Posted on Jul 09, 2021
Its a new dawn, its a new day... and Vicky started us on a new year, building on a strong foundation!!
Along with Kevin's inspirational invocation:
To encourage members to attend in person, Vicky started a "We Are Baack" drawing each week of gift cards and small gifts with the grand prize a $100 gift certificate - so come live, and come often!!
Members helped our coffers by being happy: Charles for Maggie, their new Lab puppie; Venky for his 1st in-person meeting; Lew for his birthday; Molly for Riley's 1st week of school; Bill for graduating from cardiac rehab center; Di for being able to get on zoom in Santa Barbara parking lot; Linda presenting Herb with a deck of cards; Herb for zoom working & thanking everyone for their help last year
Congratulations to our latest Paul Harris Award recipient, Phil on his PH+1
Charlotte shared the LobsterFest website which is up and running:
And we ended the meeting with a wonderful speaker - Captain Jennifer Swain from The Salvation Army San Diego Adult Rehabilitation Center. She gave touching examples of how they work with body, mind, and soul to help those afflicted with addictions, and we learned where the phrase "fell off the wagon" came from.