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Happy Fall
We continue with hybrid meetings. Please see our Upcoming Events & mark your calendars
Kevin's invocation reminded us to focus on being quick to listen and slow to speak; melding our differences, creating unity; highlighting integrity, emphasizing service to others
Happy Rotarians included Charles for enjoying fall leaves while  hiking WV & Tennessee trails with daughter & family; Susan for upcoming birthday on the 24th (the same day as our End Polio Now Walk); Charlotte for 5 new clients; Steve for having Robert Brewer with us today; Ken for mother's successful move to SD & upcoming birthday; Paul for Alzheimer's walk tomorrow with Bev & Herb 
George & Bill welcoming Vets back from their Honor Flight last week
 Robert Brewer, Jr. talked with us about his 25 months as US Attorney for the Southern District of California, one of four Federal Districts in California. It took him 2 years to be approved by the White House, the US Senate, and the Dept. of Justice. He emphasized the high ethical character of the assistant US attorneys he appointed, and was very proud to reorganize the Criminal Division to include Violent Crimes & Human Trafficing (VC & HT), at the urging of Steve. Highlights of his term are shown below:
As a thank you for speaking, Vicky presented Brewer our Joshua Orphan Care School certificate where we help with school supplies & desks in Malawi, Africa


Happy $s: $50 from Phil in celebation of his & Cynthia's Anniversary where they ate at Born & Raised, and also for his son staying in San Diego; $25 from Steve for Chuck joining us today and for his 2nd grandchild; $30 from Bill for over 3000 people welcoming back our veterans from honor flight and the marines from Afghanistan to Camp Pendleton
Calendar Items:
- Octoberfest: Saturday, 10/16, 4-8pm at Susan & Marks
   11:00am, Club Walk starting at Powerhouse Park in Del Mar; Lunch after at Viewpoint Brewery; Donate to Rotary.org
- San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy River Fest: 11/7, 4-7pm, Del Mar Hilton (https://paybee.io/@sdrvc2020@34)
- Visitors Day: Friday, 11/19. We will have a speaker from Cabrillo National Monument. Invite all your friends and neighbors
- Tecate home building: 12/4
Paul shared an eradicating polio video emphasizing We're Not Done Yet!
District Governor Elect, Chuck Pretto was our speaker today and shared many fascinating facts about Kobey's Swap Meet - San Diego's biggest outdoor market. Started by his father-in-law, Monte Kobey in 1976, it is a family affair with Chuck, his wife Kimberly, son Anthony, & brother Joseph on the management team. At Anthony's urging it has expanded to become America's largest outdoor sneaker & vintage clothing swap meet, earning 30% of its income from sneaker sales and attracking over 13,000 people who pay over $1200 per pair. Chuck offered free space for Rotary and Roteract events. 

  • Trish started the meeting with inspiring quotes from Albert Einstein, Martin Luther King, Albert Schweitzer, and Mother Teresa, who said "The fruit of silence is prayer; the fruit of prayer is faith; the fruit of faith is love; the fruit of love is service, the fruit of service is peace".
  • Condolences to Vicky who broke her wrist in a fall & came in a sling 
  • Happy Dollars: George for his son Jim speaking today & restart of honor flights; Patricia for ESP/San Dieguito River Valley Conservatory; Malcolm for new fiber laser that he hasn't figured out yet; Charlotte for passing her latest financial services test; Di for all the heartfelt wishes & cards; Herb for having Bev at the meeting & Venky's efforts on the Global Grant; Andy for his son's upcoming wedding  where he'll only have to dress from the waist up since it is on zoom
  • Thank you to Venky who couldn't make LobsterFest so donated $1000 instead
  • Vicky shared upcoming District Events:
    • Oct. 5 - Del Mar Rotary Sunset Soiree, 5:30-8:30, Del Mar Plaza (let's reciprocate their support of our LobsterFest)
    • Oct 21 - Membership mixer, 6-8pm, Agua Hedionda Lagoon Discovery Center, Carlsbad
    • Dec 4 - House building in Tecate with overnight stay
  • Holiday Party will be Dec 5 at Vickys - more info to come
  • Membership: Susan reminded us to talk about Rotary and invite new members
  • International: District Grant for El Salvador is approved and awaiting funds; Global Grant for Kenya orphanage has been written and is awaiting  amount of host Rotary funding
  • Community Service: Committee will meet week of Oct 14; Contact Lew to help with the Oct 30 Blood Drive
  • LobsterFest: Numbers are not final, but Vicky shared that Total Pledged reached $62,000!!!!!!!! including a net of $17,738 from the auction and $2000 from the raffle. Vicky thanked everyone for their help (not just her committee). Wrap up meeting was last week, but let her know if you have any suggestions/comments, and let Herb know if anyone hasn't received their Travel Pledge certificate
  • Our fascinating, informative  Speaker today was Jim Sousa, Director of GS Fisheries Inc. and 4th generation of family tuna fishermen. The  U.S. tuna industry started  in 1912 when Portuguese fishermen arrived (including Jim's Great Grandfather in 1918) and grew steadily until 1984 when our canneries closed. Boats grew from 125ft long to over 300ft and from holding 250 tons of tuna to 1500 tons. As Jim said, the boats were made out of wood and the men were made out of steel (this is the 2nd most dangerous business behind lumbering). 

Bill presented flowers to Vicky and Charlotte for the great job they did with LobsterFest (and brought a bottle of wine for Phil)
Everyone agreed it was a wonderful event and fundraiser - numbers to come!
Condolences to Di for the passing of her father-in law; Congratulations to Molly on her 5th wedding anniversary (she was here at the Hilton exactly 5 yrs ago); Jan was happy that she won the Reality Changers Over the Edge auction item where she will get to rappel down the side of a 30-story building (which we will make into a social); Susan was happy for a fabulous sailing day; and we were all happy to have with us Dan Gensler, current District Governor and his Chief Aid, Don Fipps
Dan shared with us that he joined Rotary a decade ago to grow his business but quickly learned that this is the most successful organization to eliminate human suffering by focusing on compassion, charity, and service. Dan is passionate about humanitarian causes both here and abroad and chaired  the Millions for Hope fundraising drive in 2015 that raised over $30 million in bequests and donations to The Rotary Foundation. He was inspired by Sister Ethel who left Ireland in 1972 for South Africa to help fight apartheid, where he has gone many years to distribute shoes and help the poor. And he has also been involved with Limbs of Freedom in Ensenada, Mexico where Rotary helps build prosthetics for the needy. He encouraged everyone to following RI President Mehtas lead to grow Rotary - each one-bring one; each one-keep one. 

...and the rest of the story that was cut...
Over 250 people attended the event Including Premier Sponsor Foster & Friends, and VIP sponsors Northstar Financial Management, Inc., The Sutton Family, PSRS, Charles Koll Jewellers, and Ergos. Youth from Just In Time and Reality Changers helped with set up, the raffle, and auction. When Premier Sponsor Alicia & Charles Foster were asked why they supported LobsterFest they shared that they feel very fortunate in life and want to express their gratitude by helping others. “We think that DMSB Rotary does a great job of helping people in need through well-chosen nonprofits, and especially for underserved kids and their families. We believe that improved education and mentoring can be the key to helping them overcome their and their parents’ lack of education, their views of potential opportunities, and other obstacles”.

DMSB Rotary President and LobsterFest Chair Vicky Mallett thanked her committee and said, “I am thrilled to have such enthusiastic support from our Community and our Club members for LobsterFest. The event raises funds to support our Club Programs and major beneficiaries, while providing a fun, social gathering in a beautiful setting.” Mallett ended by saying she hopes LobsterFest will be an annual fundraiser for the Club for years to come.

Thank you Vicky for imagining and chairing a wonderful LobsterFest, and to Linda for running a great opportunity drawing
Invitees arrived at the check-in table manned by Rotarians Weilynn, Suzanne, & Patricia and Just In Time for Foster Youth, one who came as a lobster and enticed guests to purchase opportunity tickets for local restaurants
They were then directed to the VIP tequila tasting run by Carlsbads CaliFino Tequila and to our auction area, overseen by Charlotte, Mauer, and Herb
Guests enjoyed  the Spanish guitar music of James Clarkston as they sipped marqaritas, wine, or beer from Viewpoint Brewing Co., and found their tables in the courtyard of the Del Mar Hilton
Artist Heather Roddy invited guests to add to the painting she was doing for our live auction before a dinner of lobster tacos and all the trimmings, baja style
President Mallett thanked everyone for their hard work, and MC Steve Weitzen introduced our military dignitaries and the Leaders of Just In Time For Foster Youth, Dianne Cox & Don Wells,  and Reality Changers Management, Tamara Craver and Dawn Wensel. Then everyone sat back to listen and dance to the music of Hot Rocks San Diego with Trish at the mic
It was a great evening, enjoyed by all in a magical setting on a beautiful night!


Vicky began the meeting with the following quote and thanked all her LobsterFest committee members for the fabulous job they have done. We are expecting about 260 people, and have raised over $12,000 in the online auction to date
Happy Dollars included Happy Birthday wishes for Susheela & Nicole; a $1000 check to the SD Foundation from Charles' friend; Charlotte for her auction intern Mauer, who joined us today; Patricia for a night at the fabulous Shell; Jan for a fun impromptu gathering  at Viewpoint where Malcolm supplied beer & munchies; Ken for surviving his 1st week at his new Seattle job; Bill for Phil & all his hard work; Andy for a very memorable 9/11 rememberance ceremony at Di's where as they reflected on those who died, a new life was being born by a participant on zoom
Charlotte won this special shirt as part of the We Are Baack drawing
Patricia as fine master again caught members lacking in knowledge about our members as three could not identify Susan as our President Elect. Paul escaped a fine by identifying Jan as Public Relations/Media Chair
Susan shared with us the beautiful booklet done by and about the women in A View, the non-profit in India started by our member Suchandra, to help & empower women with mental illness. She also showed us the fine quilts available in the LobsterFest auction that were made by these women
Visit aviewforwomen.org for more information
Susan also raved about the District Conference that she, Mark, Vicky, Beverly, and Herb attended and shared a video of Steve Brown's presentation on current happenings in Afghanistan. The future of the schools they built and support is uncertain, as there is a financial crisis right now. They are also  helping with visas for eligible Afghans who assisted them. He reminded Rotarians that the programs they funded were not sustainable without our help, but the capacity building they did in education and internet skills will be long lasting and very worthwhile.
LobsterFest Here We Come - tomorrow, Saturday, 9/18, 5-8pm

Steve led us in prayer as we reflected on the 20th Anniversary of 9/11
  • Malcolm invited all to come to Viewpoint on Monday from 3-6pm when a film crew will be taping; Susan rightfully bragged about a 33 mile bike ride she & Mark did; Charlotte was happy for her & Scott's 17th Wedding Anniversary; Trish will be celecrating her mothers 97th birthday on the 13th; and Bill showed us the centerpieces that will be on two LobersterFest tables reserved for the military
  • Paul, as todays Fine Master, showed that members are not paying attention as three of our Rotarians on zoom could not name our current  Club Secretary - Suzanne!!!!! But Susheela avoided a fine by giving the correct date for LobsterFest - next Saturday, Sept. 18!!!! Lew gave our next blood drive date as October 30.  Jon again won the We Are Baack raffle -  Batch & Box cookies.
  • Vicky shared that LobsterFest is currently at $42K gross plus $6K in auction proceeds. She is confident that we can reach $54K gross with everyone's help in promoting the auction and raffle. Linda has $100 gift certificates for the raffle from the Brigantine, Jake's, the Poseidon, Keis, the Fish Market, Pacific Coast Grill, In & Out, Patagonia Store, and Seaside Market, so encourage LobsterFest participants to bring cash or a credit card!!
We all celebrated our  newest  Blue Badge Member, Trish, as Susan shared the steps taken to reach this goal and presented her with her new badge.  Susan reminded us to invite friends and associates to Rotary - Trish came from a long-time Rotary family, but no one had asked her to join until now. We are happy she did - Congratulations Trish!!!
Anil Srivatsa, who is an active Rotarian &  has chartered two clubs, gave a passionate talk via zoom on the gift of life - organ donations. He has visited 44 countries and given over 550 talks championing the cause of Organ Donation with a goal of reaching a million donors with his message of compassion and fighting fear with love. He encouraged Rotarians to start Rotary Action Groups for Organ Donations. See the video he shared by clicking on the following link: https://youtu.be/hE8Gx8k9JFw or visiting the GOLA Foundation on Facebook
Nicole collected $200 from members to send to Anil's Go Fund Me page to help cover gas as he travels the world

Healing wishes to Lew who broke his collarbone from an electric bike fall and to Beverly as she recovers from tremors as a result of her fall; best wishes to Ken who will be starting a new job with the Seattle company Arzeda
We have 54 items in our auction with $2030 raised to date. Send the following link to all you friends and colleagues & bid early and bid often:
Thank you to our Premier LobsterFest Sponsor and to our libation providers:
We Are Baack winners were Molly who got her Sees candy from last week and Jon who won a $20 gift certificate from Diesel Book Store in Del Mar Highlands Town Center
We enjoyed meeting and hearing from Tasha Matthews, Civic/Faith Specialist with Just In Time for Foster Youth. You are welcome any time!
And we got to congratulate Di again on being our newest blue badge member. Susan went over the transition requirements and Patricia shared how much she enjoyed being Di's mentor and how inspired she was working with her. Both Trish and Nicole are almost there too. How about Andy?????????
Susan Day from the Burn Institute gave an informative, fact-filled talk on all the wonderful things they do to provide fire prevention and burn survivor support. And we learned she was grateful to Rotary for RYLA, which her daughteer attended  a few years ago

Getting Herb and wine baskets ready for LobsterFest auction...oops... only wine!!!

Todays invocation
Charles was finemaster today and did not fine $50/each: Herb for Beverly's black eyes and Jan for her quick & consistent website postings; and lots of happy $$s were given to have George back 
We were sad to learn that Radia has resigned, but understand with a new little one, and that Suchandra has been working in San Jose & Monterey, and will soon be leaving for India again - we miss you in person!
Venky reported that according to Steve Brown, the Taliban control of Afganistan will not affect the school they built in Jalalabad where they educate boys and girls,  or Nangarhar University. We hope that is true and continues. See interview below:
President Vicky wielded her gavel today and warned she will levy a heavy fine if it is stolen before LobsterFest

29 days to LobsterFest
  • Artist Heather Roddy will not only have a painting in our online auction, but she will be painting the night of LobsterFest. The painting will be sold during a live auction with Herb as auctioneer extraordinaire; and Steve will be the masterful Master of Ceremony for the night
  • Charlotte has done a fabulous job with our LobsterFest website (click link in menu line or donate button to give), and we will now have Spanish guitar music during cocktails. Let Suzanne know names of guests and any alternative food choices; and Vicky know if you have extra seats available so we can accommodate Rotary friends who would like to support us
Seth Tilly, a member of the Solana Beach Eco Rotary Club, spoke to us today about the changing technology and regulatory landscape of residential solar power, to help with making informed decisions about solar power for your home. Due to a power glitch, we lost connection during his talk, so feel free to email him at seth@sandiegocountysolar.com with any questions or for more information (and congratulations on your new baby)

The LobsterFest Committee has done a great job!! We are still taking donations and need auction items, and contact Vicky if you have a sponsor or need more seats 
We wish George a speedy recovery from a brief hospital visit; Beverly successful surgery for a detached retina after a fall; and Happy upcoming  Birthdays to Paul and Trish
Charlotte won a Starbucks gift card and Reeses peanut butter cups (for which Vicky was reluctent to part) in our "We are Baack" drawing
We are very excited that Nicole will be the  Youth  Services Chair, and know she will do a fabulous job!!
And congratulations to Di who received her Blue Badge in record time - way to go!!!
Dawn Wensel, President of Reality Changers was our speaker today and updated us on what they have been doing during the pandemic. You can help them by volunteering as a tudor or mentor: www.realitychangers.org

As part of her invocation, Trish encouraged members to share Love Notes with others
Venky won a gift certificate from San Clemente Pier Fisherman's Restaurant as part of the "We are Baack" campaign
We had a lobster visit us today in the form of Linda, to promote our September 18 LobsterFest. Let her know  restaurants you would like her to contact for auction items.
Get your reservations in soon for rooms at the Hilton as there are only 5 reduced-rate rooms left for the 18th. If you're inviting more than 8 friends, Phil can accommodate tables of 10 or 12. Herb asked members to visit other Rotary clubs to share our event. And Andy's & Phil's double teaming secured the tequila commitment from CaliFino Tequila: www.califino.com
Venky's grandson Karan talked with us about NBNA - Namma Beach Namma Chennai (Our Beach Our Chennai) and the wonderful work this non-profit is doing to raise awareness of and clean up beaches in India: www.reciprocityfoundation.in
Our speaker Chase Harr joined us from the top of Wildcat Mountain, New Hampshire to talk about Shelter Box and his goal to raise over $100,000  as he scales 1400 ft peaks throughout the country: www.ShelterBoxUSA.org/SecondSummits
In closing, we learned how Casa de Amistad is partnering with Reality Changers to meet the needs of 9-11 graders and older students through their college prep program. Mark your calendars for a fun picnic social on August 22, 2-4pm;  sign up for Trish's San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy Friendraiser on August 12 at Viewpoint; and attend the District Membership Seminar on zoom on August 14, 9-10:30am.

It was great to see Nicole in person who was our greeter today and picked the "We Are Baack" ticket for macarons from Le Parfait Paris. Vicky's name was drawn but she graciously abstained, and Malcolm was the lucky winner
Paul, in his cleaning out to move, shared a brochure he found  of the Rotary Youth Exchange in Germany from 1999, which his daughter, Katie attended
Andy showed his new LobsterFest shirt with the colors of Mexico (or "watermelon" as Trish said & fined him), and gave a colorful one made by a friend's company to Phil
Trish also fined members who didn't bring a bottle of wine for our LobsterFest auction, but we did collect a nice selection
And we got to see some of the pictures at the Hilton which will be part of our auction through Bidding for Good. Vicky informed us that individuals can be part of the tequila tasting for an additional $105, and members can split a table sponsorship
Our speakers today, Caulene Bussard and Lucy Njuguna, joined us on zoom from Canada and Kenya. They shared  the wonderful work Praise Gate Orphanage does to help, feed, and house former street children, orphans, and abandoned babies near Nairobi, Kenya. We are doing a Global Grant of $30,000 to assist them with water and solar needs for a new facility they are building.

Mami joined us before taking a new job as counselor at an International School in San Francisco and was made an  Honorary Paul Harris Fellow for all her help with Youth, Cristo Rey San Diego, and scholarships last year
Di was center stage today as she was the greeter, gave the invocation, invited two guests, and did her Who Am I (and finished the last of her Blue Badge requirements). From the Chicago area, she is a life-long practitioner of mindfulness, and loves being named after the Goddess Diana who was the protector of women and children. Rotary fits her well as service and community are daily aspirations (and she gave blood for the first time as part of our blood drive).
Trish won cookies from Batch & Box as part of our "We are Baack" promotion. And she showed us Rotary pins that her 96 year old mother gave her that were gifts from or belonged to her Rotarian father - a Rotary wheel surrounded by a heart, a "small" PH pin, and a 35 & 40 year pin.
Malcolm shared a promotional video that Venky made to be considered for entertainment for our LobsterFest (open link below to watch)
Vicky reminded us that LobsterFest is only 67 days away and we only have commitments of $16,000. Everyone needs to get busy with sponsorships and auction items. Our auction theme is leisure activities, and Linda suggested making up baskets of wine for the in-person auction. Trish is finemaster next week and said she will fine anyone who doesn't bring a bottle.
Bill Payne, CEO of Second Chance, was our speaker today and we were very impressed to learn that they provided 3.1 tons of fruit & vegetables as part of their outreach to the Encanto community last year. Visit www.secondchanceprogram.org for more information.
As a thank you for speaking, Vicky provided Bill with our Joshua Orphan Care Center Certificate where we will make a donation  in his name

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