was nice to see Luis Carranza, Asst/Area Governor from Rancho Santa Fe
Lots of Happy Dollars were shared by members:
  • Paul for his & Mary's 42nd Wedding Anniversary on the 27th (the same date as Bill & Suzanne)
  • Susan for her 8th grandneice/nephew in 3 years, & able to schedule a vaccine shot for her mom
  • Charlotte sad/happy that her "baby" Lief is turning 9
  • US Citizenship for Charles' & Venky's cleaning ladies, & new baby boy for Nicole, former Rotary exchange student of Charles 
  • Bill to see his friend & best man of 51yrs, and Luis glad to see Bill who was club president the same year as he
  • Steve for all his club connections over the week
  • George for Patricia's help on the computer & especially for the huge plate of cookies she brought
Paul comfirmed that 12/30 members have made their annual Foundation donation, and shared a Foundation video:
Lew will head up another blood drive in April
Vicky, Susan, & Herb attended the District Membership Seminar & shared some ideas:
  • Reach out to alumni in good standing and set up a structure to accommodate them
  • Engage new members to learn more about Rotary
  • Get high-powered speakers from around the world to draw potential members
Nicholas Domingo, a Rotarian & Co-Executive Director of Call To Inspire and Captain Encouragement, spoke to us on how he went from a bullied youngster, to an angry athelete, and after a brain aneurysm, to a superhero helping to inspire children in K - 3rd Grades. He also inspired us!
"Our goal is to perpetuate positive change in the world, starting by and giving our children the tools to break the cycle of violence that is inherent in our society and the media. We need to use the world’s unprecedented inter-connectivity to wake up the new generations, and finally trade our apathy and isolation for the love and kindness of a more positive humankind. "
Due to the pandemic, they pivoted from school assemblies to the online space developing video content, youtube tv series, and games. For more information go to https://calltoinspire.com/

  • Let Herb know if you would like to join the Fundraising Meeting at 3:00 on 1/11 to discuss plans for next year
  • Steve thanked Venky for all the hard work on getting the Anti-Human Trafficing Grant approved & ready for funding
  • We were very sorry to learn from Meera that her father passed away, a month shy of his 100th birthday
  • Patricia asked for social ideas & suggested an online cooking class, and another theatre night in March
  • Kevin reported Model UN is in full swing with 56 teams and will take place on March 27 & 28 via zoom
  • Susan reminded members that we need $100/per capita to the Foundation Annual Fund to support our future District & Global Grants
  • Speaker Robert De Maio let us know how CaptionCall is helping the hearing impaired by supplying & training users, at no cost, how to use a special amplified phone that transcribes the call. Vicky shared how this was a huge help in communicating with her father who had dementia & lived out of state


  • Our last meeting of the year was festive and fun. Patricia and Charlotte won best outfit with Charles close behind. It was nice to have former member Sanjiv join us
  • Malcolm was happy to miss the meeting since it meant he was with clients, but sent two videos highlighting December Birthdays & Anniversaries
Vicky, Radia, Jan, & Lou celebrating Birthdays; Suchandra (and Ray) an Anniversary
Bill & Suzanne for their 51st Wedding Anniversary
  • Rotarians are performing many Acts of Kindness including Bill & Suzanne putting wreaths on Veterans' graves in Greenwood Cemetary; Andy working with our  former speaker from The League of Amazing Programmers to teach  the children in Nepal; and Susheela cooking & delivering food  for neighbors who have  Covid-19 
  • David Ellenstein, Artistic Director of North Coast Reportoary Theatre, talked about his family's  life in theatre, how he's enjoyed his 18 yrs. at NCR (which is in its 39th Season), how he'd like to move to a larger space (which is currently only in the talking phase), and about the two current shows that were filmed for viewing - A Christmas Carol (traditional but with a twist) and The Iliad (an anti-war piece). NCR is one of the busiest theatres during this pandemic & is receiving wide recognition and praise throughout the country
  • And Patricia put together a fabulous, fun Game Night on Saturday that kept Bill, Suzanne, Beverly, Herb, Mark, Susan, Jan, & her  happy and entertained. Games included Taboo, Scattergories, Who Am I, Holiday Trivia, and the favorite, a Scavenger Hunt. Thank you Patricia!
Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

  • Paul's invocation focused on this Season of Light
  • And George led in a minute of silence to remember those lost in the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941
  • Many  Happy Dollars were given for Sagittarius Birthdays, including Ken's 13 year old daughter, Charles' sister, and Susheela's daughter
  • We were sorry to learn George's 15 yr old dog had to be put down
  • Paul & Herb's Small Act of Kindness was support for Reality Changers speech contest participants
  • Molly encountered an Act of Kindness when she ran out of gas
  • We will be giving a $2000 scholarship for a high school student through Potem Path
  • Please join the committee in January who will be looking into Bocce 2021 or other fundraiser(s)
  • Kudos to Susan who suggested including Rotary International for Giving Tuesday, which raised over $24,000
  • And a round of applause for the generosity of our members who donated $1500 to buy holiday gift cards for our servers & helpers at The Del Mar Hilton who we have missed seeing these many months
  • We will be matching recognition points for all donations to the Rotary Foundation this year as part of EREY
  • Remember to support The DM Hilton & Viewpoint Brewery with takeout during this latest lockdown
  • And don't forget the evening social/meeting next Thursday evening and our Holiday/Game Night on Saturday, 12/19. Wear your ugly Holiday sweaters and/or hats
(though that may be passe)

Herb thanked Susan for being the "Best Handler" and keeping him on his toes
Jan finished a 1000 piece puzzle she bought because it had an Amala-like cat in antlers. This prompted the idea of a Rotary Puzzle Exchange
Bill learned at Stand Down that a "Small Act" of helping even one is a success
We were all saddened to learn of the passing of Charlotte's dad and Venky's sister. Our thoughts and prayers are with them
But we were thrilled to learn that Radia will be adding a baby girl to her family

We were honored to have District Attorney Summer Stephan talk with us this morning about sex trafficing in San Diego and what is being done to prevent it. She emphasized how excited she is that this is a priority for Rotary, as Rotarians are doers. For more information, click on this link: https://www.sandiegotpc.org

7 Rotary Elves Fill 100 Boxes as Part of a Revised CRC Holiday Baskets
Thank You for Helping!
Molly, Beverly, Susan, Herb / Jon, Suzanne, Bill

Wishing Everyone a Happy, Healthy, Safe Thanksgiving

Surprising our Beloved George on his 90th Birthday
Secretly lining up outside George's house; Son Rick & Great-Grandson Lance lure George out with a ruse; Charles presents George with a sign saying Happy 90th George!! DMSB Rotary Loves You! Bill has champagne (or course); and we all toast this patriot and hero. Click on  the attached video to see great pictures of  George that his family put together:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ywr4zp-d9pE&feature=youtu.be
Ken, Mary, Kevin, Paul, George, Patricia, Jan, Charles & Alicia, Jon, Suzanne & Bill

Thank you Rotarians & Friends for helping our homeless Vets at this years scaled-down Stand Down, and thank you Lou for organizing
Bill, Beverly, Suzanne, Herb / Lou, Bill, Sibylle, Kevin

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